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These three biological systems produce Human Consciousness: Metabolism, Hormones and Intellect. Looking past the academic blah-blah, let us start with Metabolism. For this essay, we shall consider the metabolism as the underlying sub-cellular processes that constitute Life as we define it, from single-cell amoeba to the magnificent arrangement of billions of interdependent and specialised cells we call a Woman.

There is nothing more primitive than the urge for survival, because every single protein is programmed to try stay alive, to the last breath and even beyond. Your body will sacrifice a limb to gangrene, as long as the Hope remains it will aid your overall survival. When all else fails, the worm will turn to bite, because that is the last Hope. We exhale our final breath, but the last thing to die, is the Hope for escape, survival, life. The driving force of the Metabolism is Hope.

Life presents the observer with many phenomena, and the intellect has to derive from that evidence the rules of his universe. Through the ages, Man formed many theories to explain the evidence of his senses. Some theories may appear to have some survival value, which automatically elevates such a useful theory to the status of working paradigm. We shall not mention all the different religions, political systems, economic brotherhoods or scientific disciplines vying for prominence as the One Truth, we only point out this one thing:

No matter how deep from your heart your own particular belief system comes, it started with an intellectual decision.  It may have been subconscious. It may have been drilled into you from childhood, it may be you had some epiphany, but if you are old enough to read this, you have had your chance to make choices, and those choices were all made with your intellect. They may have been ill-informed, ignorant, wilful even, but whatever your mind holds to be the Laws of Life that rule your existence, that is your Faith. You would be rudderless and careening from extreme to extreme, had you no Faith; your life is but the expression of that Faith.

Your brain talks Hormone, and so does every other organ. Hormones are the words of biological language; it is how every organ knows what’s going on in its environment, which is, of course, the body. That hollow feeling when you are afraid? A hormone secreted during stress. Butterflies in the tummy? A hormone. Happy? Sad? Angry, depressed, upset, hungry or in love? Hormones!

Hormones can be sent outside the body to communicate with other organisms.  Even single-cell organisms respond to hormones. The functioning of the entire body, from the metabolism to the brain, is directed, regulated and controlled by hormones, all of them in service of the One Goal: Survival until Procreation. Procreation is the only impulse stronger than survival. Who can stand against Love? Who is the man that dares destroy Love?


Which brings us to psycosatanic pseudomessiah, Baal Gates:

Gates, either by ignorance or psychosis, worships vaccines, and when he calls himself the Chief Evangelist of genetic modification, you can actually hear the capital C&E. His messianic fervour reached fever pitch with the covidiot vax. The mRNA vaccine treatment experiment was designed to interfere with, destroy and/ or replace the molecular machinery of your cells, the actual RNA functions that translate your DNA into You. Not only does this potentially make you patentable by some lab owner, it was designed to change your very being:

Just as your fate is tied to your beliefs, so is the State’s fate tied to the laws it hold onto as guidance for Society. Every law was corrupted to enforce a “New Normal” upon us. Places of worship were told to shut doors.  Worshiping congregants were raided and arrested. Governments were overridden by “expert advisors” under command of pharmaceutical companies like CDC. Entire economies were disrupted, destroyed and/or bankrupted by refusing them the opportunity to freely trade. All known medical science was corrupted or ignored to support the ‘official narrative’. The new Truth is to follow the science, and Frauci is the science, and scientific consensus is the True Faith.

The covidiot injectables attack the lymphatic system that regulates the hormonal communication between body systems. Damaging the lymphatic system means destroying cellular communications, corrupting the metabolic process, and all immunity.  The mRNA injectables are supposed to replace the metabolic functions needed to address any disease or condition imaginable. “Within four hours after receiving the genetic code from Wuhan, we had designed the covidiot vaccine.” You don’t need immunity if you got Pfizer. Until your medical insurance allowance runs out, of course. Then there’s no more Hope.

The covidiot prion, or spike protein, settles in all organs, but nowhere as quick and destructively as the kidneys and gonads. Dead babies all round, and no seed production for future breeding. By disrupting the hormone system, coupled with the satanic urge to cut off children’s genitals, and teaching them the benefits of prostitution as a ‘viable career choice’, our enemy has all but killed Love.  

 “...and these three things remain: Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love...”

Will there be a future generation to care, and if there is, will they be able to do something about it?