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There are any number of dorks on my teevee running around the countryside, chasing after reports of Flying Saucers and Little green Men and Mutilated Cows and Ancient Aliens.  Mostly, they just interview each other, as “world renowned expert” on some aspect of the chase or another. Managing to publish a book on the subject seems to be the sole criterion for qualifying as an expert, even if you mostly plagiarise previous writers on your chosen subject. After forty years of reading a string of these “exposés” and “shocking new theories”, I am not one wit closer to seeing a spaceship or being probed up the oochie by some tall blue chick from Arachschpootle-573. Could be I’m too ugly for them nasty ETs. Mostly, I think, it’s because most all UFOs are actually not even aircraft.

In the old days, we called them dragons.

Remember dragons? Always sitting on their hoards of treasure; gold, silver, colourful gemstones… The average dragon sure has it made, until the Man comes with his shiny iron axes, and picks and shovels and spades, and buckets on ropes to haul away the dirt and rocks until they find what they came looking for: mineral riches buried in the Dragon’s Mount. Today we have no more dragons, we have ground penetrating radar and magnetic resonance scanners and prospectors with varying amounts of skill and luck, slamming hollow drills into the earth every so many meters, dragging up long sausages of earth that can be analysed for (hopefully profitable concentrations of) mineral deposits. Yeah, who has time to sit silently, staring into the night, waiting for a dragon to show up, so we can mark the point where he disappears into the earth again, the Lair of the Dragon. Boom! Brrrr-screechgrr-gwarrr….. Now wer’e talking modern mining!

The dragons still live. The world over, a map of mining activity, overlaid by a map of UFO sightings, shown remarkable overlap with maps of geodesic faulting. In other words, interruptions in the earth’s crust causes great stresses, giving rise to electrogravimagnetic “bubbles” that zip around the fault lines, following repeatable curves and pathways in a manner that may appear non-random to an observer. Such stress points in the crust tend to push lower layers up, presenting Man with easier access to minerals that normally lie very deep down. These are the majority of “UFO sightings”, and their lack of physical substance explains why they are almost never seen on radar. They may glow all colours at night, but by day, the same bubbles are almost always silver. Take a clear, empty glass, submerge upside down into clear water. The glass’ contents (air) should look silver, the process is well explained in primary school physics, no magic there. For the full scientific treatise on these geogenetic “UFOs”, please see:

EARTH LIGHTS REVELATION by Paul Devereux, ISBN 0-7137-2209-6

This is real, testable knowledge that this writer has personally used to predict the location of what would turn out to be the world’s richest platinum mine, just south of Pretoria. My “prediction” was actually just an amazed response to my colleagues who arrived at work, gushing about the giant dragon uh, excuse us, UFO they saw over that part of the highway on their way to work. “Wow, they should go look for gold or something there” I said. Two weeks later, the highway suffered a massive sinkhole, and during the civil work to save one of South Africa’s busiest highways, they discovered a huge platinum deposit. No-one remembered me telling them about the dragon…

I also predicted a cave-in on a mine in the Potchefstroom area. To be fair and honest; the prediction was made half in jest to the security manager of the only gold mine on which I ever installed a single radio transceiver. The guy thought me ridiculous when I suggested they close all mines in the area for two weeks; the cave-in ten days later could have happened on any of a number of mines, it just happened on one of my host’s shafts. I claim no prize. Besides, 14 people died, who cares about my shirt? That platinum mine, though, I called it first. I am not expecting any prizes, but I can say with a great deal of confidence that most UFOs  are dragons are balls of plasma that occur naturally due to stresses in the earth’s crust.

So we dismiss the majority of UFO sightings to poorly understood natural forces. This is why our Great Leaders these days refer to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Not only does it get away from the little green men issue a bit, but it acknowledges the research quoted above, without alerting the general public as to the existence of people like Devereux’s work. I can but speculate on why published information that simplifies, clarifies and explains an issue so much in the public eye, should be suppressed by ignoring it. For some reason, it seems, out Great Leaders need us to cling onto the little green men thing a bit longer. Mostly, I think, They are trying to hide the existence of the second type of UFO, the ones the fighter jets get scrambled for.

The earth is not seven thousand years old, no matter what your friendly priest says. Humankind is not forty thousand years old, no matter how much nonsense the archaeologists comes up with next time they find the new, improved, this-is-it-folks site of the origin of the religious consciousness of mankind. The seven billion year history the geologists believe in is at best a minimum guess. The earth has been made, unmade and remade a number of times, with millions and billions of years in between catastrophes and mishaps and just plain erosion over time. Mankind as we know ourselves might be fairly new, a few million years maybe, but Mankind is older than most mountains.

Now consider how we apparently evolved from hurling rocks at lizards, to blasting tons of metal all the way to Mars. The longest estimate I have seen for that process is about one hundred thousand years. The dinosaurs were around for at least a billion, yet not one learned to make a knife? Highly unlikely. Either we forget the entire idea of evolution, or we embrace it and accept the idea of a dinosaur idly tapping a nasty weapon on the kitchen table, half an hour after curfew, awaiting the arrival of his underage daughter and her sleazy boyfriend on his greasy mobility contraption. After a billion years of practice, I am fairly certain their technology was far more advanced than what we have today. Now imagine a number of societies springing forth, evolving, inventing… where are they now?

These old civilisations account for UFO sightings in two ways: Firstly, the ones still hanging around, or visiting “the Old Place”, as is common amongst modern humans. They are sometimes called “aliens”, but even though they do fly around in outer space quite a bit, they are, essentially, earthlings. The second way these Old Peoples cause havoc in our skies, is the literature and technology they left for humans to find. Some humans have the wherewithal to read, understand and apply this ancient knowledge. Some work for weapons designers who build these things because they can, and will. At least some blokes manage to build some form of Vimana in mommy’s garage… Enters The Man. Guns blazing. They leave no talkative witnesses, so their arguments must carry some conviction.

Heaven forbid some bloke with a beer belly and bad hair starts farting around in the Sphere of the Gods! Feel free to research the blood lineage of fighter pilots the world over. Flying is apparently a job best kept for the Sons of God, otherwise known as Royalty, Ruling Scum or Cacastocracy. Any plebe lift his bucket of junk above the treeline, and aid Sons of God will be scrambled, and they will hunt your sorry corpus down, and the newspapers tomorrow will tell us about the weather balloon that caught fire and crashed into an unoccupied area, please do not come see, the army has been asked to help form a safety cordon around the area. For your safety. From a weather balloon.

That deals with the first two types of UFO; both real, both terrestrial. The third type we mention only because we have to, we promised you three types, so this is then the third: At least two, maybe more species from planetary bodies far removed from our own. They visit earth for reasons our Great Rulers will not share. By denying or ridiculing the evidence for the first two types, they hope to disguise this third type? It is absurd, but the only answer they offer, if they offer anything, goes along the lines of “…it will cause panic…” These aliens do exist. Read any of the holy texts. Ezekiel, Daniel, St. John all interacted with creatures and technology that were specifically identified as being extra-terrestrial. Some Vedas read like futuristic comic books, with air-to air missiles and atom bombs, but they are proven history. This author is not aware of a ‘sacred’ books without at least one reference to the “Gods from the sky”. These space travellers are often confused for gods… Another issue for another time.

And that, dear reader, is a short breakdown of the three main types of UAP, or Unexplained Aerial Phenomena as our accredited media channels refers to UFOs these days. Unfortunately, not having actual contact with any flying aliens, I can not guarantee this list is complete, and as for relevance? At least now you know more about those flying balls of light thingies, and the garage tinkerers being shot down before they spread their “dangerous knowledge” amongst the “lesser people”. Apparently, we will all panic and start running around like headless chickens if we find out about better technology.