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TikTwatFaceGram is a stinking heap of shite, and if you are concerned that the ‘values’ and ‘censorship’ on those platforms are busy killing free speech, you are even sillier than the stupid, stupid people who use those childrens’ entertainment webservices as sources of intelligent information. Geez, guy, or gal, you are intellectually sparring with teenagers and robots. And losing? Against a computer?

That’s right, a large percentage of the chatter on your favourite ‘social media’ is actually machine-generated responses to keywords, and corporate advertising robots injecting keywords into your threads. Keywords that range from: ”go buy it now” to “go burn it down”. There is a reason some countries shut down Twitter when riots break out; because foreigners far away spread despicable incitation to violence and insurrection amongst kids who should be in school, not burning live witnesses in the street.

But urban warfare is but one aspect of these Bolsheviks getting hold of your attention: Teenagers who spend much time on their ‘platforms’ are increasingly obsessed with suicide. This has been widely reported, variously blamed on lockdown loneliness, ‘depression’ or, increasingly, “climate change anxiety”.  It is fair to say, suicides killed more people than any virus during the satanic covidiot lockdown of society, when the scumbags in government helped their Bankster pals rob entire countries blind.

There are a growing number of reports from people who got home and realised they just got that clotshot. They have always been opposed to covidiocy, and suddenly, they just get these thoughts: “aw... just get the shot, it will be great...” These people report being plagued by uncharacteristic thought patterns for some time before their strange relapse, and those who resist, report a steady increase in the number of ‘attacks’. Just a loving thought, as if from nowhere, regarding something you hate, distrust and vehemently oppose?

Now youngsters are starting to report frequent thoughts of gender reassignment. The high school slut isolated in her dorm, suddenly starts thinking about growing a beard. The young man locked up alone in his apartment because of covidiocy suddenly hates his own totty. The number of kids asking for puberty blockers and transgender hormones skyrocketed during the covidiot lockdown.

These aberrant thoughts suddenly crop up in otherwise normal people, but seemingly only the ones ‘up-to-date’ on their ‘News Media’. This does not seem to happen to real people with real lives, busy out in the sun and wind. There is a correlation between these thoughts of self-harm, and exposure to ‘Liberal’ media, meaning Bolshevik propaganda channels. And they are ALL liberal Bolshevik sites, because they all belong to the paragon of World Bolshevism, namely the Federal Reserve System, which only operates as a reserve bank only in a very abstract sort of way.

But why would these social platforms infuse us with counter-evolutionary thoughts? Of course, Baal Gates’ Microshit spellchecker wants to change that into “counterrevolutionary”. Can you see the subtle guidance of thought there? Remember, as George Orwell reminded us in 1984, your thoughts are constrained by you vocabulary. Well, like Baal Gates, every single one of these ‘social platforms’ actually belong to the CIA.

Well, actually, most social mediums belong to the same people the CIA belong to. What, you thought the CIA is a governmental institution? You really should get you news from some non-social media sources. Also, Baal Gates has not written one line of code in his entire miserating existence. The thing has been a Security Apparatus from day one, his very existence makes the rest of us miserable.

So, to sum up, the connected people on TikTwatFaceGram are reaching out to the world for validation, only to be subliminally hypnotised by robots programmed to respond to each user as per that individual profile, but with the ultimate intent to either absorb you into the Hive of Consent, or get rid of you. That is the purpose of those robots. If you use these things, and you cannot see how they are manipulating your very reality, then you have no right to be complaining about Free Speech or individual thought. You are there to become One-Of-Us. If they want your opinion on something, they’ll give it to you.

For those who complain about being deplatformed, do you understand now? Either you leave by your own accord, or accept when the bouncers throw you out. Wanna crawl back into that little virtual womb of validation and egotism? Well, either Change Your Ways, or get bombarded with suggestions you kill yourself, or at least cut off your genitals, so you don’t raise more deplorable extremists like yourself.

Conform. Join the Borg... Or take advantage of the many various platforms that allow you to publish your own opinion, out in the wild, where only quality and relevance determine your reputation and status. Twenty dollars a year buys you a web domain and the space needed on an Internet Service Provider server memory drive. It is more work, but no-one can stop you from saying anything not outright illegal. You can still be sued, but not just unilaterally silenced by some blue-haired paedophile in California.

You really do not have to look for personal validation by getting into tiffs with a computer subroutine created to suggest the best ways for you to off yourself. Stop complaining about censorship, grow a pair, and deny the Bolshevik his greatest weapon: Control of your thoughts. If you don’t know how to build a web site, go buy a cheap printer and leave pamphlets under peoples’ wipers.

Get a, a Wordpress or Drupal ready-made site, sign up for Substack, anything, just do it! If what you have to say is that important or original, is it not worth the effort to let us know? Then stop playing childrens’ games on TikTwatFaceGram. Gossip and naked dancing will not save the world from (...insert your favourite pet peeve here...). We will drown their pornography and gossip under layers of science, crafts, health advice and positive personal experiences.

Free speech does not require fancy interactive social platforms, all it needs is for honest people to speak out against lies and abuse. They can close your TwitBookInstaPost account, but they cannot stop us from laughing in their stupid faces as we call out their lies in public places, like the supermarket checkout line. Start talking real things to real people again, instead of Hollywood celebrity gossip with computers programmed to validate agreeable comments.

Honest speech is always free, it is the lies that need financial support and legal protection.