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 From observation we know that Slick likes to hang out on the rocks almost all the time. He spends the heat of the mid afternoon sitting in a crevasse, he sleeps there, and he really only comes out to eat, sunbathe and an occasional swim. Bibi on the other hand is much more mobile, forever moving to a better spot to bake, or following the shade from the rosemary bush. One could possibly surmise she is patrolling as for as she can, looking for food, mates and probably wider horisons. That is something about Slick; when it moves far, it is always, but really, it's sad, how he is forever looking to escape. He even tried climbing on the highest rock, and jumping for the top of the fence. Jacky Dragons don't jump very well, about twice their own length at a very shallow angle. Straingt up, they hardly do wheir own length.

It is really the easiest thing on earth to find out where a critter comes from, find out what the world looks like there, and then replicate as well as possible those conditions. This is what Greenpets call Natural Living. One more Google will tell you what you need to feed your critter. Some contemplation, comparing the advertised diet to the food likely to be available in the original geography, and you can practice Natural Rearing, and with a bit of manual effort, you can grow at least some of your pet's diet, and you can learn the joys of seeing an animal thrive on a Naturally Raw! diet.

They have neighbours sharing with them; a toad, a mouse, some wild black lizards, and a few tortoises we are keeping safe until they are big enough for the crows to leave them be. This last is certainly the definitive proof against evolution, as Terry Pratchett explains in Small Gods. A number of birds visit regularly, which really makes the whole Critter Garden thing look as natural as possible.