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Monsanto, for those of us who don’t care about such things, is the world’s largest agrochemical company. Was. They have been bought out by Bayer, a German chemical giant, in a surprising move. Why surprising? Because Monsanto is under fire for billions, possibly trillions of dollars in liability claims. Yet, Bayer bought Monsanto, problems and all. What makes this even more surprising, is that Monsanto was well on its way to fulfil their dream: owning the world’s food supply. Or, to put it in their words: “End world hunger and feed the world.” If that sentence sounds like it says the same thing twice, we forgive you. It takes a certain world-weary cynicism to see the two very different philosophies in that statement.

To end world hunger sounds noble, and it most certainly is attainable. Despite all the many humane options, however, those who pay our salaries decided that this will be easiest done by getting rid of the hungry people. War, disease, loss of homeland, all very simple techniques. You and I don’t really care about those warring dregs killing each other off, after all, we are civilised, educated, sophisticated. We know where the problem started in the first place, that’s why we do not complain, actually help the bastards to teach the children that the world is overpopulated. Monsanto makes a variety of chemicals that help “end world hunger”, by killing off all the hungry. To this purpose, Monsanto has launched many projects, the most publically-ignored of which, is the universal hormone disruptor contaminating all Monsanto-originated foodstuffs. So far every commercial brand of breakfast cereal tested, was amply dosed with Roundup. The issue of universal genocide is kept out of the discussion by arguing over the merits of Glyphosate, one of the forty-odd ingredients in Roundup. Monsanto giggles when they explain that there are things “a thousand times as toxic” as glyphosate in Roundup. Yet, every court case and news report is about glyphosate…

To “feed the world” is a bit more difficult than murdering the poor; you actually have to produce foodstuffs. The trick here is to monopolise the industry, close down all the competition, and voila! There you have it: Once you own all the food factories, feeding the world becomes just a statement, no more ambition needed, only a distribution network. That is why PepsiCo is buying South Africa’s food factories, see? Soon, all your food will come from PepsiCo, another arm of the octopus that is also Monsanto. Most recently, PepsiCo was in the news when they tried to sue a few Indian farmers into suicide by accusing them of growing PepsiCo-patented potatoes.

While we are glad they lost that particular case (2019) there are a number of articles on this site expounding on the dangers and genocide hiding in GMO’s and hybridised seeds that produced sterile fruit that have seed, but they never grow again. That will prevent you from counterrevolutionary ideas like planting your own food. Now that Monsanto/Bayer/PepsiCo/Agent Orange is firmly ensconced in the South African food chain, we can expect cancer, diabetes, organ failure and “gender diaspora” to increase rapidly amongst our population. It’s too late to complain, we have been eating their meaty leftover food products disguised as chicken, beef and pork ever since our government signed the Yanks’ trade agreement, which is actually Monsanto’s license to destroy all independent farming, as part of their drive for “food security”. That’s the bit where the food is securely locked up beyond reach of the undeserving. The world’s food basket is not to be shared with the basket of deplorables.

But all that is Bayer’s problems now. So are the gazillions in class-action suits and medical claims. For some reason, Bayer also sees no problem with continuing this destruction of the food chain, they see profits where we see something that has been proven poisonous and cancer-causing. We expect our governments to ban this stuff any day now, Bayer is counting future profits on the sale of these very same poisons. Either we are all a bunch of stupid dregs that will soon die off and leave the world to Them, or Bayer has bought itself one of the biggest financial liabilities in the history of the human race. While and whereas we collectively pray for an end to this food-based genocide, one has to wonder about the tactical value of Bayer being forced to fork out trillions of Euros in fines and damages. It reminds one of the Nuremberg trials, where people were tortured until they admitted to the most fantastically impossible feats of depravity. The camp commander of Auschwitz confessed to personally killing two and a half million Jews. No normal, busy man can shoot that many bullets for so long, I dare you to try! Germany is still paying reparations for that mythical slaughter for which no person can produce evidence of even just logical explanations. Is that what is happening here?

Consider that Monsanto is very much supportive of the Globalist Plan, whomever you think is running that Plan. Now consider Bayer as the German Giant in agrochemicals, buying that huge lump of social debt. Also we must remember Deutsche Bank, the German reserve bank for all practical purposes. When the Yanks thought up the biggest financial scam ever, namely “Derivative Shares”, they needed one financial entity to stand father for all the betting slips. This author was terribly surprised to hear Deutsche Bank was appointed as the guardian of all derivative bets. Surely the Germans can see a con as clumsy as this derivatives thing? August 2019, and DB was sitting on 47 Trillion Euros in derivative debt, payable the moment the actual initiators of that scam decide to stop the game and go home with your pension, your bond, your credit debt, your taxes and all the other, new money we will have to let our government “create” by borrowing it from the very same creditors, at usurious interest, of course.

The only conclusion this author can come to, is that the Bayer/Monsanto deal was actually just one more scam to extract value from the German taxpayer and hand it over to the Globalists to pay for their Communist/Capitalist/Satanist Paedophile Network dreams. The difference between war reparations and this mess? This time we all get to help Germany pay for the right to exist, forever we shall pay, because the money we “owe” Them now, can only be repaid by borrowing more from Them. This makes the sale of Monsanto the most profitable single deal in the history of our written language. Aren’t you proud to be part of it? You own part of that now, taxpayer, wherever you are. And no, we cannot shut them down, the company is of National Strategic Importance, in every country, they are holding your entire food chain by the stamen... all while subsidised by your taxes. All those trillions in reparations? The company will go bankrupt, unless the government(s) bail them out, using (y)our taxes. In the meantime we are demanding our governments “do something” about the chronic ill health caused by Monsanto’s products, so we have to raise taxes again for subsidising the private clinics running “cancer treatment” centres where they poison you into poverty using chemicals and radioactive processes designed by some of the many arms on the Monsanto Bayer octopus, hell-bent on “doing something about world overpopulation”. Like locking the food away securely.

Or, or… we can forget about Monsanto, they ‘don’t exist anymore’, and we can demand our government does something about the earth’s rotational angle causing the weather to change. Somehow we can fix that, we just need to pay more taxes.