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Every living cell contains at the very least a single strand of genetic coding consisting of a long, complex string of molecules called Nucleic Acids, for they form the Nucleus of the living cell. Cover this in a lump of protein jelly, and you have a Virus. The term ‘virus’ is not equal to ‘disease’, the same way as ‘mammal’ incudes, but does is not confined to ‘predator’ or ‘cow’. Also, ‘acid’ pertains to  any substance with surplus positively charged hydrogen atoms (H+)available. A virus is almost not even alive, and needs living cells to reproduce.

The next level of complexity in a cell, is a slightly more complex collection of nucleic acids, arranged in the general shape of a long ribbon. This Ribbon of Nucleic Acid (RNA) is encased in a fatty membrane, rather than just a lump of protein jelly. We can call this a bacterium, or, inside a more complex cell, this simple RNA-driven cell can be found as Mitochondria. These are very interesting cells, but there in one more level of complexity for us to consider:

So, if a virus is little more than a shard of organic acid in a lump of protein, and a microbe is a slighly more complex string of acids inside a fatty membrane, what are humans made of? The same stuff as dust, which is mostly just the dead carcasses of bacteria living in the soil, on your skin, in your sweat, on the carpet, in your lungs if you are not careful and hygienic.

When the Nucleic Acids contain more complex molecules, it forms a Double-ribbon Nucleic Acid (DNA). These descriptions of the formal abreviations are not factually correct, just an easy way for us plebs to remember the names. This nucleus, containing one or more such double ribbons, is encased in a fatty membrane, surrounded by a protein jelly containing one or more of the RNA-type bacteria, then this whole shebang is surrounded by another fatty membrane, and we call it a living cell. The important bits here, are the DNA-containing nucleus, and the RNA-containing Mitochondria around the nucleus. The virus that makes you sick lives alongside the bacteria in your cell's outer fluids.

We all hear about the Genetic Code, and here is what it actually means: You DNA is built up using only four  different molecules, very complex molecules for sure, but only four. We will call them A, C, T and G. A and T will join, but not A and G. T and C will join, something like that. This builds up a series of G/C/T/A-patterns, repeated in every single nucleus of every single cell in your body. A similar sequence is in my body, but it differs from everyone else’s in very subtle ways. This is the so-called genetic code, and it determines certain things, like your skin colour and hair type. But How?

The RNA ‘bugs’ “read” the DNA string, according to rules we do not understand yet, then the little ‘bug’ poops out a string of peptides, complex molecules that build up proteins. Once again, the term ‘protein’ is very generic, and includes things like enzymes. One such enzyme is the complex molecule that knows how to break down sugar. If your DNA does not code for this enzyme, or you do not possess the RNA that can poop the right enzyme, you have diabetes type 1. Unfortunately, this is also how viruses spread: Their genetic code, usually arranged in a loop instead of a ribbon that has ends, is read by your RNA, and then your RNA poops out a copy of the virus, over and over, until the cell bursts open and spills all those viruses into body.

In a way, this should excite you. If this is all true, then it must be possible to inject a diabetic with the correct genetically coded virus to force his RNA to poop the sugar-eating enzyme, yes? This has been demonstrated successfully and repeatedly in 2018, whereupon JPMorgan held an emergency meeting for their major clients, to warn them about the “negative impact that effective treatments will have on their investments in the health care sector.” Also remember, the same technique can be used to infect an entire population, but only kill those whose DNA code for, say, blond hair on the Y chromosome. Which brings us to GMO.

Remember those long strings of fatty acids your mitochondria pooped out? As said, we do not understand the rules yet, but some observations has been made. The real name can be poly-peptides, many-peptides, like a long string of sausages. Imagine a long string of sausages, being pooped out of a big sausage. This string of sausages, though, is not a long thing. At every joint, the DNA sequence will code for a bend, up/down, left/right and so on. The result is a clumpy little ball, like a strand of yarn chewed into a ball and spat out.

Don’t avert your shocked eyes from my picture of a spit-soaked string, take a closer look, right up, where you can see one point of the strand touching another point, brought closer by enfoldment, even though far away on the string itself, should you straighten it. Look closely, for actually, these are different molecules, almost touching, but not really.

Can you imagine this ball yet, this string made of sausage, themselves made up of long strings of molecules? Now look at the atoms right on the outside of that molecular string, there where a Sodium ion on sausage six comes near a Calcium ion on sausage fifty-nine. Imagine a little spark between them, just a tiny, nanoscopic (we sued to say micro, soon you’ll learn the words pico, femto and yotto) this femtoscopic spark, that is the knife that will slice, say, a sucrose molecule into simpler molecules that can actually be used as body food.

You have now, by the aid of one very specific peptide sausage called an enzyme, a specific one that metabolises complex sugars, managed to break a useless gigantic molecule into something simpler, monosaccharides, single sugars, that can be metabolised into energy safely. This will be done with a different enzyme, cutting that simpler molecule into smaller parts, like water, carbon dioxide and don’t forget that little spark. Your entire body glows with radiation, all the time. That is “the light that goes out” when you die. Some people seem fortunate enough to actually see this light, superficially sniggered at as ‘the aura’. .  Now you can snigger knowingly…

Consider vitamins. Vital Amines. Life-giving Amino Acids. We need to steal them from lower life forms, because we miss the needed coding to poop them ourselves. We know by now that vitamin pills are one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on a nervous population, trying to “do something” about their poor nutrition. As with every other nutritional aberration, chemicals containing the same elements as an amino acid has this one very important difference from an amino acid: a chemical concoction is a chemical concoction, whereas an amino acid is a live building block of a living cell. Vitamins can do nothing in your tummy, your blood or your stool.

Vitamins, whole amino acids, those add to the genetic coding needed by your mitochondria, to poop the correct sausages that will build, feed, operate, protect and otherwise serve the vast, complex collection of consciousnesses that is your body. Apparently consciousnesses is not a word. Just show you how utterly misled “modern medicine’ is about the consciousness of the kidney, for example. Holism has no pills to sell, no profit to make. But, but, taking a pill is less effort than making a vegetable garden. And Medical Aid does not pay for the garden.

So, now you understand the role of genetic material that tiny little bit better, it should be easier to talk about genetically modified food-like substances. We shall not go into the reasons, excuses or programmes behind the ‘technology’, we are looking only at the workings. The genetic sequence of certain chromosomes in a cell is altered. If you change the DNA, the mitochondria will code for peptides as per this new sequence. If you change the RNA, you have mitochondria that codes the same old DNA for a different peptide. The end result is the same; you now have strange new enzymatic turds drifting in those cells. How will those enzymes metabolise ordinary food? Can it? That little spark has to be just right, you know. What if they enter your cells?

It gets better, what if that ‘food’ you eat, cannot be fully metabolised, and you end up with bits of nucleic acid floating around, in a sea of proteins? What if this forms a virus? Look, give a million monkeys each four poles, a plank and some nails. Maybe five will build a table, maybe one will even stand. There’s no knowing what that loose strand of strange DNA is going to do. But we know this happens, because it has become ‘common knowledge’ that cancer is a viral disease. We also know that rats fed GMO feed will almost assuredly die with cancer, early. Whereas the rat-studies go unreported, even denied, the viral cause for cancer once again takes the spotlight off our corrupted, polluted and co-opted food chain.

This writer has, personally and with no malice, watched (fed) people with multiple allergies eat live, free, unmolested versions of the things they feared. Not one got so much as a headache, yet not one went home and cleared the poison off their shelves. The growth in incidence between food allergies and GMO has been repeatedly reported and then unreported. Never denied. As one wag said: “If GMO was safe, they would say on the label CONTAINS GMO”. But they refuse to even mention it on the label. They’ve spent many millions, keeping that name off the label. …wonder why…

What colour you think, be that spark given off when metabolising a chromosomal code that has never existed on earth before, thus has nothing that can metabolise it fully? It is like letting loose a billion plague-carrying predators with no natural enemies. Is that what is being done?

Update 2020: Baal gates has delivered unto the world a variety of "influenza vaccines" using the RNA idea described above. Only, he opted for Messenger RNA, mRNA, that directly involves the way your DNA gets replicated when a cell divides. As all new cells originate as Stem cells in the marrow, he needs to target only one site.

All the companies refuse to disclose every ingredient in their fantastic dreck, but one of Pfizer's head honchos did pronounce that infertility will not be guaranteed, he expects levels of at most 60 to 70 percent. Infertility. It is said women will reject placenta as foreign infection. All hail Baal Gates, the biggest sponsor of abortion clinics in the world.