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 The entire world is being impoverished by a fictitious game, the rules of which we are not supposed to learn. The pre-declared winners are a very few, extremely rich men that owns the world. There is now so little "money left" that millions are starving to death, rotting away from easily cured ills, selling their children into debt slavery  and/or prostitution so they may have a chance at a place in the new world order. It can stop. Today. The answer is easy, stop selling money.

Money is not a commodity. Iron is a commodity. Land is a resource, water is a resource, infrastructure is a resource, sugar is a commodity;


Imagine if you will an island where there grows but one tree, the nail-thorned hutwood tree.

  The entire economy consists of chopping down the trees, axing them into planks, then using the handy, hardy thorns to nail together wooden huts, which the tribe trade for food on the next island. The only thing a Woodhuttian needs is his trusty hammeraxe, chopping wood one side and hammering nails on the back end of the same head. Simple. When a boy reaches puberty, his family presents him with a hammerax and throws him out to fend for himself. 

Can we agree the coin in this economy is the hammerax? You will earn your entire living by wielding the hammeraxe, so you can make huts to trade for the rest of your needs. The hammer is your money. Indulge me, this is a thought experiment. Now, let us play modern economics with our money: 

Step 1. Beat your hammer.  

Step 2. Repeat step 1 until your fist is pulped. 

What? You thought I meant for you to beat something with the hammer? No, no, you must beat the hammer itself. 

Step 3. Count your profit. 

What profit? Bleeding knuckles? Maybe you were ‘clever’ enough to redesign the game. You could go borrow a hammer. At interest. A smaller hammer? Another hammer? Your money is hammers. So after you have borrowed a hammer, or stolen it, or whatever, and you beat the original hammer, sit back and repeat step 3, count the profit. Tired muscles, and two damaged hammers. Have you had enough? You can play this game any way you want, the only way to keep playing, is to obtain more hammers, which sooner or later must come from either lending or theft. Not being able to pay back a loan is also a form of theft.

This game is rigged to end in grand thievery, until the entire economy either belongs to the borrowers, or the thieves. The only alternative outcome is the destruction of all hammers but the last, biggest one. There is no more economy, so food must come from the big hammer forcing the no-hammers to use driftwood and spit for building huts, which Big Hammer will then force upon some other economy without hammers. The poor quality huts are the only ones available, and totally unliveable, but intertribal contracts, guaranteed by the supreme Hammer to be fair and transparent, will legally force the target market to swallow their indignity and continue to supply Big Hammer with enough to keep himself well and his slaves just alive enough to spit together more huts. 

Ken ye the moral? You cannot buy and sell money! Speculation upon your tool of speculation can lead to only one consequence: Grand Thievery, at international scale, and we helped them by lending them our assets, our only real assets, our time and labour. Our free minds and our willingness to become debt slaves, that we gave them, for free. We so believed their promises of more and better sex if we only owned the latest model, the one advertised by the model.

We lent them our little hammers, and they promised us interest on investment. It turns out the Joneses enjoy beneficial profile interest rates and easy credit availability. There’s one in every neighbourhood. Sets the target for the other people’s credit cards, you see. Now go keep up with that, now that your pension is worthless because someone dug up your spare hammer and put it to work in the name of economic progress and financial liquidity. They played beat-the-hammer with the world's pensions, and soon there will be only one Big Hammer left.