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GREENPETS Natural Living Resource Pages is an organic, categorised collection of observations and experimentations regarding a rather old and boring theory on life, health and happiness:


This seems to hold true whether you are man, dog, wheat, weed, or just a seed crystal attracting trace minerals. The entire commercial food chain has been polluted by a cocktail of vicious poisons, many of which cannot legally be proven toxic, because no-one has spent the money developing the tests. GMO's are causing numerous symptoms hinting that the body does not recognise the seeds as food. Fight as we might for honest labelling, the best we can hope for is some generic term, usually prefaced with the word 'approved', such as 'approved' artificial flavourants. It can hide much corporate iniquity, the package label laws. Here's one:

Not even the baddest dog out there deserves bloodsoaked cardboard as a regular part of their diet, labelled as "Filler".
We get a bit nasty about this sort of thing around here.

 Our Mission is to tell you that a pet needing dental care products, is being lovingly poisoned by the very hand that feeds him. Dogs are not supposed to eat sugar. Sugar is highly addictive, ask your kids. Cats and dogs and horses and almost every other kritter just loves sugar, but it rots the teeth. Dogs dhould not eat too much fat. They love it, you can soak a cardboard box in oil and throw it out for lunch. No, really, that is pretty much what you pay for when you buy some dog foods.

 We will constantly try convince you to forgo junk food, or at least limit it severely. Children love processed food. Can you imagine the science that goes into making gristle and half rotten meat taste so good?

Our Vision is less important to you than your own, surely. To have a vision, you have to consider a future. Does that future include eugenicist Bill Gates, or is it filled with happy, healthy, free people living naturally free, using technology as a benefit for all, when money will be just a tool again, and will your health be more important than Bill Gates' profits? Ask your favourite prophet.

Our Values.

Natural Rearing, Natural Living, Naturally Raw!

Healthy organisms breed healthy offspring, healthy offspring have no regrets being born. It is not a lifestyle you buy, you have to live it. The opposite of life giving is poison, and if medicine by law has to taste bad, what is in that delicious junk meal, Ronald?

Which brings me to the disclaimer:


Any and all advice you find on this website is not advice, just the ramblings of someone who has tried something and experienced success. The first advice we can give you is that herbs are not to be used to cure diseases, solve problems or any such. Herbs can be supportive, cleansing, calming or stimulating, but it never cures anything. The body has to heal itself, and we can only support that process, ignore it, or hinder it. The best cure is to stop stressing your system, and the best cure of all is prevention. Do not allow  superfluous fluoride into your system, do not allow anyone to foist it upon your children, and for the sake of the future of mankind, stop poisoning the our future in the womb! Mothers, head the voice of reason: your child is at its most susceptible while held in your holy womb. Get your men to help you protect the life you are creating, and pox on them as are researching new ways of poisoning our babies and empoverishing our future, all in the name of

So there you have it: We offer you unqualified, unregistered and unliscensed suggestions of how to improve the quality of life, offering as practical experience module real-life methods and procedures with which we have aided our animals. I don't know about you, but I have to be utterly desperate before I will try anything on my animal I would not do to myself. I strongly advise you against using any of the herbs or procedures on yourself, as our successes must certainly be based on luck and ignorance, otherwise mainstream industry would long ago have begun regulating, patenting and otherwise usurping the traditional remedies.
...Oh, wait...they seem to have caught on. Seen what success homeopathy has had in boardrooms across the globe lately? Seems every expert has another number at hand, but they all agree it is a lot of lucre. As herbalists we do not see them as competition, as they are not into our business. They are in the business of "proving" effectiveness, then concentrating whatever their trained scientists found to be the "active ingredient". You will then pay a pretty price for this concentrate, with the excuse that research costs so much. No, what really eats up their budget, is advertising. The cost of introducing the latest cure-all to the public is astronomical. Every product manager has to make more noise than all the other product managers out there. That takes money, and you pay for that. We do not deny them the right to advertise, and we surely do not deny you the right to try their products. Good speed to all. We just don't think the philosophy behind commercial medicine allows for common sense to override the profit motive. Surely you don't want the shareholders to become stressed, do we now?

There is some good news too, since this article was first published, the FDA (a private entity with no government regulation) has finally agreed that hydrogenated fats are unhealthy, and the widespread commercial use has declined dramatically. See?


Latest update: The latest cancer drug will be the most effective and expensive yet. Apparently the development was very expensive. I have to wonder what happens to all the cancer donations.