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Cats don't inhabit places, they are free to go where they please as they please.
Cats are territorial, the females holding the territory, and males wandering the landscape looking for a female willing to let him into her boudoir. Fighting viciously with every male you meet along the way seems to be the in-flight entertainment. The only two things more entertaining to a cat than cruisin' and bruisin' would be sleeping somewhere warm after you ate something squeeky and warm. Of course, a cat on the way for a nap has no time to quible,

so if that meal just lies there, roomtemperature or so, that's okay, we'll eat it anyway, sleeping is hard work needing lots of energy. And cats are champion sleepers, make no mistake.
When there are dogs around, it behooves the respectful servant to raise the divine master's food off of the floor. Preferably, put it right where you like to work with your food, but anywhere safe from dogs should be okay. Those totem-like stands with platforms and boxes for the cat are really neat, but beware of top-heavy designs that WILL be pushed over by an excited dog with the help of a freaked cat jumping for its life. The Greenpets design incorporates a bottom cupboard that can be used for storage, or just a flower pot full of dry stones, to weigh the KatHotel securely down. Just some added peace of mind.
Felines stand accused as callous avicides. Cats are not birdie killers. Stoopit birdie should not cheep cheep and hop around and tease the royal feline by smelling like a good meal, that's what. No, seriously, cats rarely hunt for pleasure. Sure, they like a toy as much as anyone, and, provided it does not interfere with sleepies time, every cat likes to bat at moving targets. Some bat with more vigour than others, but slapping at things is just what cats do. If your cat is happy and properly fed, it will not bother to hunt birds. If your cat prefers real meat to the tiny dry little cookies from whatever balanced dream factory, and you insist on denying him the chance to have a real meal once a while, put a bell on that breakaway collar. And no, tinned rubbish is just a juicy variety of the dry rubbish. Notice how it is made "with" lamb, and "with" chicken, and "with" this or that. Never "from" whatever. That is not Natural Living, it definitely is not Naturally Raw! and Natural Rearing does not include forcing a defenceless animal to eat industrial waste because you apparently looove birdies.
Unless, of course, you live in an ecologically sensitive area, in which case, if you cannot remove your carcass and your development somewhere better, then make as little trouble possible, which would include not keeping animals like cats around for your vain pleasure. I wish I could swear now. Developments. Progress. While the carcasses of stale constructs rot around the ears of those unable to afford proper accomodation. Slums are also not Natural Living. Townhouse security complexes are just about the worst environmental disaster for birds on this planet, and then they enslave cats as show items who get surgically corrected when they hunt down the last few surviving birds trying to find food where now grows beautiful bricks.