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When the now relatively popular blogger eugyppius started, the paranoid goy asked him, as self-proclaimed expert professional in things virological, why Ivermectin should cure covid, if covidiocy was indeed viral. I asked if we should not look for parasites instead. The man was quite dismissive, and reminded me how many times medicines work for unrelated intentions. I dared him to bring me a viral symptom I cannot induce with one bad meal.

Then came the stories of parasite eggs in the vaccine, parasites hatching, almost evolving from more primitive morphologies. The Hydra parasites are well-published vehicles for causing ‘desirable’ genetic damage to cells. It is beyond the scope of this quick rant to discuss tiny parasitic slugs altering the cell genome, but the scientific papers are available. Pharmafia does not deny there are slugs in their covidiot infection.

There is reason the covidiots over at CNN are calling people idiots who eat horse paste. There is a reason for Baal Gates’ best fiend Frauci to try ban human consumption of Ivermectin in any form. There is a reason the critics are concentrating on the cheapness of worm paste compared to mRNA infections.

Stop eating the horse paste, you useless eaters, you are killing the little slugs in Baal’s Holey Waters. How is lord Baal supposed to control the evolution of our species, if you dumb bastards keep on killing the bugs in his operating system? Wait for the official patch, like every other boosted customer!

No friggin’ horse sense, these anti-vaxxer sheople...