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14 April 2017, some fellow calling himself a linguistic predictor has published a theory based on keywords du jour, or at least recent events. He sees gold and silver mentioned a lot, and this sure is true. He also mentions the bond market. He professes ignorance of economics, but insists the bond market will soon do something of great impact, fail or succeed, but in a spectacularly significant sort of way. I tend to agree...

Predicting the end of the world has always been fashionable, and predicting financial disasters as easy as falling out a tree. Keep your dates inexact and vague, but go heavy on doom and gloom. Whatever you predict is likely to become true on some level or another some time or another. To tell me you can analyse popular speech patterns and predict a serious event on the bond market, that is like looking at clouds and telling me to expect weather.I never read the actual document, as fifteen dollars for an article written by a guy that invented a name for his trade seemed a bit, uhm, ambitious, so I may never know better. I do like the name he gives his ‘talent’, though: Linguistic Prediction. A bit like ‘exitotoxin’ to describe the observed long-term effects of substances like MSG and cocaine; the word neatly expresses something you feel you've always known, but could not pin down in words. Excitotoxin, austerity measures, extra-ordinary extradition, the words roll off the conscience. The bond market has been news for as long as I can remember, but while everyone knows the word, very few understand what it means in terms of the economy as a whole, and I can find no peer to explain to me the effect on a nation’s sovereignty. For enlightenment, I quote Karl Marx, Lord Rothschild, David Icke and my bank manager:

Karl Marx reminded us of the Scottish deer forests. The war between England and Scotland was dragging on expensively, for were the Scots not the masters of bush warfare? The mighty Roman army had to turn back from their horrible losses in that dark forest landscape. The English, a people seemingly devoid of anthrophilia, took another approach: They created the Royal Deer Forest. The entire Scottish landscape was declared a deer reserve, for the hunting use of the king only. Any man caught with any sort of weapon in the forest, was automatically judged as a poacher, and killed on the spot. This starved many, but only once the English cut down every last tree, did any royal bother to come hunt in the royal deer forest. This was how Scotland fell.

Next, we have the Rothschild pronunciations on life.

Let me issue the coin of a country, and I care not who makes the laws. Or: Some accuse my family of trying to destroy the world and claim it for ourselves; I am proud to admit it.

David Icke presents a wealth of verifiable information on central bank ownership, and Rothschild, or one of his family branches, owns almost every single one of them. He also explains how the money supply is managed via the debt created via bond issues. He also explains the role of the IMF and the World Wildlife fund, how they go around the world corrupting and bankrupting governments, who then have to issue bonds to obtain foreign currency they do not really need, so it gets squandered anyway. Blaming politicians for stealing the money is naïve; most of it ends up in the pockets of contractors demanded by the original loan agreement.

Now my bank manager, he’s not a fancy guy, he just wants me to give him money, and he shuts up. If he gets any idea that his money is not forthcoming, though, the man sets his phoners onto me, and his sms messages, and letters with big red letters. The man likes to remind me that he lent me money, on a contract called a bond, and that bonds are secured by immovable assets, and the immovable asset my bond is secured with, is the piece of land my ass is sitting on, and unless I want to move my ass somewhere else, I better give him his money or he will kick my immovable asset out under me. If I have to believe my bank manager, then my government’s bonds are also backed by immovable assets, and the only immovable assets I can think a government can flog, is the nation’s sovereign territory. Icke tells me that is why the Wildlife Fund is so active; they are the ones building deer forests on the ‘government properties’ the financiers obtained when your government defaulted on that foreign loan, which was secured by a bond, which they handed over to the Reserve Bank, a PRIVATE CORPORATION with shareholders and dividends, and that is how the reserve bank issued a little slip to the guys at the Mint so they can order more money printed in Taiwan or somewhere. That is debt that can never be paid back, the eleventh marble just does not exist.

If I look carefully, using bright light and care, right at the bottom of the vague script on the back of my bond contract, I see that, while I am bound for life and death to observe payment rules, my creditor may, without warning, rhyme or reason, demand all their money back immediately. Oh, well, okay, forty-eight hours. This is called foreclosure. Have you seen the foreclosure clause (or lack thereof) on our government’s bond loans? I have most certainly not, and apparently it is none of my business.

So, if World War Three breaks out tomorrow, and nobody turns up, will Rothschild foreclose on all international bonds, or only selected ones? Now imagine he complains about depressed property market prices, and takes your house as interest due? You want to complain? Please have your paperwork handy, and stand in line there where the nice American soldier is herding everyone through the dust of the remains of our once beautiful city. After all, did you not also call out for help to stabilise the economy and restore investor confidence? Did you also demand an end to terrorism, begging THEM to stop those crazy ragheads from invading the world? Or did you demand we stop those darn oppressive westerners, or maybe you just want a little help against the big red tide from the east? No matter what your fear, the Federal Reserve will send you some UN patriots to come to your district and hand out some freedom and democracy, so as to protect every Globalist that can afford a friend in the Wall Street Schul.