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The Holy Profits of Mammon, with 20-20 vision in hindsight.

Political science serves the same purpose as economics; finding elaborate reasons to prove that last week’s accident was actually an inevitable consequence of well-understood processes which must be fixed by legislation and regulation. The rest of their time is spent building reasons and theories and excuses for next week’s accident. They also plan the entire PR side of all such accidents, well beforehand, which is why their stories are always so repetitive; they think we never learn from their mistakes.

Science is defined as a systematic ordering of facts. This is what makes science so easy to learn; everything is laid out clearly and systematically. The test for proper understanding of any science, is the ability to reproduce results. If your science says that F will happen only if B has indigestion, then one will induce indigestion in B to produce the required F. If Bernie does not fart every time he has indigestion, it does not contradict the original theory. We did not say a fart appears every time Bernie eats rubbish, but we can continue to believe that Bernie’s gut is rotting every time he farts. Should Bernie stops eating and suddenly starts farting rose petals, we will revisit our theory, and update the science, accepting that other things than bad food may cause farting.


Economists will happily predict whatever the “market indicates” every day of their lives, then quite innocently explain tomorrow why their (totally wrong) prediction was misunderstood by those who believed their nonsense and acted accordingly. It is almost as if economists exist to deliver false prophesy. It is almost as if, and this is just observation, not science, that economists are employed to deceive the public into dumping their money onto “financial vehicles” with one destination only: the pockets of the richest of the rich. The occasional lucky investor serves as example to those who still think its all just a scam. “Anyone with ambition can get rich.” Ambition these days, consist solely of the desire to “make money”. Your dream of raising happy children is so, so, toxically mundane and out-dated. You are the people keeping women from achieving, you are the one who hates science. Everybody knows that science has proven (insert whatever insult of stupidity you wish to visit upon your “hater”)

The language of science is mathematics. Mathematics is just a language, and you can talk crap in mathematical language all day long, just like anybody else. People have tried to say the oddest things, using mathematical words, but because the grammar is rather specific, it is fairly easy to spot an interloper talking pidgin maths. The problem arises when nobody but yourself and your associates “understand” the maths. This is especially true if you either invent you own mathematics, or even better, pretend mathematics is irrelevant and supremacist. “Culturally exclusive” has actually been used as classified fact in the branch of “science” serving politics. Political science has no mathematics to speak of, like psychiatry or education. You can never prove these people wrong, because there is nothing in their “science” that expresses as much as A+B=XYZ in a provable and repeatable manner. Nothing.

Economic “science”, on the other hand, took the “high road”. The economists went all mathematical on our ass. They invented the most elaborate formulae to prove or disprove the most convoluted theorems, all in a language they refuse to unify with regular mathematics such as normal scientists do. We are not talking here of those marvellous-looking formulae to work out the interest accrued on a specified sum augmented at specified intervals at specified incremental issuance of specified accruance over specified periods specifically specified… show me the formula for the “trickle-down economy”.

Show me how I get more equal when the rich guy gets richer. Show me the formula that proves my increasing prosperity as a function of delivering public infrastructure into the hands of a multinational corporation. Show me how my children get better educated when a politician buys a better yacht. Show me the mathematics for Austerity Measures, versus riots in the streets by people suddenly unable to afford food for their children. Show me the formula for police brutality versus employment rate…

Show me the maffs, I’m to stoopit to understand your economix fjeory where 6 people own half the world’s debt.

Show me the mathematics that proves I only deserve to live because I am in debt!

You can not, now you want to kill off seven billion “useless eaters” because they are a “drain” on your economic system? Please note that a ‘drain’ is where the filth goes.

The rich speak the same words as the poor, only the meaning changes, snigger-snigger. Because they are so much more sophisticated than the “man in the street”, snigger-snigger. The best is where they tell the poor “how much they are valued”, snigger-snigger. “Value”, snigger-snigger. The rich are above value. You just have to do the maths, snigger-snigger.

Show me the maths?

But every one of these “scientists” will tell you tomorrow why today’s catastrophe, which we pay them billions to prevent, could not possibly be predicted, because “no-one fully understands market forces”. They have complete control of every aspect of human endeavour, merely by controlling the issuance and taxation of our currency. These people stand in beautiful halls decked with gold and crystal, and they spew words to tell us how lucky we are to have them and their political and economic systems to save us from total destruction and chaos.

From where I stand, they might as well be witch doctors burning incense and chanting nonsense, because their so-called “science” has not produced one single theorem that can be tested and confirmed, ever. They have theories and formulae and doctrines, none of which holds any relation to reality, except for this one thing: “Economics” serves to concentrate ownership of the world’s resources and wealth into the hands of fewer and fewer individual bank accounts, and this lopsided distribution is made to look normal by balancing the books with unbelievable amounts of debt that no-one asked for, but the economic model requires this to “maintain economic growth”.

They cannot show you the mathematics, only the legislation. This is their secret:

The super rich did not get rich through hard work and ambition, they got where they are by corrupting the basis of our legal system, and thereby they have corrupted our laws to protect them against our expectations of living a decent life, without debt and servitude. This is possible, it has been done many time, then the Financiers step in… and the people start “eating cake”.

Now let’s talk about the science behind an independent judiciary, why don’t we?