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 Many theories abound as to who, why and how the Twin Towers were destroyed. First, let us deal with the most-believed ones:

 Muslims hijacked four passenger jets, two of which crashed into the World Trade Centre, one crashed into the Pentagon, and one was re-hijacked by non-American passengers (probably not Montessori educated), and collectively the passengers voted to rather crash themselves into the ground than try land somewhere (which can only be expected from Montessori products).

 Firstly, there is not one single scrap of aeroplane debris at any of the sites, no matter how many electric generator engines, air-conditioning ducts or aluminium facings you parade before soft-focus news cameras. There were no planes, and a casual inspection of the “official” footage proves it to anyone who knows that things do not explode before they get hit with something explosive. Passenger jets are also very much not explosive.

There are many, many scientifically self-evident facts contrary to the official story that passenger jets demolished the World Trade Centre. They are so intent on perpetuating this myth, they forgot to think up an excuse for WTC 7, a massive hotel that somehow collapsed due to a wastebasket fire or something equally ridiculous. The various scientists who have given their time and resources to investigate many different aspects all came to the same conclusion: there were no passenger jets. Maybe missiles, may be, at least at the Pentagon, but no planes.

 There are those who deem the “attack” to be an inside job, perpetrated for reasons that range from major satanic ritual, to planned state terrorism for the benefit of the military-industrial complex. These people either believe in the aeroplane theory, or else they argue terrorist bombs of varying sizes and complexity, up to and including “industrial-grade nuclear weapons”. I am only slightly worried about the existence of industrial nuclear bombs, I know enough science to doubt their existence, and I know enough politics to know that, if they exist, they are being audited strenuously and the designers/builders are safely locked up somewhere to make more for the Masters of Cleansing the Earth, Destroyers of Men, Builders of Great Myths. Besides, we know exactly which explosives were used, chemical analysis available all over the 'Net.

 Some people are aware enough to point out the convenience of the “attacks”. The Pentagon was hit exactly where it could supposedly totally destroy every last scrap of evidence in an office dedicated to investigating the disappearance of three point many TRILLION dollars from the Pentagon, courtesy of Donald Rumsfeld, the king of privatising warfare. I dare you to put the biggest bomb you dare make, in the middle of a pile of papers, and then I dare you to blow the whole pile to smithereens. Paper does not just disappear; most of it will actually survive. That evidence was not destroyed, but no-one was allowed near the site, until everything was either picked up and carted away, or covered over by many tons of sand that urgently needed to be spread around the site, covering every last trace of evidence left.

 The White house may seem like a good target, but no aware person would bother with a building hardly ever visited by the President. Yah, I know he’s supposed to live there, but most of it is museum, the rest offices and servants quarters. There is no “there” there. The Golden Gate Bridge, for example, or Washington Tunnel, or even the Statue of Liberty with a thousand tourists in it, THOSE would be psychologically effective terrorist targets. Even the Pentagon, as a terrorist target, has limited value. It is an office building, occupied mostly by secretaries, clerks and old fogies, with many civilians thrown in, seeing as wholesale genocide and slaughter has been so successfully privatised and outsourced. A small army airfield would kill more people and destroy more morale and equipment.

 So what is the real reason? In 1993, someone actually did bomb the trade centre, in particular, the secret FBI “facility” in the basement. Many people were killed, and THE BUILDING’S STRUCTURE WAS DAMAGED AT FOUNDATION LEVEL. It had to come down, that was for sure, and this is where the insurance fraud starts. With a twist, because the fraud in this case was to protect the insurance companies. The insider trading, financial fraud and subsequent terrorism hysteria was just plain opportunism amongst those in the know. Did they know? Consider the biggest office building in the world crashes down, and only two or three thousand people die? Where were all the others? There should have been at least forty thousand, by some calculations and visitor records during normal days? Playing golf because they had a premonition during a vivid dream? Right…everyone had the dream, but not the mostly foreign visitors on the day.

 So, how do I come to insurance fraud? Let me explain, and because the following  is actually ALL TRUE, I need not big words, nor involved explanations. I bet you could explain this in five minutes to a five-year-old, my standard test for testing my own understanding; can you explain it to a kid, or are you unsure of your subject?

 Here goes: I tell you about one single aspect of civilised urban life; the WAYLEAVE. This is the permit you get from your local government before you are allowed to perform dangerous or disruptive work in a public space. It does not cost too much, especially if you can arrange your activities for a time when the public will be least inconvenienced. It is a basic administration fee, really, just to pay for the paperwork, and maybe an inspection by safety standards officials. But then it may become complicated. Are you going to interfere with traffic? Then pay for traffic control. Are you going to damage anything already existing? Then pay for the replacement, repair or reinstatement, all of it costs money, but it can be managed.

 The biggest problem you may run into is interfering with someone’s business. You are literally liable for that person’s income. Every hour his shop is closed because of your workings, he loses income, which you will either pay him as per pre-arranged contract, or risk the cost of him suing you for all of it and then some later. A bit of dust from a jackhammer can “destroy” a whole shelf of merchandise, and you will reimburse this. Imagine this shop suing you is an upmarket jeweller, turning over forty million a day on New York’s high street. Imagine a whole street full of fancy jewellers, boutiques, expensive divorce lawyers and beauty spas for rich dogs. Now imagine closing them all down for two weeks. In a two mile radius, including the New York Stock Exchange, because you need to release highly poisonous gasses and dust into the air. I am told the NYSE moves the same amount of money as the annual economies of America, China and England, COMBINED, EVERY DAY. I have no idea how many trillions that would be.

 Are you getting this? The wayleave cost and income restitution for the entire New York City business district, for two weeks running, because you need to demolish a wonky office block, would have run into trillions, trillions I say, and their only hope is for their insurance to pay. The same insurers they are heavily invested in.  In the end, the insurance only paid for the buildings itself, with some help from taxpayers, while all the other costs were put upon the public to carry. Killing three thousand consuming plebs to save trillions in business expenses and insurance pay-outs? Let the rubble die under the rubble, it saves money.

 The company that did the actual demolition job is well known, but they completely disappeared, and the television series they made just two years prior, taking the viewer into the belly of their implosive process, suddenly never existed, and the explosive they used for their shaped charges, Thermite, was “proven” by trusted institutions, like Popular Mechanics and Mythbusters, proven to not so much as scratch steel, never mind cut through a beam. No, really, 300 pounds of thermite cannot burn through an iron plate, they proved it. It barely sets a car on fire, apparently.  

Oh, that fine white powder that Hollywood nowadays shows every time a building is damaged by explosives? It was never seen before, not in those quantities, but never before was such a high skyscraper professionally demolished. Chemical analysis showed the dust to be ash from a thermite reaction. Mostly Aluminium Oxide, bound to cause heavy-metal poisoning, leading to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and birth defect just to start. The medical records bear me out; lately many cases are being reported, especially by emergency workers who had to spend a lot of time on the site. They are now being collectively accused of insurance fraud, as some were photographed living what appears to be normal lives. The “evidence” is collected by insurance fraud investigators, a job done by disgraced ex-policemen the world over.  

Now you know how, why and who destroyed the twin towers; a professional demolition company not responsible for the wayleave, using Thermite and secrecy, so as to save money for the insurance company, and make a quick buck for whomever had the capital to take advantage of the prior warnings issued to the worthy.

 Yet, to this day, people refer to the “attack on 9-11”. The only attack was on our credibility, our liberty and our right to live, because now we are all terrorists, and there is a war on terrorism. I have to wonder though; where are those passengers? I have no proof any of them really did board those planes, or even existed. The Muslims they accused of hijacking, were not on the original passenger lists, and/or were later reported as either long dead or living in some Arab country.

Just more peripheral casualties, collateral damage, Useless-Eater-icide. There’s too many of us anyway.