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Athletes have been dropping down dead on the field for years. In the 38 years to 2019, just over a thousand professional athletes have died on the field. That averages to 27 per year. School and college kids, or amateur gym bunnies that have died like this, were obviously not counted by the Olympic Committee. There have been almost three thousand such professional athletic deaths in the first nineteen months since the Great Scientist Baal Gates invested his wonderful new vaccine, 136 per month, and picking up speed. But we’ll not talk about

Let us talk about the old, stone cold cases. From back in the day when the first Schwarzeneggers started chomping down that ole’ Vitamin S. And then we all started dieting the Coca Cola way. Before Diet Coke, there was TAB, the first liquid product containing Aspartame, seeing as the stuff actually breaks down into formaldehyde and such when it touches water. The first Liquid product, they have been putting the poisonous dreck into puddings, sauces and kiddies’ vitamin pills for years. Where it only breaks down into formaldehyde inside your body.

We’ve known for decades that fake sugar, Aspartame, has a growing list of over one hundred known and proven ill health side effects, with no known “safe dosage” for any one individual (what is your tolerance to being embalmed alive?). Erratic muscle control and interference with involuntary neural function, such as balance, breathing and heartbeat are common. Now mix this vicious and unpredictable systemic pollutant with a substance purposefully meant to interfere with muscle metabolism and development, and what happens to the busiest muscle in the body? Screech! Anabolic steroids and aspartame, a match made in hell. Or maybe the Igor in the Rothschild’s basement runs the medical standards board.

The heart develops with the rest of the foetus, in perfect proportion to that specific body’s needs. Usually, barring the rare genetic defect. If damaged by 1%, it will have to work one percent harder to serve that body. This overstrains the heart by 1%, which eventually causes one percent more damage. A heart damaged by two percent, has to work 2% harder. It has to if it is pumping blood laced with synthetic steroids, telling it to perform even better than possible, causing in the long run two percent more damage, and four becomes eight, and eight sixteen, and by your seventh little “cardiac incident” you have lost power in two thirds of your heart. Most people don’t even recognise their first two or three “arrhythmic episodes”.

Is this news? No, this has been known for decades, and the same doctors who are happily collecting kickbacks for ‘vaccinating’ you with Baal Gates’ poisonous covidiot dreck, have been spending their entire friggin’ careers injectifecting you and your children with poisonous cocktails of petroleum solvents, metal fragments, cancer cells, cow afterbirth, artificial sugar and, according to the latest tests, glyphosate. I am not kidding about that list, and it is far from complete. You won’t believe what they put in that dreck they call ‘vaccines’. ALL OF THEM!


Now why is my doctor happy to inject me with NutraSweet and Roundup? Is it because he is desperate to make friends with the kind of person that poisons the entire food chain? Do they all belong to  some kind of Bimbo Sciencer Cult of Consensus? Or are doctors, in the majority, a bunch of psychotics who laugh when they tell each other how many children’s lives they shortened this past week?

The only other possible explanation must be that they are stupid, dangerous quacks, who must be stripped of all legal privileges and protections. And sued for all the children they have damaged... and don’t forget all the grannies they murdered with opioids, torturous medical procedures and criminal neglect during their covidiot scamdemic.

But somehow, I don’t think it is only the aspartame killing off so many young athletes these days, I wonder what new poison has come on the market. Maybe Baal Gates can tell us, he’s the frigging genius, ain’t he?