We hardly ever publish our sources and we don’t link to sites that do bother to plagiarise other people’s work. We do try supply enough Keywords and searchable phrases for those who want to do proper research. Please accept our word on having done proper research ourselves, preferably from paper books and occasional attempts at feigning harmless friendliness around those who think they are winning the Game of Life. We know we are doing what we set out to do, because we frequently get to write article such as these, bragging about our own cleverness. In particular we have an update on our somewhat blasé presumption that all our readers agree wholeheartedly with our assessment that very organ in our body has a nervous system, interconnected with other systems, very often in the head. After all, the human existence is wholly fractal, self-similar, holographic. This requires each cell to live a life of its own, in harmony with other cells, but only directly concerned with those it shares neuro-hormonal connections with. Each cell, therefor, has its own neuron/s, which, in any given organ, must surely aggregate into enough awareness to be self-aware, and then it is connected to the community of organs that makes up you. Where is the research? We..ee..ell,

There are people growing living tissues as a goal in itself. Some lab recently produced a lump of growth in the shape of a chicken’s aorta. Now surgeons have real, live flesh to practice surgery on! The have grown heart muscles, kidneys, livers, ears and one day some common sense. One of these teams “ran into some trouble” recently. They were growing kidney tissue for some lab, when these nerve cells started sprouting from every cell, making the tissue less attractive as test material. The problem soon got solved, and a spokesperson was quoted to say “we are perfectly capable of growing uncontaminated tissue samples”.

They found nerve cells growing from kidney tissue. They actually just proved a basic assumption in holistic existentialism, and they treated it as an industrial accident, they fixed the ‘problem’, instead of falling on their knees and thanking whatever god they hold holy for this marvellous revelation on the structure of Life. They rearranged their test tubes, to cut the godhead out of living tissue, they called it a contaminant. Oh, well, that’s commercial Sciencery* for you:

Hocus Pocus, vaccines and global warming,

Truth belongs to those who pay for it.

*Sciencery. (v/n) It looks like science, it talks  like science, it will magic up any truth you pay for, and it magically makes any profitable idea walk on a cloud of scienciness.