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We became suspicious when BiBi started digging holes in the desert we provided for the purpose. In our minds, the next step would then for him to either ritually attract Slick to come lay her eggs, or take the brute power way; grab her by the noonies and drag her over to the mating hole. Not on your life. Bibi digs two days on a hole cave in the sand. on the third day, she will enter the cave, seal it up behind her with only a small hole for air, and stay there a day and a half. The hole is closed back up rather poorly, presumably to let air in?

So, there you have almost everything I know about Dragon whoopie. The only thing you could possibly learn from me is how to sex your Dragon. No, that is not what sexing a Dragon means, you! How to determine the gender of your dragon 101:

Go see the little article about sexing Dragons, I am actually practicing making multiple links on one page, and one way to do that is to waste your time by forcing you to click on a new article. Stop complaining, on most other sites I would first take you to an add, then maybe a link to illicit malware. Here you are safe from false news, but you are being used as a guinea pig for my webdesign ambitions. Now click on Sexing Dragons!