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The Paranoid Goy tries hard to be unbiased and non-discriminatory in his approach to others, the Body Politic, as it were. We are ethics-bound to accept the existence of politicians, preachers and banksters alike. There are, however, limits to Freedom, before it becomes Liberty. “Taking Liberties” has never been a good strategy for building a society. Look at the decrepitude of the old Soviet Union, the post-colonial decay of the Marxist African Republics, look at America’s heavy industry, the so-called Iron Belt, that is now called the Rust Belt, where tens of thousands die of overdoses, gang violence and sheer neglect, every year. That is what Liberty brings you. Now the Libertarians are proclaiming their right to prostitute small children. Thank the gods for the War On Paedophilia!

As every good Goy knows, the announcement of a War On ex-ex-ex always means that the Globalist Agenda is taking one step forward.  The best-known War On, is probably the one on Terror. Always with the Capital letters, these are Serious Issues, not any of those piddly concerns us useless eaters protest over every other day. The oldest is probably the War On Poverty, a vast PR exercise to make Americans forget about how their savings were stolen by crooks in high office, and shareholders in the banks that ‘disappeared’ the money. The two standards for politicians gone bankrupt, is always; Bread and Circuses. The circus was supplied by Vietnam and Korea, festivals and movie stars. The bread, now, the bread is a funny story:

You see, a slave is a valued possession. It supplies labour, which translates into profits, into status. A slave must be healthy and capable to perform its duties, it must be given enough bread to stay productive. A proletarian worker, on the other hand, has to find its own food, look after its own health and welfare. When a salaried worker does not arrive for work, you hire another, fresher one. He might be given some circus, but he can buy his own friggin’ bread! This is how the War On Poverty gave rise to malnutrition and decrepitude amongst the most vulnerable of society. This rot has only spread more every day since. It is also when we learned about overpopulation and the need to “feed the world”. This was the birth of the junk food industry, mass-produced gloop kept “fresh” by chemically innovative means. It is also when they declared War On Cancer. We can all see how  well that one went…

The other famous War On was, of course, the War On Drugs. The most notable thing about the War On Drugs is that after the initial dust settled, Bill Clinton, as head of the CIA, was in control of the world’s cocaine trade. Anyone arguing with that, was met with the full military might of America, often dispensed by ‘Rebel’ militias, aka, AK-carrying gangsters. The most notorious ‘cocaine gang’, the Medellin Cartel, was actually a bona fide resistance group, trying to oust the Yankee Sandinista puppets in government, who were actually a large gang armed by America and the UN, and they were used by the CIA to smuggle vast quantities of cocaine. Point being: What was the result of this War On xxx Drugs? An entire world, hitherto innocent of the knowledge of cocaine, snorting away small fortunes every day, with the associated gangsterism, corruption, prostitution and drive-by shootings that sort of industry breeds. The CIA was actually caught trading coke and guns and money and favours and more drugs in an endless circle of high-level corruption and profit-taking. They called that one the Contra-Iran scandal. We call it the dollar-enforced guns-for-terrorists oil-industry security arrangement. It is still running smoothly… Look at the way opium harvests have grown in Afghanistan every single year, year on year, ever since America arrived to stop the Taliban from burning down the poppy fields.

So, if the War On Poverty brought us the erosion of public wealth, and the War On Cancer brought us all sorts of carcinogenic new ways to make food look fresh, and the War On Drugs led to (2017) more than a quarter of a million children in America on psychiatric (mind-altering, no arguments please, these are heavy drugs) ¼ million kids on hard drugs, under the age of twelve MONTHS. Babies on “anti-depressants”? You wanna defend that? Come stand where I can kick you. Anyway, that War On brought us nothing but one drug crisis after the other, so the question here is this:

When the Establishment declares War On Paedophilia, what do we need to prepare for? For the Paranoid Goy, the first shot in the War On was fired by some British twerp by name of professor Childbonker. Must be, because the dirty little bastard reckons a quarter of all men are “naturally paedophile”. I would ask for proof, but I suspect he will only offer evidence. Expert evidence, of course. The second blast of the cannon saw thousands, but literally thousands, of paedophile-related arrests in America. Compared to the War On Drugs, this can mean only one thing: Someone is busy clearing the turf! We are about to see an absolute explosion in the sexual exploitation of children, and people on the CIA/Bill Clinton level is busy clearing out the competition.

Soon, child sex shall be as criminal, well policed and protected as is the cocaine, heroin or diamond industries, where one entity owns the world trade, with the backing of armies and entire cultural structures inculcated as issues of national security. In other words, someone is busy building a monopoly business structure around child prostitution, conceivably turning into open, albeit illicit body trade. Babies-for-cash, with a healthy investment opportunity in the disappearance sanitary disposal of slightly hairy bodies just about to enter puberty. If you time it right, there’s surely a market for that soft, juicy baby fat. The real pretty ones can hold until they become wrinkly, I’m told, but that’s another story altogether…

And this, dear reader, is why we open this project, to record for posterity and posteriority, the advance of this War On (amongst) Childrapists.

It has long become obvious that many of the transgressions laid at the door of homosexuals, were uniquely paedophile in nature. Argument has been made that homosexuals would have been a lot more welcome in ‘decent conversation’ if only they did not bring their sleazy friends near my children. Awareness of this nuance in perversion is scarce, coupled with a very strange blindness to child abuse. The result is that ‘normal’ people see ‘homos’ as child-molesters, while not seeing child-molesters at all. This is not to say you do not get child-molesting homos, mind! Now, 2018, the paedophiles want to create a flag under which they can openly gather at Rainbow March. This could be a good thing?

If we want, all the child-bonkers are to be found under that flag, and tactical considerations will prevail henceforth. Or we can force them to register, like heroin addicts. They can be given those new lifelike toddler-sized sex dolls sold on Amazon. Not washed or anything, you get ten minutes in the trailer once a week, if you come within ten feet of a real child we lock you away. Jeffrey Dahmer also had issues, but we must draw a line somewhere. It’s ten feet that-away from my children! At the very least, can we force them to wear a hat, or shirt, some emblem so we can recognise them in the street? A tattoo on the nose, maybe? Anything that will warn the kids, really. Instead, we await the new anti-discriminatory regulations, I guess… This War On xxx is going just splendidly. If you can keep your children safe.

But, these are but the rants of a paranoid Goy. Respectful of my betters, I must ask the overlords what to think about all this, not so? They will tell me how we shall proceed with this War on… Paedophilia, shall they not? So I ask Lord Google, and Mighty Google receiveth my query, and returned, for my edification and enlightenment, “About 308 000 results (0.70 seconds)”. Then they start surprising me. Look at these screenshots:

But wait, it gets even better. By the time you’ve scrolled past every excuse available to your …er… “minor-attracted person”, you find that Google is even more helpful! This is what the bottom of the page looks like:


So, to sum up: My search for information on the War On Childrapists is understood by Google to mean:

  1. I need legal advice to avoid punishment
  2. I need to read lots of announcements of the War On Paedophilia, with no judgement or criticism allowed against the perpetrators
  3. I need links to similar-minded perverts, arranged by age category.
  4. Microsoft Word insists on correcting ‘childrapists’ to ‘child rapists’. So, children committing rape is a common term, calling out pederasts is not even a word.

Well, there you have it, folks! Those who are supposed to wage war on paedophiles (Like the divinely-appointed censors of the internet, Google, Facebook…all military assets used to ‘lead our values’) our leaders in the battle against childbonkers, feel we should understand our enemy better, have compassion, share their pain… And allow them free access to our children. Come on, don’t be discriminatory!

You paedophilophobe, you!

Update April 2019.

In America’s nationwide effort in late 2018, to clean up the child-prostitution industry, a number of small brothels and private individuals have been found with children under 18. The sad part of this? Almost every single one, over ninety percent in some cases, 80% on average, these children they ‘found’? They were previously given over into the foster care system. In other words, children removed from parents, often for spurious reasons on little or no real evidence. You want to know the even more frightening bit about those ‘rescued’ children? Less than 2% were actually reported as missing! I bet those ‘foster-care parents’ are still claiming the subsidy, though…

Parents are being arrested for not vaccinating their children, and their children kidnapped and sent into a provably corrupting foster care business model. That’s old news. Here’s some fresher excrement: The childbonkers found a whole new source of damaged humans to exploit for their sadistic pleasures: Parents are being arrested for “child abuse by withholding gender re-assignment therapy”… for toddlers. Children of five and six are being sex-changed for asking “mommy, am I a boy?”, whether the parents agree or not, whether the child is a boy or not, it’s gonna get titties!

In America and Britain, they have ‘official’ programmes for “gender-diasporic individuals”. Toddlers are fed hormones to delay puberty, at sixteen they are put on irreversible gender-change drugs. At the forefront of this abomination, is the Tavistock Institute. Yes, the same one that came up with dreck like the ‘generation gap’ and the Beatles. The CFR is apparently co-operating with JPMorgan on this in the good old Undeclared Soviet in America. The best part? It seems their ‘programme’ has a strangely high percentage of “vulnerable” children. These are the ones with Down’s syndrome, developmental problems, victims of repeated abuse, orphans… you get the idea.

For queer month 2019, the childfuckers may or may not have marched (this writer confesses not having first-hand experience in these matters). What was well publicised, is when the social platforms, like Snapchat, actually created special celebratory features for the occasion, such as a filter “for those wishing to hook up with minors”, and of course, the creation of a brand new hashtag: “Love knows no age”. Indeed. Oh, and the childfuckers tell us they prefer to be known as “minor-attracted persons”. Does openly admitting to felony not make you a felon? Or is child rape not a felony?

Lastly, but not least, three people, two politicians and a cop, committed Arkancide* in May. They were all involved in major investigations into a paedophile mafia operating out of the state welfare system. The Clintons were mentioned, again. There is a small little book out, called TRANCE-FORMATION OF AMERICA. A most disgusting collection of stories and eyewitness accounts of the doings of the American Cacastocracy. Bill never touched Monica, Bill likes little boys… I would never have bothered carrying you stories like these, was it not for the fact that she told how George W. Bush, the idiot son, was being prepared for presidency. Before we even knew who George Bush the father was! Late seventies, really. When a prophet is not wrong, then it proves the prophet is indeed a true prophet, not so? Go see what Hillary gets up to… I cannot dismiss any of the many, many allegations of her involvement in pseudo-governmental child smuggling. As recently as the Haiti hurricane that destroyed thousands of homes, was her name used to steal children.

*Arkancide. Hillary is credited with making the term famous after one of the flies in her ointment ended up committing suicide by means of two bullets to the back of the head. To be sure, she did this with her characteristic humour: “Yeah, we call that Arkancide, aah hah ha!” It is said clones don’t feel pain, so hanging her would accomplish nothing. Her funny-bone really got tickled with the public desecration of Gadhafi: “We came, we saw, he died, ah-hah ha hah!” Three weeks later, you could buy a human being on the harbour front slave markets of Tripoli, 400 Euros each. Children are not  much cheaper.

Update June 2019

It is now children official: America leads the world in the child trade. The same study declared that 60% of children used as sex slaves, are from the foster care system. And lastly, but not least, while the confiscation of children in America has declined slightly, one state has seen a dramatic increase in these institutionalised kidnappings: In Arkansas, around one in every hundred children, 1% of the minor population, has been kidnapped by so-called welfare workers. Thousands of children a year, taken from their parents, often at gun-point, always according to “the law”. If the stats are correct, 60% seem destined to work as sex slaves, the rest take their chances at escaping before they get “rescued” again.