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Have you wondered what exactly people mean when they refer to the much-vaunted 4th Industrial Revolution? This author became suspicious of the idea of a fourth revolution the day a dear acquaintance used the term when trying to convince me (yet again) what a paranoid conspiracy theorist I am. A salesman with no interest in science, technology or engineering, celebrates, nay, educates an engineer, on the “fourth industrial revolution”? Something is wrong…

So, like a good internet junkie, I set forth to discover what exactly this industrial revolution is, because my STEM education never said nothing about that, thirty years ago. Nothing specific can be found, unfortunately, except for thousands, possibly millions of parrots going “4th revolution, 4th revolution, 4th revolution” with no indication as to what, exactly, is being revolutionised. Cellphones? Been around almost thirty years. New chat apps? Wow! Internet banking? Gimme a break! “Social Media” is certainly not an Industrial Revolution, liberal airheads are notoriously anti-industry. None of the “examples” supplied actually were new or revolutionary. Then we found some links to the website of the World Economic Forum, and the WEF is terribly excited about this great revolution. As a matter of fact, they have an entire web page dedicated to the great upcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution, and their Think Tank at Davos 2020. Look:


It took some close reading to find actual information, but eventually we found it. If you look to the left of the veeerryy high-technology abstract painting above, you may decipher the tiny spider webs to be letters informing you: “…blah blah… concrete cooperation on governance challenges and opportunities…blah blah”. Best read at least 200% magnification. So, this “fourth industrial revolution” is actually the implementation of Big Brother systems for “governance”, which means “control all actions of the population”. Yes, yes, that old conspiracy yarn again, eh what?

How can we deduce something as sinister as totalitarian control from an innocent sentence by professionals and experts, who think soooo much higher than us mere consumers… One has to watch your own thoughts, lest they lead you into the low hell of bias confirmation and paranoid self-delusion, not so? So let us see then, the agenda for the meetings on this ‘revolution’ that the World Economist will discuss on their Forum: They give it to us as a diagramme of sensuous curves in bright, friendly colours…


Do you see the numbers at the top? If you follow them in order, the argument goes like this:

We will all share in the prosperity that cooperation will bring by earning us more money so we can afford the technology that will save the planet. Prosperity, cooperation, free trade, safe technology and eternal life. Who can argue about that? But there are words under those numbers, let us look at them, shall we?

  1. When you use words like “cohesive, inclusive and social” together, you are speaking the language of the communist, because I hear “no dissent, no merit and for other people’s benefit”.
  2. “Global cooperation” is the Bolshevik communist’s attack on nationality, national pride, patriotism and the nuclear family. No borders allowed, but also no differences in culture, religion or political outlook.
  3. “Accelerating business transformation and growth” is the capitalist fulfilling the communist wet dream of using monopolies and financial strangulation to absorp all businesses and industries under one global management and ownership.
  4. Accelerating smart solutions for “sustainable development” means technology will be reserved for use by those who can prove their activities sustainable, in other words, conducive to the usurpation of all private and public property by those who own the stock market. Not the stocks, the market!
  5. Lastly they want to “mobilise innovation and entrepreneurship to protect people and planet”. This from the people who insist the planet is overpopulated. Is that why they say “people” instead of, maybe, ‘humanity’ or ‘mankind’ or even just ‘everyone’? Only people who matter, matter maybe?

But that is not the only lies hiding in their sexy little diagram, oh no. To get closer to the truth, we have to follow the colourful ‘track to tangible outcomes’. If you follow those voluptuous curves, they sort of come together into one whole at the bottom, they sort of intertwine into one wonderful miracle. Or do they? As those ‘pathways’ cross over each other, it actually changes the order of importance for the numbers above. When you read that order as a comprehensive plan, it reads as follows:

Under the guise of ‘business as usual’, the communist confiscation of private property and universal surveillance will enforce uniformity amongst the nationless survivors of the Great Cull. To this end, a ‘Think Tank” will utilise three approaches:

  1. Incubate the mental egg the moderators of the ‘conference’ lays in your collective consciousness, after which you will
  2. report on the most likely ways to convince the rest of the consuming scum, then you will
  3. review your solutions to see what, if any, objection the useless eaters may or may not raise.

The ‘desired outcome’ of this think tank, in other words, the purpose for which they are being employed, is to “propel interaction towards tangible outcomes”. Interaction of what or whom? The only grammatically obvious target is the ‘man in the street’ and his stupid, corrupt, idiotic government that can manage nothing without foreign investors and expert (foreign) advisors, both groups deemed unnecessary, dangerous even, for the planet and the “protected people”.

So, the Davos crowd has this technology thing down pat, and they are having Serious Thoughts on it. Their stated goal on page one is this:
“We partner with governments, leading companies, civil society, and experts from around the world to co-design and pilot innovative new approaches to policy and governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Note the final bit; “…innovative new approaches to policy and governance in…” The Fourth Industrial Revolution has nothing to do with technology per se, it is about GOVERNANCE, and how to exploit technology to enforce that governance upon a diminished, uniform and compliant communist populace. Last year Davos decided we need a pandemic serious enough to enforce vaccinations. This year, they are thinking upon Big Brother technology, what hell awaits us this time?

Of course, our new messiah, Baal Gates, is billed as “Agenda Contributor”.

All hail, Lord William is bringing us the fourth and final industrial revolution! I wonder how often he will have to issue patches and updates for this inherently karky system…