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There is hardly any corporation on earth with the distribution capacity of Coca Cola’s. In fact, this distribution system has become so pervasive, Bill Gates wants us to believe he will save the world by spreading his poisonous vaccines The Coke Way. We shall not argue the merits of his poisonous cocktails here, but let us look at the so-called Coca Cola Effect, and pretend we have some evil drugs to disseminate. Just for fun, a laugh, a little chortle, if you will.

First, we ask how Coke has become so good at distribution.

All the suits who think they are about to be praised for their brilliant skills at logistics, sit down, you have nothing to do with it. There is no magical Coke distribution formula, there is no brilliant strategy around shipping channels and transport operatives. The whole system depends on private individuals and some transport contractors who see the usual criminal opportunity to profit from conveying a debilitating drug to a plethora of addicts. The secret of Coke’s distribution is not the transport network, it is the addictive nature of their products.

You see, Coca Cola did not build a distribution network in Africa. They have factories, warehouses and finally, depots. At those depots, you will find queues of vehicles of every sort, loading as much addictive product as they can carry, which they will then cart off to some place somewhere, with thousands of addicted children and their addicted parents and addicted alcoholics in need of “mix” waiting for their fix. All with no help or assistance from the shiny suits in Sandton or Delaware, who do nothing but count money and produce advertisements extolling the fun of being addicted to flavoured sugar water laced with toxic but addictive additives. Have you looked at the Coke group’s advertisements lately? Have you noticed the hallucinations and “god feelings” they promise the kids?

The addiction to Coke is so pervasive, the government of South Africa closed down schools, bars, restaurants, churches and businesses for the so-called coronavirus pandemic, but not one even dared mention the role of Coca Cola in the deaths of so many obese, sickly diabetics. You cannot even buy cigarette papers, because “smoking is bad for you”, while every serious analysis of the Covert-19 mentions the fact that young people are only in danger of the WuFlu if they are obese. So why do we keep selling what must be the number one cause of obesity, namely flavoured sugar water?

To be sure, when the SA government announced extra taxes on cool drinks with sugar above a certain concentration, Coca Cola immediately replaced a portion of that bad, toxic, addictive and debilitating sucrose, and replaced it with “non-nutritive sweetener”. For the scientific research around the combination of sugar and artificial sugars, feel free to interrogate the ‘Net, it is all bad news. As a matter of fact, as poisonous as sugar is, the artificial stuff is so dangerous, the FDA had to be infiltrated and corrupted by Donald Rumsfeld before they would allow it onto the market. Who was first to dump that carcinogenic, diabetogenic, mutagenic neural poison on us? Coca Cola, in their “diet drink”, TAB. The stuff is so addictive, it is not funny, that is why you find it even in some brands of bottled “mineral” water these days.

So, there is no magical distribution philosophy behind Coca Cola. It is millions of addicts swarming the land, openly and profitably smuggling a substance proven to damage childrens’ brains. But that does not mean Big Pharma cannot get their poison spread as easily and cheaply. Let us consider the so-called AIDS Epidemic (not pandemic, epidemic) at the end of the 20th century. How we looked for a cure! How we opened our wallets and tax coffers to anyone promising us hope! What we received was the usual charity fraud, corporate profiteering and a slew of violently toxic drugs, untested, unaffordable and unproven. Amongst those health ministers who were actually qualified doctors, it was agreed that what we need is proper food, and sanitation, and primary health care. For that, they called our minister “Doctor Potatohead”. At least she WAS a doctor, unlike most every other “health minister’ on earth.

Our government refused to buy those expensive, untested and dangerous drugs, so Big Pharma started their Bill Gates shenanigans: One-for-one sponsorship: For every dollar our “benefactors” spend on this “terribly urgent medication”, our government must give another dollar. For a breakdown of how Bill Gates gets rich “giving away” vaccines, see our other articles on the subject. For now, suffice to say our president at the time, Thabo Mbeki, refused. For that, he was ousted by the ruling ANC and their Bolshevik pals in Sandton. But not before those other wonderful saints in white coats, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) did their Thang.

The world over, paranoid rightists regimes are accusing the wonderful angels of MSF of smuggling weapons, people, drugs or even just ‘subversive literature’ across borders under the cover of humanitarian aid. The Good Doctors deny it all as paranoid rightist regimes accusing them of unspeakable acts unbefitting their social standing as saintly wonderfulness, concentrated. In South Africa, in the nineties, after the “demise of Apartheid”, you could hardly find one of the little buggers, or he would brag about how they ‘turned the war on the Regime’ by smuggling a hundred-odd AK47’s in their ambulances to the ANC. The angels at MSF sure like doing God’s work. Which must be why, in 2002,  they defied their friends in the ANC, and smuggled in thousands and thousands of courses of Neverapine, an untested experimental cocktail of extremely poisonous chemicals.

It was some time before we found out our compatriots were actually part of the “clinical trials”. They smuggled their poison into our country, because they felt we have enough “disposable” Guinea pigs for them to experiment on. After Mbeki got ousted in a coup de etat by those who saw opportunity in appointing a subconscious alcoholic druggy to the presidency, Big Pharma was given free reign, and various cocktails of AIDS drugs became commonly available. Thanks to the pioneering work of Medicins Sans Frontiers, and the white-coated saints they send out to spread their eugenicist gospel, you can now obtain a variety of AIDS drugs on just about every busy street corner in South Africa.

You can go to any populated centre, stand on the corner a while, and when some sleazy bloke sidles up to ask: “So, my friend, what can I get you?” you look him straight in the eye, and say: “Nyaope”. Within two shakes of a nguni cow’s tail, you shall exchange some money for a cocktail made of AIDS medicine, rat poison and cannabis, with maybe a “cream” of low quality heroin. You must understand, though, the local pharmacist may or may not be involved, but usually, the medicine comes off some AIDS patient lying in a ditch, mugged, even murdered for their month’s supply of medicine they just got from those nice people at the clinic.

We shall not go into the reasons why South Africans will try anything as a “cream” on their cannabis pipe made from the broken-off neck of a liquor bottle. Suffice to say, by the time those AIDS drugs became legally obtainable through the official network, the good doctors of MSF have already coca-cola-moved millions of doses via the criminal drug network, and left a disturbing number of corpses strewn along the road to “penetrative distribution”. Maybe, maybe they did not foresee the consequences of their “rebellion”, but doctors are so clever, certainly they must have considered the wisdom of distributing drugs without any regulatory control or at least assistance from the national health care infrastructure? Sure they did!

Now South Africa is saddled with an entire junky culture that revolves around extremely expensive drugs they steal from patients heavily subsidised by our taxes. All thanks to a bunch of foreigners who come to Africa to prove to themselves their humanitarian nature, but with an ingrained superiority complex because they are doctors, the most holy servants of Mammon outside the federal Reserve banking system that desires nothing more than “ruling the nations of earth with an iron sceptre” as their Talmud promises them. And we allow it, because it is our “christian duty”.

And because of the wonderful distribution network that always springs up around any profitable drug, AIDS medicine has penetrated Southern African society so well, you can score Nyaope on any busy street corner. Just like Coke.

Now they want to “employ the Coke phenomenon” for Baal Gates’ vaccines… The only question that remains; Will the ‘flu vaccines be addictive enough for the Coca Cola Effect to have any effect?