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This text may be read with the eassay on Virology for Unbelievers, where we left you to find out (or not) who Tom Bearden, Rupert Sheldrake and Luc Montagnier are.

Rupert Sheldrake is possibly the most brilliant natural philosopher of our time. Sheldrake introduced the world to the concept of “Morphic Resonance”. The easiest way to demonstrate the principle is with two strings pulled equally tight, so they make the same note when vibrated. With the two tuned strings close together, make the one string vibrate, and observe the second string starting to hum as well. Sheldrake says this is true for shapes as well. Shapes, or ‘morphology’, are ‘tuned’ in space and time, and may cause far-off matter to vibrate in sympathy, causing that particular shape to arise as if from nothing.

To illustrate this principle, Sheldrake mentions the case of mass-produced gelatine. Gelatine is a fatty substance obtained from animal parts high in collagen. It’s is what Jello is made of. You are surely aware that Jello is sold as a powdery chrystal, not fat, so what gives? In the old days, gelatine was indeed sold as a fatty liquid. Then one day, a barrel of gelatine shipped halfway around the world is opened, and the angry client finds, instead of fatty liquid, a chrystallised mess. As of that time, gelatine freely chrystallises. The molecules found a new, more stable way to arrange themselves and, somehow, told the rest of the gelatine across the world.

Various labs have reproduced this effect in other materials, and the pharmaceutical industry is quietly running around like headless chickens, trying to chrystallise the anhydrates they patented, instead of the totally worthless, possibly harmful hydrates that suddenly appeared on their production lines, before the general public realise their poisonous placebos are now not even the dreck advertised on the packet. For homework, I tell the reader that Sheldrake has demonstrated this principle works even for ideas and thoughts. Dogs do, indeed, know when their owner is on the way home!

The mechanism behind this, Sheldrake calls “morphic fields”, which propagate through space and even time, supplying a kind of blueprint for shapes and forms. This concept, though familiar to physics, seem vague in this context, a fact Sheldrake freely admits to, and will clarify before he leaves us, I am sure. You can take part in live mass-experiments on such marvellous theories via his web site. In the meantime, we have another mechanism to consider, as amply and repeatedly (Science!) demonstrated by Luc Montagnier.

Montagnier discovered that certain DNA emit signals detectable by a coil of wire wrapped around a vial containing dilute solutions of known genetic material. This signal can be recorded, and replayed to a vial containing nothing but pure water, and the genetic material will appear in that water.  The good professor states that not all cells, or at least their nuclei, produce these recordable signals. For now, we accept that Montagnier cannot detect signals at the frequencies and amplitudes he expects, and the rest of the spectrum still needs investigation.

What is important here, is the fact that DNA is made up of many single chrystals, built up into a more complex but strictly chrystalline structure. We further note that chrystals can be reconstituted from seemingly nothing by means of electromagnetic signals. We are confident that different chrystals have different reactive frequencies, which we can consider as morphic fields. Once a certain substance has taken a specific form, that form may propagate some distance purely by electromagnetic means.

It is often remarked what an excellent antenna the chromosome is. The DNA in screwed up into a spiral of spirals made of spirals several levels deep. It is a fact that virology as a business plan took off with the invention of the radio, grew suddenly during the development of RADAR, leapt up on the back of television broadcasting, multiplied with the upsurge in cell phones, and is a roaring lion in the age of the pervasive WiFi signal and its inescapable bastard child, 5G.

Correlation does not causation imply, of course, and They tell me it’s all rainbows as long as it is “non-ionising” radiation, like in a microwave oven. Which operates at the bottom end of the 5G spectrum. So far not one of the “buh, buh cellphones are non-ionising” lot were willing to demonstrate the safety of non-ionising radiation by sticking their hand in a microwave oven.

So there is the thing that some chrystal forming spontaneously in you, may find existence joyful, and broadcast this new form to the fluids in me, thus ‘infecting’ me. Montagnier demonstrates the effect with frequencies in a copper coil. Bearden tells us from a source I did not verify that things happen at frequencies that pass through a quarts window, but is stopped by glass, which implies ultra-violet light, a frequency not producible in a sizeable copper coil, nor recordable using sound equipment.

Whatever is happening, your little mask is worthless, so are your rubber gloves, plastic face shield and sanitiser. Okay, the sanitiser stops actual physical pathogens, keep that. But not on the child every five minutes, man!

Meanwhile, the virologists sit around their little colonies of cancerous kidney cells harvested from a foetus aborted in 1946, and they feed it with afterbirth from a cow, and they poison it with solvents so harsh the fumes eat the lenses off your eyes, and then they gleefully point at the puss running from their ‘growth medium’ and shout: “Look at my viruses, look at me, look at me, I got viruses!” Then we give the bastards a Nobel prize for injecting that mixture of cancer, cow, solvent and puss, mixed with Roundup, Aspartame and metal shards, into millions of little children under the guise of Public Health Care.

To protect you from an invisible but patented demon that somehow always manages to mutate just enough to get past your old vaccine, go get a new one. Payment plans available, insured customers please use the fast lane.