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It was in the seventies when we were liberated from the shackles of gross political ignorance and economic idiocy. It must have been the sudden availability of those new-fangled computer things, or maybe it was the bright new ideas thought up by bright new Wall Street Wiz Kids, but one thing was certain; the Man in the Street has to take a hand in dismantling the oppressive socialist regime that is Big Government. By 1980 we all understood the problem(s):

 Your government is too stupid to make a profit.

Government has no business in Business.

Politicians are corrupt and cannot be trusted with our money.

The theory is that, instead of the state using taxes to provide public services, the same services could be delivered more efficiently and at a profit by educated businessmen. Thus, instead of the wasteful public servant running the service at base level efficiency, a private contractor will supply a better service more economically.

By letting people with business savvy take over the dirty business of running public infrastructure, we can save money and end parastatal corruption. This is how we were introduced to the new religion of Privatisation. And boy! Did we privatise! Fifty years on we are still privatising but now even the state function of privatisation of state resources has been …privatised. The only people who are not busy privatising, are the taxpayers who paid for all those goodies being privatised, and we keep on paying for them after they are privatised, only now we call it subsidies, and interest-free loans, and financial aid packages to ensure the sustainability of core infrastructure.  This means that we now pay for services that used to be ‘free’, paid by our taxes. Now we still pay the same amount of taxes, while also paying directly for the service at rates expected from any monopolistic business. After all, there is only one waterworks to ‘privatise’, whoever buys it, by definition owns a regional monopoly. Same goes for railways, the national steel mill, or even the health services. We did not quite understand all the Economics theory and the very serious discussions by people wearing serious suits on television. We did understand that a new age is upon us, of prosperity and economic growth and Good Governance. Oh, god, how we yearned for Good Governance, which is the base contract underlying the privatisation of the country’s money system. We did not understand at all the thing about privatising our money; it was just the Reserve Bank, not so? Nobody said no nothin’ about privatising our actual money!

It is the biggest scam ever devised, the entire world has bought in on the Game, and there can be only one Winner. Literally, the game has been designed to produce one Winner, and Winner Takes All, and the frontrunners are agreed on only one single fact: the world is overpopulated, and all the undeserving scum need to die. Bill Gates thinks only 300 million deserve to live, the cruellest cutback any of the so-called Elite ever publically promoted. As the Game nears its end, people who think money is the measure are turning the world into a cauldron of poverty and want, the better to go at each other’s’ throats when the last pockets of resistance to the new ownership rules need be eradicated. Those will be the primitive throwbacks who thought regional government is still a thing. The educational paradigm is not to educate at all, and cultural diversity is already a sin in the world of social media.



Privatisation is the Globalists’ chosen weapon of removing all public property from State care and ‘putting it on the Market’, which is the official name of this scam. It is worth noting that all money entering ‘the Market’ ends up with the Winner, which is why there is direct correlation between the stock index and the number of starving people living on the street. There is no money to feed or house them, only money for the police that ‘enforce the law’ unto them.

This is how we have given up on all political, religious and cultural dogma. It does not matter what ideology dominates at any locality, in the Great Capitalist Utopia, your laws mean nothing. And besides, if you try going all legal, remember, your law is subject to interpretation by an Independent Judiciary, can you afford an argument against those who interpret your law?

It is not necessarily the fault of the stock exchange that people cannot feed their children properly. After all, if the value of industry, minerals and agriculture all increase, then obviously the country is booming. The problem with the Market is that the major part of its ‘value’ lies not in resources, but in the financial ‘services’ underlying the ownership of those resources. Factories hardly exist in America or Africa anymore, we all send off to China for manufacturing. The ownership of the entire supply chain from field to table is run as a corporate exercise in extractive fee fabrication. Your investment is not in a physical entity, as much as a share in the fund that holds shares in the bigger fund that holds actual shares in the company that owns shares in the entity that issues the actual equity. Your investment is actually a promise to share in the debt of a millionaire, who borrowed from a billionaire, who owes everything to a trillion-dollar hedge fund. The hedge fund owns sizeable tracts of your country’s sovereign territory, in hock for “foreign obligations” not met on time. They call these ‘government bonds’.

 Towns have not died out because of poisoned water supplies ever since governments started installing infrastructure using tax money, like since Roman times? The European plague was a failure in sanitation, and it was solved with tax monies and public projects. So it has been for centuries. Now the waterworks are privatised, the water is ten times as expensive, plus we are taxed to death for the subsidies to keep this important infrastructure intact, and the next day we discover so much mercury or lead or radioactive mine seepage running from our taps, the entire town becomes a wasteland. In this twenty-third century, it is suddenly happening alarmingly often, world wide. Cholera is suddenly alive and well in New York State and Pretoria Central?

All this because we believed a bunch of greedy nerds about government’s duty to show profit. No, governments are not supposed to make profit, especially not from basic services such as sanitation, health, justice… they are even out-contracting wars now, what did you think ‘private security consultant in Iraq’ meant? What do you call it when private companies ‘supply air support in Syria’ by operating drones, and we have no idea whether they are armed or not. What does it mean when shareholders cheer when Hillary kills Gadhafi in a manner you would not kill a dog? It means more tax money for killing machines from their privately owned manufacturing plants, because the government is too stupid to make profit from the suffering of bomber casualties.

When a soldier survives being convicted of a war crime, his life becomes one long hell. When a corporation such as Blackwater is found with genocide on their hands, they change their name, and they win the next multi-billion contract to ‘supply air transport for American troops in Africa’.  Apparently the American government is too stupid to profit from genocide is Africa? That is the state of socioeconomics today; privatise the hell out of everything, rob it blind, strip it of as many assets as you can, demand taxpayers sponsor subsidies, extract a derivative from your newly financed infrastructure, strip off the cash, return to step two. This is being done to our waterworks, our roads, our hospitals and schools. The Bank only knows when we go the full Yankee way and privatise our police and jails.

The joke used to be “justice to those who can afford it.” Step Blatter and FIFA came to visit, and there we learned that, if you are rich enough, you actually get courts set up overnight to do nothing but enforce your wishes as if they are local law. FOR FREE. Our army is at the beck and call of the Globalisationists in New London, and America has just increased their “Aid Budget for Africa 2017” to record 6 Billion dollars. I feel some sympathy for the taxpayers in America, but I feel even worse for us here in Africa, because America’s aid always comes as LOANS. At INTEREST, of course. That note you popped into the basket to ‘help the poor’? First it is collected, fees extracted, administration perpetrated, and the rest is the LOANED to the deserving poor, where it is immediately subjected to ‘Good Governance’ agreements. In other words, Austerity Measures are taken; nothing for health, welfare of education, you have to spend it on security and policing. It improves Investor Confidence.

In this system therefor, judging by the performance of every other state function, the privatisation of the national currency means we are subsidising theft while the thieves are poisoning us, and we cannot stop paying, because our money is such important infrastructure, and everything must be done to keep it working. Another subsidy (tax) to ‘inject capital’ (foreign loan) which will then be used as collateral for a derivative, which means the cash can be stripped away while the books show incredible forecasted capital gains on the derivative. Derivatives can only make money on forecast; it is a financial vehicle, a pyramid scheme, a scam, that extracts money by twisting the laws of commerce and exchange. A derivative is a promise to share in the profit of an entity that already has shareholders, thus already hold claim on any and all future profits. When big derivative schemes become due for payment, the economy feels a severe blow. By the time the economy starts fainting, we pretend surprise at finding the empty poison bottle of forex speculation that now has a shortfall payable in gold. That none of these theoretical profits ever existed, actually means that we can refuse to pay them. No government should be held hostage by a freak that demands to be paid profits on things he should not have owned, never could have owned, and never should have left public care. That is how Greece was bankrupted, and the excuse on the news was that Greeks are congenital money launderers who refuse to pay taxes. No, they just refused to understand that they have to pay for things built hundreds or even thousands of years ago, but their state pensions were heavily ‘invested’ in a derivative market created by Globalist Banksters for the sole purpose of disowning the people of Greece. Outright financial terrorism.

Every day we hear how the currency has been devalued because of this, or weakened because of that, and oh my golly the world is coming to an end because we lost ground to the dollar. Tomorrow we are all in sack and ash because the currency is too strong and this is hampering the facilitation of export-derived revenue streams. Must the currency be strong, must it be weak, must we all buy dollars, or do we buy gold this week? All this is supposedly based on supply and demand, but no-one can explain to me how the currency is in demand (or not) but they like to produce graphs of the daily, no hourly, golly, it is now minute-by-minute statistics on the precise value of our currency, second by second they can show me how the price of my money is fluctuating, but they cannot show me one example of where actual supply and demand played a role. The whole currency exchange game is a scam, run by the ultra-state criminals, and it serves no purpose other than a tool to rob entire continents of their sovereignty. There is no logical, honest and publically transparent process behind foreign exchange rates. It is a scam run from the central bank offices, and the central banks are all privatised, and they have shareholders, and shareholders are religiously entitled to ever-increasing profits, and then we gave them the keys to our national treasury, because we are apparently too stupid to run our own economy, and our government is too incompetent and ignorant to make profit off of our national currency. But apparently that’s okay because they are ever mindful of their duty to protect investor confidence and boosting the economy.

Or is that boosting investor confidence and protecting the economy? Nobody is too clear as to whom we refer to as The Investor. It is also very clear that The Economy has nothing to do with food inflation or standards of living. Apparently the economy is growing, GDP is rising, and the only problem is sustained growth, which can only be achieved by raising prices, lowering incomes, dismissing workers and increasing taxes. Investor Confidence is best preserved by curbing state spending on public health, welfare and education, while massively increasing spending on police, army and bodyguards. This is known as Austerity Measures. Whatever bull you hear regarding austerity measures, this is the complete formula: less money for the population, more money for killing anyone threatening profit margins Investor Confidence. The police will stop the riots in the streets; the army, ‘trained and supported’ by NATO, US Army  or some ‘Private Security Contractor’, will kill anyone who thinks they can occupy mining land. Together they will clear any land subject to defaulted bond debt, whether this be privately owned land, government-bonded nature reserve land (Royal Deer Forests) or tribal property that can be mined. Clearing the plebs off the land apparently increases the Investor’s confidence that the state has control of the population. It is important we find out who this poor, frightened and insecure Investor is, because his fearfulness is costing the lives of thousands every day, by the very hand that was supposed to at least allow us to feed ourselves. Allow us to publicly reassure the poor shivering nervous wreck that we mean no harm. Let the poor bastard sleep in peace for a change, because we could have sent every child to school, with a full tummy, if only we could save half the money he is wasting on bigger guns for his bodyguards. Or at least let him pay for his own stuff, we are going hungry over here, dear Overlord the Holy Investor, and give back our police, and our soldiers should not kill people in far-off countries so you can rest easy in your golden bed. Who the hell is this Investor whose confidence is so easily undermined by the thought of happy workers?

This is the entire purpose of this tirade; South Africa sends soldiers to the Congo, to oppress people who think they deserve some of the fabulous riches the bulldozers extract from the dust that used to be their hunting grounds. American soldiers don’t freedom fark-all in Afghanistan; they are there to protect the opium trade and oil routes. French soldiers only assist in the brutal public murder of statesmen on their off days, usually they just terrorise small tribes who live near oil or precious metals like Uranium. And now the Americans have ‘agreed to develop Afghan mines’ like that is a surprise. One has to wonder what they want in Somalia, that whole mess seems suspicious.

Update Nov 2018: It is being alleged that Somalia, as well as Yemen, is under attack for the sole purpose of controlling the air space, which is needed for chem-trailing. Saudi Arabia and their friends in Zionistan are being accused of using Atmospheric Particulate Injection to ‘steal’ Iran’s rain. Cloud seeding, weather control, rainmaking, whatever you call it, that is apparently the game in Yemen and Somalia, we will keep an ear…