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As you can see, our dragons are out in the open, so one would expect them to behave naturally. I have reason to believe our gene pool is now so interbred, we are seeing aberrant behaviour amongst at least some dragons. On sale you often see the signs of inbreeding and bad blood, sure sign of greed overcoming compassion, perpetrated by someone too lazy to properly research his subject matter. Never mind, you are at Greenpets now, and we will help as many enslaved Dragons as we can. Anyone out there with fresh blood?

Without further ado, and in the interests of getting this page built, let us introduce you to our Dragon Colleagues. We can take a look at what Dragons eat, with a few links to the herbarium section where we talk about herbs and other good stuff. We can tell you only the tiniest bit about how Dragons Breed. BiBi has been laying eggs, and we hope they are fertile, because we have not actually seen anything that looks like, um, you know, naughty lizards? As soon as we have lived through a breeding cycle, we will let everyone know what we learned.