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During his election campaign, Donald Trump promised to overturn ‘ObamaCare’ within his first ten days of tenure. Not only did his eventual action take much longer, it is, by all accounts, no different for the poor folk. America’s health care system is notoriously unhelpful, while being the most expensive in the world. True, they have some of the best machines and techniques, but only if you can afford it. It is in the nature of Globalist economics that less people can afford enough food every day. The American health care system has been replaced by health insurance services supplied by investor-driven banking corporations. The biggest investor, JP Morgan, has recently gathered some notables to explain the dangers inherent in the new gene therapy technology emerging, with single-shot cures for a almost any disease you can think of. The meeting was called to point out the negative effect that effective treatments would have on the continued growth of profits in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Disease makes a lot of money, and curing disease would be disastrous to the economy, so I guess we are stuck with expensive quackery for a while longer…

Another promise Trump made was to “lower the barriers to get life-saving drugs to market.” Another way he put it was “…we must speed up the process of getting new drugs approved by the FDA”. Well, we enter June 2018 with good news: Trump just signed legislation that will “allow the use of experimental life-saving drugs.” If Hollywood is to be believed, this option has only ever been available to desperate millionaires trying to save their orphan grandchildren, or when a handsome doctor falls in love with a mysterious patient in a coma. Thanks to Trump, however, experimental life-saving drugs will now be allowed for everybody, possibly even those without insurance. As a matter of fact, I think it will be the poorest of the poor who will ‘benefit most’ from these grand, brand new, experimental, life-saving drugs…Trump just legitimised pharmaceutical companies to experiment on ignorant humans, and we know who will be the first ‘beneficiaries’ of this grand gesture: Those too poor to afford the very expensive lawyers that can get you out of the disclaimer you dazedly signed as they carried you into hospital.

One may choose to carry a donor card, but car mechanics are infamous for swopping good parts from unsuspecting customers, with worn bits from their weekend racing cars, top-notch machines kept in first class order by weekly tune-ups and a constant supply of new or nearly-new parts… from your motor car! Who can trust a hospital not to carve a slice of liver or just letting you blood out in the passage so they can ‘lose’ your kidneys during the autopsy. That darn infernal ‘registration form’ at Admissions has been turned into a very elaborate disclaimer of responsibility, and you are required to sign it before you get any treatment. That small print will now include your consent to be experimented on, albeit in “life saving situations” only. No-one is allowed to argue such distinctions with a doctor, so expect pharmaceutical companies to offer incentives for doctors to partake in their ‘public trials’. Doctors already receive ‘incentives’ to prescribe specific brands of medicine, and the corruption inherent in that system is overshadowed only by the vicious tragedy of all the dead and sickly, overdosed people who constantly need new pills to counteract the side-effects of the medicine they probably never needed the first prescription for in any case. The best part is; this is totally legal, and there is no way to prosecute anybody for any failures, you signed a disclaimer at the front door.

Welcome to the rabbit hatch, citizen, what colour was your water bowl this morning? And the water inside? Tasted funny, what? Don’t worry, Doctor says it’s good for you.