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At Greenpets, we have been hating and anti-preaching corn syrup for ages. We knew not why, but we empirically understood one thing: whenever we try talk to diabetics and their families, they think honey is sugar. Also, and this is where we started suspecting medical fraud on grand scale, these people were deathly afraid of feeding their kids fruit, because “it’s got too much fructose, that’s bad for diabetics”. Now, forgive us for being stupid, but fructose is a simple sugar. The whole thing of diabetes is a problem of converting complex sugars into simple ones, certainly, eating fructose bypasses the problem? No, fructose is bad, the doctor said so, and we know. These are the same doctors who tell them type2 diabetes is inherited. We know, you learn eating crap from your parents. Then we saw the ingredient labels increasingly listing something called high-fructose corn syrup. High-fructose corn syrup? What that?

It soon became obvious that all the junkiest of foods contain corn syrup, something unknown in South Africa, we don’t have corn, we call it maize, and we have sugar cane, what on earth is high-fructose corn syrup? The best we could do, was to warn our friends that we see a relation between corn syrup and artificial sugars, they seem to cause the same sicknesses, and whatever the doctor says, the fructose in fruit is good for everyone. Of course, no-one believes us, what’s new? Then came the news: Someone has developed Ultra-high fructose corn syrup. It contains 90-something percent fructose, as compared to 40-odd percent in HFC syrup. By the time they issued their little statement, very quietly, that HFC syrup has been implicated in obesity studies, we at Greenpets already knew the game, all we needed was to be told of the existence of Ultra-high fructose corn syrup. The first question that came into our minds was:

If UHFC syrup is 90%, and HFC only 40%, what the hell was the other 60%? This is the same tactic used to legitimise Roundup; register the least toxic ingredient as the “active ingredient”, refuse to divulge the other 40 (reputedly all carcinogenic and up to 1000 times more poisonous) ingredients. Every attempt to sue for glyphosate damage has failed because no-one can afford the research, and researches cannot get to the needed information, so it must be safe, then. Internal company documents have been presented as proof that Monsanto management knew about the dangers, and decided to “solve the problem” with counterpropaganda and legal obfuscation. Never once did anyone present documentation suggesting the development of a safer product to replace Roundup, only ever-more aggressive marketing campaigns and stalled court cases. (Update: Aug 2018, Monsanto fined 385 million dollars for one gardener’s cancer. One guy. The judge added 100 million just because of the abovementioned internal documents. Monsanto is appealing the verdict, of course.)

So, if corn syrup is 60% industrial waste, and the new ultra-good stuff is only ten percent gunk, then I guess we now get 84% less poison into our system when eating American junk. 84% is a lot of improvement, but we do not know yet how poisonous the original cocktail of industrial waste was, 16% of dead is still dead. As with Roundup, vaccines and Globalism, the poisonous side-effects of the progress we are sold seems obvious to any interested observer. Hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, ‘flavour enhancers’, every one of these things are so obviously poisonous, detrimental to our wellbeing and destructive of our children’s mental development, yet we keep buying the stuff, because we trust the people who tell us they know better than us. Every time we find another poison in our food chain, it takes decades before we manage to do anything about it. The science to proof our food, to check it for suitability and safety, that technology hardly exists, it is very expensive, and even if you could afford all the tools and experts, you still have to get past the façade of ‘trade secrets’ that has been built around our right to know what goes into our mouths.

Actually, most people don’t give a damn, They would not sell poison to our children, would They?