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 Uhm, uh, here’s the thing; what herbs work for what? The field of medicine is rather, uhm, factionist. Each faction believes itself to hold the ultimate truth, and some factions even go so far as to persecute anyone with a differing opinion. Much like those religions that seem to have developed in and around the Middle East, Jerusalem particularly. Fascism is part of life, so we shall not judge. The point is, whatever I tell you about the workings of any sort of medication, might be totally wrong, it will greatly differ from most major dogmas, and I can be prosecuted, for I am not one of the Anointed. Persecution, on the other hand, is not the badge of honour, or the ‘informal’ qualification that some people think it is. Some people are called out for their views, and because they have little or no backup, they shall always shout ‘Persecution, I am right and you fear me, now you try destroy my life’s work.’ That is bull, most of the time. It does happen, though, but not very often, the average peddler of miracle cures usually is a charlatan out to get your money. There are exceptions, not many. What's our miracle cure, then?

So, I may not tell you anything that may be construed as medical advice, I have not the knowledge to tell you about the chemistry of each leaf and how it inhibits the whatsisnames from bedoofling your constrificator. As interesting as those things are, they are the records of a person, usually a student at a well-funded university, peering at a closed system, and changing variables so he can build a database of results, which can then be statistically analysed to see if the experiment was ‘successful’. Just so you know, any real scientist reading words like “unsuccessful experiment” cringes, so I am being sarcastic here. Not at any profession, or methodology, just the way the current methodology is applied, mostly by eugenicists with delusions of adequacy. What we need to tell you is even more suspect, but our research is Open Source, in other words, while we read the same stuff as everybody else, we sometimes draw different conclusions. So, please feel free to check on the veracity of our information, many of the sources are themselves suspect, and every error corrected is another step towards truth.

The Doctrine of Signatures is old-speak, when people still valued the opportunity to hear things, and enjoyed the privilege of reading things, so everything they said and wrote mattered. A bit like, twenty years ago, you would not even think of wasting computer memory on saving stupid cat videos, you saved only your most important data, and maybe a few movies on those expensive new disks. These days we publish anything and anything, the value thereof is of no concern, and publication is virtually free. This particular document is a case example. Anyway, the word 'doctrine' can be replaced by working theory, branch of science. Signature just sounds better than signs or signals. In modern-speak, we can call it the theory of morphological resonance. Don’t you just love Rupert Sheldrake’s work? I came across it almost twenty years ago, and I immediately adopted his theories as the long-awaited counter to blind evolution. Yes, Darwin was not half as stupid as later generations and their confirmation biases portrayed him, I am talking about the way Darwinism is taught. Sheldrake was the first guy, in my opinion, that made good enough sense to hang a paradigm upon, and it also explained so much that was previously unthinkable, because of our bias against primitive knowledge. Morphic Resonance is actual modern science in support of mythical fairy tales such as the Doctrine of Signatures. As usual, we first digress:

It has now fairly conclusively been proven that vitamin supplements are no more than a way to produce expensive urine. The body does not absorb much, if anything, of those little pills we pray by. Thousands of recorded blood tests have shown no increased vitamin levels in blood after taking vitamin supplements. Yet we have tons of data suggesting, even proving, that we need to take these minerals in, or suffer bad health. But taking the vitamins as pills do not increase vitamin levels in the blood. Certain foods, on the other hand, seem to do the trick. Easy, ‘isolate the active ingredient’ and put that in a pill. Nope, doesn’t work. Use fresh extracts, or raw food, and it works, but once again, we cannot find where these so-called vitamins crossed the barrier from digestive tract to blood. Because it doesn’t. The production of peptides in every cell is done by the reading of genetic sequences. A pill full of chemicals is not an amino acid, whereas the actual herb supplies actual genetic material for your body to employ, to decode and build the correct proteins that makes up a healthy body.

Which brings me to the Doctrine of Signatures: That, which looks like a thing, has power of that thing. A leaf in the shape of your heart should be good -or bad- for your heart. Hearts are not shaped like Valentine kisses, and stop chewing the carrot from that end. Liverwort, an old folk remedy, is a fungus, the insides of which looks exactly like you just cut into a liver. Kidney wort really helps for arthritis, which seems to be a symptom of overstressed and failing kidneys. The leaves are kidney-shaped and prominently veined. The shape, internal or external may correspond to some organ, or the smell of a bruised flower is the same as that produced by a particular disease, or the root, cut through, displays a perfect picture of an eye, pupil and iris, like carrots, and we all know what carrots are good for. So, to tie the doctrine of signatures to genetic science: The genetic sequence that makes two organ/isms look the same, probably look similar. This will trigger peptide production in the relevant organ’s cells, adding to the genetic variety available to the cell, possibly overcoming inherited defects.

Why are apples good for you? I don’t know, but for now I can work with the theory that apples contain some VItal AMINo acidS we do not code for in our DNA. Come to think of it, the apple’s core is reminiscent of a cross-section of the heart. Supporting the heart is a very healthy habit, indeed. Of course, if I had money to spend on such research, I would really like to see what else we can fix by supplying foreign genetic materials. The problem is, research today exists for the sole purpose of finding something to patent. I wonder who will patent the Human Vitamin Production System. Then we all get fines when we interfere with it by eating fruit, because you are only allowed the patented (and expensive) Pfizer Immunity Stimulatory Supplement. This would be every investor’s dream; owning the vitamin industry, with an incorporated production facility in every human body. I wonder how they plan to market the by-product; it shall certainly crop up in our food chain. The way their synthetic hormones have?

Almost entirely, modern medicine relies on poisoning the so-called pathogens that make us sick, or in many cases, they poison you until the parasite or whatever dies or leaves to find better accommodation. It is well understood that the body’s fever system is there to kill off lesser organisms that cannot stand the heat, literally, yet every pharmacist is falling over its collective feet to sell you stuff to prevent fevers. A cough is the only way for your lungs to cleanse themselves, yet the world is addicted to ‘cough medicine’. A runny nose is your mucous membranes filling in extra duty for your kidneys, but our first reaction is to find something to dry out the snot.

Modern medicine shall not bother to stop poisoning our inbuilt system for producing vitamins; they will keep looking for ways to sell us vitamins, even when they themselves laugh at the idiocy. Now if only they can find that one perfect vitamin pill, the one we all need, because our food has been corrupted to the point where it contains no useful amino acids at all anymore. With genetic boondogglery, they can strip one specific amino acid from all our foodstuffs, then patent that amino acid as a supplement, and not even Ma’s chicken noodle soup will get you better anymore.

If you have a new testament bible, go see John’s story about the entire world needing an annual dose of holy water just to stay alive. Every pharmaceutical company out there is looking for that holy water, and they are working together to make sure we will need that holy water. Poison them , then cure them, a very old trick played by witchdoctors on cavemen, I am sure. Only, cavemen had the option of pushing the poisoning bastard off a cliff before he killed another child.

Update: A lab did manage to perfect the technology of inserting viruses with useful genetic coding, a one-shot cure for many, many ailments. The world’s largest investment fund, JPMorganChase, called an urgent meeting for “select stock holders to warn them of the risks that effective medication pose to their investments in the health care sector” end quote full stop. I am told that, instead of ‘rolling out to the public’, the treatment is now available at $100 000 a shot. That’s American dollars, not Zimbabwean.