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Climate change deniers have a popular meme to ridicule the Global Warming crowd. You know the one: Dude stands knee-deep in snow, and says something like “Global warming my @.s”

 The Warmers have only one defence: Ridicule the deniers for “hating science”. Neither of these factions are much represented in the scientific community, as neither of them seem to understand primary school science. This ignorance does not stop some people from declaring open war on any and all who disagree with whatever theory is currently being presented as “science”.

Because science is not everybody’s cup of tea, actual science is avoided by those who are preaching “Anthropogenic Climate Change”, instead their entire argument hangs on the status and social standing of their most eminent ‘scientists’, very, very few of whom are qualified in actual relevant hard sciences such as physics and fluid modelling. “Catch-and-tag” biology workers are quoted on thermodynamics, psychologists get to discuss agriculture, and economists have the last say on any issue.

Expert ‘promotional scientists’ (PR and advertising) have, however, dragged the frozen corpse of global warming from the fire of public disbelief, and renamed it “Climate Change” to retain at least some speck of realism. “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change”, just to be sure. They treat Science like a wanton bitch you can prostitute to your cause by throwing enough money at it. The joke would have been a lot funnier if they used their own money instead of our taxes. The reason they get away with it is because most of us do not bother to explain the basic features of our experienced universe to ourselves.

Most people have no understanding of how the seasons happen, and now those seasons are a-changing, for purely natural reasons, and our ignorance is being exploited to advance The Protocols towards the Great Cleansing, after which Bill Gates will live in peace with only 300 million people to share the earth he saved. Nice, clean, obedient robots without delusions of self-worth will do all their work, and everybody will be good citizens.

Remember how the seasons work? Because of the tilt of the spinning axis of earth? If that axis ran straight up and down, there would be no seasons, if it was tilted more, the seasons become harsher. That axis is moving constantly, in a sort of circular motion that may or may not contract or expand with every passing of massive gravitational fields, such as neighbouring planets, the moon, large asteroids, who knows? This shifting of angle is most probably the main driver behind the worsening of our weather, as well as the slight shift in seasons versus the calendar.

Where we are today, is picture far left, with a slight tip downwards, making the polar circles larger, contracting the tropic, and the seasonal changes just that little bit harsher. My consumption pattern has nothing to do with it! Neither will we spend our way out of this. Or pray
…But “Even This Shall Pass”.

Gauteng rain comes a little later every year, stays a bit later too, while the harshness of seasonal changes is obvious from the many snowstorms in the Middle East and subtropical America. Add to this the many, many corporate and governmental weather modification programmes and alleged weather warfare, and the picture becomes less a problem of “Man-made climate change”, and it becomes hyped-up bad science, possibly in an effort to disguise the (corporate-driven) weather wars being waged around us.

In case you doubt the reality of weather warfare, please note that there are United Nations treaties in effect, prohibiting weather warfare. You do not ban something that does not exist… Also, note that there is no UN-type organisation to sanction “sustainable” corporate actions, so warfare becomes “research”. …or demands on internet platforms to “stop fake news”. You are not suggesting the United Nations start telling businesses how to run their business, right? Right! Now sit down, shut up, and accept your guilt for making the weather turn, you useless eater, you!

Or, or… you can print out the picture I made you of the tilted axis, and have it etched onto a heavy steel bar, and next time somebody blames you for climate change, you can take them somewhere quiet and show them your etchings, upside their stupid head!