At GREENPETS we have many success stories to tell about our experiences around animal health and well-being. For that we particularly thank Doctor Culpeper and the Gypsy Herbalist Juliette de Baiiracly-Levy. Both irreverent, witty and utterly dedicated to the first two principles of medicine:




Let these be the thoughts foremost in your mind when judging our presentation of the facts as we understand them. We claim no infallibility, and we will try not to be nasty to other people's thoughts...


The processed food industry as a matter of routine break rules for the sake of profit, and one must wonder about the mind that not only makes profit out of poison, but can watch the suffering of millions and continue to sell his poison as food and medicine. There is a way out. That way does not include selling me "special food you especially grew in special boxes using special chemicals you cannot specifically specify" for us fools who insist on clean food. Labels like ORGANIC and FREE RANGE and NATURAL has come to mean nothing, you buy the badge like any other bureaucratic exclusionary differentiator.

This is not the place to tell you why we avoid commercial pet food. The internet has a lot of information, but the tone of the relevant articles are, to say the least, shocking and the details left us disturbed. Thus Natural Rearing and Naturally Raw! became our mantra.

We would like to introduce you to the concept of Natural Rearing. Once you have judged the merits of the philosophy, we will offer you the needed information, and in our area the materials needed to introduce your dog to the benefits of being allowed to live like nature intended: happy, healthy and free from bad breath, falling hair and skin problems.

Once your dog has attained a decent level of health and vitality, we have some suggestions for supporting your dog during the bad times; injury, infection and disease. The green part of our name is for the herbs we use for health and wellness, and the technology we promote so as not be part of the destruction of our environment. We are not tree huggers... wait, we are. Uhm, we're not bunnyhuggers..uhm... Look, technology has its place, and correctly applied, it could prevent endless suffering and death. When the people employing the technology do so through a chain of financially motivated commands, and the persons issuing the commands never bother to visit the site of the results of their greed, that's when technology turns into a dehumanising nightmare.

There is one point to remember about our advice: We are spectacularly untrained, unqualified and unlicensed to deliver any advice whatsoever regarding nutrition, health or medicine. Any statements you may encounter on this website, are just the ramblings and memories of things we have used and done and found effective and helpful. Not one word of all this is to be believed. We live in the greatest respect and fear of the Multinational health service industry. According to them, one quarter of us are slightly insane, and they are making laws to force us to take medication. No, really, one quarter of us. Add that every sixtieth child born in so-called civilised countries, are showing signs of autism. We probably just "have better tests now", like they say for cancer.

Lastly we will be remiss in our duty as know-it-all paranoid freaks, if we did not include at least some information and links regarding the urgent need to wean ourselves off the poisons released into our food chain by people too greedy and self-serving to care that they are poisoning us, our children and our unborn future, poisoning our genetic structure while still in the womb.
People also deserve a Natural Rearing option, and we are willing to bet that, once you see what a proper diet does for your dog, you will reconsider feeding your children the rubbish they are advertised on television. We understand that life is rushed and time little, and you are a stressed and concerned parent, wishing only to stop the incessant nagging of the kids demanding “what all the other kids get”, including chemical waste and petroleum by-products for dinner.

We generally observe that a parent not under pressure from a rebellious digestive system (usually not even their own) is more likely to calm down long enough to take note of what their family is eating... You may even have enough energy to take note of what total strangers you have never met, put into your children's mouths. Yes, serving raw food can seem like more time and effort compared to say, microwave hotdogs. The reality is that, as you get more into it, you change your habits to organise for the new regime. You learn which tools you need just like you did the first time you learned to cook. I bet your first meal left the kitchen looking like a disaster zone. By that I mean the kitchen and the meal. Besides, the whole family in the kitchen getting dinner ready? That is natural habitat for humans! It may be interesting to search the net for the relationship between mitochondria, instinct, personal relationships and of course love. Swopping spit during the communal meal is an important survival tactic for humans and also dogs. I have not observed much in the line of actual love between a human and any other animal, no matter how much I love my cats. And ducks, budgies, horses and peacocks. But only a dog loves you back enough to be obvious. They deserve some respect and a decent diet. Swopping spit with your dog is also a very ancient trainers' trick. You don't believe me? This is just the start of the rabbit hole, friendly reader, the little black pellets lying around the warren, so to speak. We gonna dig us some real and useful information here. Anyway:

 In our years of trying to live the simpler life while still having the benefits of technology, we have spent much time and money on failing, but we have also recouped our losses many times over with the eventual successes.  We practice how to live without poisoning our environment, while every pest, bug and disease out there is trying to fight for its own existence. While fully understanding that the modern consumer has no time to waste, and rely on "technology" like chlorpyrifos, we also understand that millions, yes, millions of children worldwide are suffering debilitating effects caused by that very same useful poison. Greenpets shall forever be working towards a world free of those horrors and the people who foist them upon us. I checked a dictionary, "foist" means "to insert secretly and/or underhandedly", exactly what I meant to say.

   Try our herbal pesticides for yourself. They discourage rather than kill, or at the very least break down like most plant-based extracts tend to do. Sometimes we merely plant something near whatever we want to protect, and sometimes it works, so we learn...or it does not work, and we learn. Farming poison-free teaches mostly patience.  ...and the application of real science to everyday life. There is a part of educated society who blame science and technology for our problems, strangely enough they are also the main shareholders in the technological giants busy saving us from ourselves by poisoning, irradiating and otherwise exterminating us before we kill anyone in our insanity. If only we would take the pills they give us. By the way, fluoride in your drinking water does nothing for teeth, but apparently the Nazis secretly fed it to the prisoner camps to "keep the inmates subdued." The rabbit hole beckons. Let us hope humanity will stop jostling the queue to get in first. Looking out for number one has no use as a species survival tactic, and the species is under attack. You think they don't know aspartame is poisonous, after fifty years of research trying to prove it safe? Do you really think Bill Gates is saving people with his vaccines, when he firmly, religiously, adamantly believes there should be no more than 300 000 000 people on earth? Three hundred million is like 5% of current population, and Bill Gates is busy handing out life saving presents? Really? That particular entity does not like humans, see what his vaccines did in Brazil, thousands of babies born with shrunken heads. Thousands, right after their mothers received a rather suspicious cocktail of vaccines from Uncle Bill, and they blame a virus that has been around forever, but never once caused microcephalitis. Not once. The only conclusion one can reach, is that Bill Gates thinks he is not like us, which means either him, or us, are not human. Are you human, mister Gates, or are you the Great Eugenicist hell bent on exterminating humankind?

We at Greenpets believe as a group that the solutions will come from humanity as a group, for the benefit of humanity as a group. To this end we affiliated with an engineering workshop aimed at prototyping and mock-ups for the kind of technology we would like to see. Too much emphasis on being bigger and better has not only destroyed the small craftsmen of the world, it has removed the very essence of technology from our collective hand. More importantly, it has removed our source of fresh food, the farmer, and replaced it with a multinational corporation that processes every single bite for my apparent benefit to the medical industry. Once more; a vast medical industry that openly propagates eugenics, the severe decimation of humankind.

Even if you are not a prophet of doom, you must surely agree the time is near when fresh food will be unobtainable, and the tools needed to harvest and prepare the little bit you manage to grow will no longer exist outside museums. There is hope amongst those who are moving away from bigger and better contract farming, and some new emerging land users are aware of the market strolling past the house daily. They are the new innovators, and they understand the environment they live in. We serve and host a small but growing community of innovators and designers who are just bothersome to serious engineering shops with serious contracts. For the backyard inventor, we offer various engineering services, now including 3-d plastic printing and soon also light casting.

At Greenpets, Simple is Trustworthy, and we have developed -mostly by trial, more often by error- some simple solutions to some pretty vexing troubles of life. We have designed the wonderfully useful PlodTonkey, a multi-use, reconfigurable, man or animal-driven transporter for the larger garden or small agricultural interest. The simplicity will make you smile. Some popular technologies, such as solar electricity, is still outside the reach of most people, while at the same time attracting thieves, causing more money spent on security. While we fully support the technology, we will take it seriously once it can serve at least the majority. Other solar technology, on the other hand, is very much neglected or pursued only on very large scale. We currently have two engineers looking at doing interesting things with sunlight other than extracting expensive electricity, stored in expensive and unreliable batteries, used by household machinery designed in an affordable age when we did not have to pay the electrics bill for the largest aluminium smelter in the world. Once again, the newer, more efficient things are very expensive. The technology is cheaper and better, but for you, the consumer, they figure in the cost of owning something the Joneses don't have yet. Fashion is always expensive, up the environment, up your electricity bill!

Then there is the beer! GREENPETS is proud to be associated and affiliated with Focke-Malluener Bierery, a small independent producer of heritage beers. The bit where they share their experiences brewing simple but pure and healthy delicious beers are hosted somewhere around this link, soon to appear here. No fancy, expensive equipment needed to start brewing yourself, your only initial expense would be a sterile bucket and the things to keep it sterile. The word sterile has specific meaning in brewing, go see our brewers' page for more interesting information and motivation. Some useful information for finding the needed bits and bobs will be included soon. Like yeast. Someone with the right yeast is called a brewer, without yeast you are just a guy. And hops, or Gruit, maybe some of our special wild African Gruit, be brave! Link to Malluener and find out what Gruit is.