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“You must understand, this system (of wealth aggregation to a few individuals) was not for a month, or a year, it is for ever. Eventually all this money will be competed out, and that’s when it will benefit everyone…(shrugs) …or something like that.” Jaimi Dimon, CEO of JPMorganChase, the “world’s most successful banker”, explaining to Congress the principle of Trickle-Down Economics.

We shall not discuss trickle-down economics here, we have a complete separate category where we make fun of the fables we are forced to live by. The thing is supposed to work like this: The more money the millionaire has, the more he spends, and that is when each of us get our share of his fortune. So, your duty is make sure the millionaire gets as rich as possible, because his wealth will trickle down to you. This has absolutely nothing to do with this article, except this one thing: America is gaining millionaires every day. Not only those who get rich in America, but the rest of the world’s millionaires are flocking to America. According to trickle-down theory, Americans must surely be the most prosperous people on earth, getting richer every day, no?

Pan the camera left, focus there, under the bridge, where the little tent city is being broken down by municipal workers and their police escort, only to be rebuilt by tonight. They have nowhere else to go, those war veterans, and laid-off teachers, and young people crippled forever by debt and prescription-drug dependency. The vast majority of young people will never own a home. The one they thought to inherit, will probably be bonded to pay for their parents’ cancer treatment. The streets of Los Angeles now host typhoid…

 Almost 60% of Americans borrow money to eat. 80 percent have zero savings. 99% of all pensions are about to evaporate in the biggest financial scam (sorry, economic crisis) our civilisation has ever seen. Can you see those billions, trickling down upon the streets of the Big City, where every heavenly ounce miraculously turns into a human turd, lying on a city pavement, because the dude literally had nowhere else to go? In the meantime the “fracking revolution”, as of June 2019, still has not produced one profitable well, all of them subsidised by your pension fund, and government debt.

The Jewish folk in New York are facing arrest for not vaccinating their children. Zion’s Undeclared Soviet in America is facing a “measles pandemic unheard of since the invention of vaccines”. The statistics show that the majority of cases occur amongst the unvaccinated. The Jewish communities were throwing ‘measles parties’ where they deliberately spread measles amongst their kids, just like we did a few decades ago still. The tradition-bound Jewish families refused the vaccines, and now we see what must be the first and only act of censure against a Jewish community ever since New York heard of Hitler. They really, really want you to get vaccinated.

The reason they give us, of course, is that if we all vaccinate, the disease will be eradicated, because we will all be immune to the pathogen. This so-called ‘herd immunity’ has nowhere been successfully demonstrated. We thought polio was eradicated, and suddenly, it breaks out wherever Bill Gates is pushing his polio vaccines. In New York, it is true that the unvaccinated get measles, but when the vaccinated get it, they die! The numbers are made confusing by using terms such as “morbidity” in a way that makes you think they said “mortality”. While the morbidity rate of measles is indeed high amongst the unvaccinated, the mortality rate is almost zero.

For those who had the vaccine, it seems it does not confer immunity at all, and a ‘booster shot’ is needed, at which point you have a rather morbid rate of dying, the mortality rate amongst the vaccinated is disturbingly high, it makes one morbid. So one finds some real data to use, like municipal and national health statistics. In some countries, these records have been kept for many generations, and in other countries, living conditions usually provide ample evidence to support the statistics already in hand. There is, indeed, a correlation between the invention of vaccines and the near-eradication of infectious diseases such as measles. “Correlation does not Causation imply”, and then we see these statistics are for England, America, France and so on. Measles did not disappear from Africa or anywhere else.

The most obvious explanation is access, as in “the backwards communities did not have access to vaccines. Once we get to them, we vaccinate them, and we cure them.” Nonsense. By the time the vaccines arrives, it  comes on planes, trains and trucks. By the time an area is developed enough to warrant mass social services, the people usually have fresh water, roads, enough to eat, warm houses… Yes, they still get measles, but “hardly nobody dies from that these days”. The likelihood of you dying from measles or smallpox is negligent, provided you are warm, clean and well fed. The statistical data supports this theory:

In every civilised country, infectious diseased diminish as the standard of living increases. This was true even before the concept of vaccines was even but a glint in Big Pharma’s eye. As a matter of fact, in civilised and well-serviced communities, things like measles, pertussis and smallpox were deadly no more often than it was in, say, 1990. But things started changing, and the very first article published on this site was thinly-veiled  scaremongering about the threat of mandatory medication. Admittedly, we were more concerned about psychiatric drugs, but it turns out people were willing to shove amphetamines down little children’s throats on the advice of primary-school teachers alone, no need for the medical profession to dirty their own hands. Then Bill Gates invented vaccines…

Okay, Bill Gates did not invent vaccines, but since he started preaching GMO and “vaccine cocktails” for pregnant women, we have seen the return of polio, increase in infant mortality, and an epidemic of kids born with very tiny heads. All in places where Bill ‘gifted the people’ with free vaccines. Bill now makes more money from vaccines in one year, than he ever did in total with Microsoft. If you want to know how one gets rich by giving away free vaccines, the sordid tale is told elsewhere on this site, use the search box top right to look for “Zika”. For now it is enough to know that Bill Gates thinks the world only has enough place for 300 million people, and he says the rest all need some injections. 96% of us have to go away so that Billy the Patch can live in happiness.

But back to the measles pandemic of America: The morbidity rate is not changing much, has not in years, but the mortality rate has increased tenfold and more. To translate this into English: Kids still catch measles, either from their mates, or from the vaccines, just like always, but instead of 5 kids dying every year, fifty now die in the same area. Statistically, most of these deaths are after the second injection, when the body reacts to the pathogen it was taught to fight.

How does 60 deaths make for a pandemic? Because it is relatively few fatalities, but over a large area. Statistically, there is no reason to panic, but pandemic sounds like epidemic, so the News will run with that, just in case you thought not to vaccinate. They have to motivate you, it’s a public service! A pandemic just means something that happens in many places, but after ‘morbidity’, ‘pandemic’ makes the spine chill, if you have vulnerable children in the house, I am sure. Considering that America hosts 450 to 500 million people, even five hundred deaths for any one cause is statistically just a blip, zero comma zero zero zero one percent.

On the other hand, they are also growing problems with TB, rubella and even typhoid. So, we have enough data to say that vaccination does not make much difference to diseases, and may be more harmful than useful. What then, is driving the infectious pandemics of America? No nation on earth is as well vaccinated, nobody spends more on ‘health care’, nobody has better technology or specialists, yet more people die every year of easily-treated infections. What could be the reason? How can we help our American friends unravel this mystery, solve this urgent medical crisis? Easy.

American childhood mortality rates are following exactly the same graph curve as what we saw during the eradication phase: As living standards increase, mortality falls. Conversely: As the standard of living falls below the level of civilisation, infectious diseases will increase in frequency amongst the ill-fed and poorly-served members of society. America is following the statistical curve perfectly, but this time it swings up, to reflect the drastic drop in standard of living for the non-millionaires of Zion’s Undeclared Soviet in the Americas.

Our advice to the Yanks? Stop fretting about measles, and start worrying about the poverty that makes it lethal. While the “economy is growing”, all we see trickle down is cancer and killer infections we were safe from ten years ago. Maybe Billy’s vaccines don’t work, because we forgot to install all the latest patches, or maybe they are all obsolete, we need a system upgrade? Bill only knows.

Update: Final statistics for the terrible death toll measles exacted during this pandemic? The last measles death to occur in the United States was in 2015, according to the CDC. So much for "pandemic".