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Okay, maybe we should not call the “twitter files” Fake. But neither is it News. As each new “shocking release” hits the social media pages of those who get their news from social media pages, the apathy is deafening. Do people not care about being lied to by their favourite famous influencers? Have they no concern for the lies, fabrications and censorship exposed by the magnanimous efforts of our latest saviour, Elon Musk? Do we not appreciate the Truth Coming Out?

Maybe we do care about being used for fools, we’re just waiting for our favourite influencers to tell us what to think about it.

The Twitter Files is a massive dump of mails and messages on the collusion between Big Tech and government to silence and censor opposition voices. We hear about all the spooks employed to read and dis/approve our every post. We hear about secret channels between TwitFaceGramPost and secretive government agencies like FBI. We hear about the FBI having their own separate communications network within the TwatGram network, we hear about Conservative voices secretly curtailed from reaching widespread distribution. We even hear about meetings between InstaTikTwatPostFace and Antonchrist Frauci to synchronise the covidiot narrative. We are told this is all being exposed by a brave knight on a battery-driven blue budgie.

Now not enough people are upset by these “shocking revelations”?


I can tell Elon (and his taskmasters in the CIA) why their “exposures” are of interest to so very few people: We already knew! The only people who are surprised by this reprise of old news, are the ones who 1: Don’t care, and 2: Couldn’t be bothered. All the rest of us have been screaming blue murder since day one. We did not need Musk to tell us that TwitGramTokBook is run by the CIA, whose friends DARPA invented “social media” as we know it.

Every single alphabet-soup agency operative that joined the Twitheads, was announced as it joined. Sometimes by Twatter themselves as a kind of brag or trophy, sometimes it took the headlines on and, but someone always found out and let us know. But it was not important until someone important was told to tell us it was important. 'Was', because it is too late to do anything about it now, years after the horse bolted the stable. Not that the majority cares, anyway, they are pretty sure it was not their horse. Only beggars care for horses.

Before Trump was thrown off, Hillary Obama let the world know they are about to do it. When people who asked questions were disappeared off the Twatfeeds, every Hollywood ho’ cackled about it while interviewing each other. When Baal Gates and his fiend Frauci announced their covidiot scam, they bragged about getting every famous Hollygroomer superstar onto a collective Zoom telecall, and in detail we were regaled with how Frauci laid down the “official narrative” for them all to adhere to and promote. Qualified, experienced doctors and researchers lost their licenses to practice for refusing to follow Frauci’s fraudulent science. Why pretend it is the first word we hear about this? Why the pretend-surprise?

Why now pretend it was a conspiracy, when it was a public exhibition of control-porn for power freaks?

There never were any brilliant young entrepreneurs inventing a Free Future; Gates, Zuckerberg et al were CIA-connected family members earmarked to be the public face to a military operation powered by DARPA under the careful guidance of The Fed’s private shareholders.

But here’s to all those millions of people who had deep and moving experiences memeing politics and morality with “Followers” and “Friends”. You followed government spooks and befriended computers.

So much for the Turing Test!