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 We have Reptilian Brains, Monkey Brains and Human Brains. All in one skull. We are so evolved, apparently we don’t need our insect brains. At least they are starting to discuss the fungal brain. Even the direct connection between the guts and the psyche is becoming clear, but so far our insect self is relegated to the level of chemical processes or at most hormonal discharges. This cultured and calculated bit of public ignorance has been weaponised, and we are falling over ourselves to pull those triggers...

Every partaker in the unholy sacrament of Behaviourism is quick to tell us about the leftover Reptilian Brain at the centre of our head and ego. Not only have they found its domination over our so-called Lower Motivations, they have found how easily our reptilian selves can be manipulated. Every time you see a new car on television, together with something you like; that’s some nerd using this knowledge to manipulate you into desiring an object you would otherwise not differentiate from all the similar ones. Of course, every advertiser thinks he’s got the strongest hold on your free will. So, what car do you drive?

Then there is the Monkey Brain. Those are the two lumps in the shape of a walnut. I forget if apes have two lobes; it matters little, what counts is position and function. I am never sure I catch the significance of this brain, because we always go from the reptilian straight to the wonderful prefrontal cortex, the human brain that can literally be cut off without much effect. Every higher faculty is supposedly seated here, but it is okay to scramble it like eggs if a judge agrees. That supposedly completes the brain picture from an evolutionary viewpoint. It seems incomplete, to say the least. I have serious difficulty taking it all the way back through every genus, but  I can tell you about two obvious brains in our body.

 I think a lot of suffering and poverty could have been prevented by recognising the insect brain in ourselves. The ignorance, no, criminal medical disregard, the actionable offence of denying our insect brains is most certainly the direct cause of cancers beyond count, autism increasing at a rate that astounds even old and jaded conspiracy theorists, allergies so rampant people cannot live normal lives, and the plethora of nervous disorders suddenly spreading like a virus; all this because the commercial chemists have distracted us from asking “but what about MY insect system, what is your poisons doing to that?” They parade test result after test result proving the human system higher than and immune to the weaknesses in insect systems. “Insects have no brains, feelings or higher function.” This is our excuse for blithely poisoning every insect we come across.

 How often do you press down on that little plastic trigger, watching the cloud of poison spread towards your enemy, the Evil Bugs? “They” won’t allow it if it was bad, I hear? Why is it, when someone tries to point out massive systemic corruption, and he starts with “They are doing…” the first response is always “who are ‘they’, how can you just accuse ‘they’?” But THEY won’t allow harmful stuff on your shop shelves, because THEY are in charge and running things, right? Well, have you ever heard anybody warn you of insecticide damage to your own insect brain? Of course not, because at least half the cancer industry would immediately go bankrupt. Financially bankrupt of course, they have been morally bankrupt for sixty-odd years already. The fact that they ignore our insect ancestry, knowing full well the important part it plays to make us human and healthy, that proves their moral degeneracy.

 Insects DO HAVE BRAINS, only it is not a lump in the head; an insect’s nervous system is regulated by knots of nerve tissue distributed along certain points in its body. It makes for ultra-fast decision making and reactions, perfect multitasking and goodness knows what else. This is why you can cut a cockroach’s head off and it continues mating; real men think with a second head… So where is our insect brain? Well, it regulates our hormones, and without hormones the body is just a sack of meat and bones. It contains a significant part of our immune system. It regulates growth, emotions, a variety of lower functions too lowly for even a reptile consciousness. It is also probably the biggest internal organ we have. It maps straight onto an insect paradigm, if I’m wrong, please write a properly thought out counter argument, I’ll listen. But if I’m right, who will sue the pants off the fraudulent cancer opportunists? No-one, they are the Holy Doctors, and who can argue the facts of life and science with a holy doctor?

 Every single day that the cancer industry keeps wasting our time, money and loved ones by “researching cancer cures” instead of just speaking up about insecticides, is another day they are complicit in the painful and slow death of yet more innocents. I am confident that, with one tenth of the money collected for cancer research, we could sue the entire poison industry into a standstill and have them publically take responsibility for the millions they have poisoned already. There is no cancer cure, as long as you keep poisoning the entire environment. The only way you can have a healthy populace while allowing the wholesale poisoning of our children, would be to breed RoundUp Ready kiddies. Until then, we will keep dying like flies, while spending our children’s inheritance on pills and radiation and empty promises by frauds in white coats.

 The money spent on cancer research is mostly sucked up by fraudulent accountancy practices, ‘administration fees’ and handling costs. The entire donations-for-a-cause industry works this way, the cancer scare researchers are probably just the richest ones. What little is left is given to naïve students so they can research the next scary scare story about the new scary cancer scare. It blames everything and promises everything, all they need is more time and a lot more money. It is an entire industry devoted to researching new excuses and new promises of a cure for something every honest biologist by now should have figured out:

 Insecticides are killing our insect nervous system, and a simple recognition of this fact will half cancer development overnight. God knows what your favourite weed killer is doing to us, but it disrupts the hormonal systems in plants. It is obvious though, that insecticides are attacking our glandular system and our endocrine system is possibly the single most powerful and versatile part of our immune system, that is what maps to the insect brain, and every endocrinologist must surely know this? There truly is no conspiracy, only cultivated ignorance and professional profit margins.

Since this article was first written, two new facts have emerged;

Intestinal bacteria counts have shown a perfect correlation to certain systemic malfunctions in children showing signs of neural underdevelopment, such as "autism spectrum disorders." This is then the second brain I want to tell you. See the article on the digestive tract and its neural system somewhere on this site.

First week of March 2017, it is now 'ethical' to reconfigure embryonic DNA for the purpose of preventing possibly fatal diseases. The fact that this technology is now commercially available, lends certain credence to the decades-long gossip around superchildren. Of course, in South Africa, I bet the first superkiddy will belong to a sports fan wanting to breed his own superstar footballer. That'll learn them dopers...