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Regulars to this site may be aware that we have a bee in our bonnet regarding food, how and where it is produced, and the quality of the final product shoved down our throat. The stuff we eat these days consist mostly of over-processed, genetically corrupted and poison-drenched gunk disguised to look like food. In particular we regularly talk about the destruction of agriculture and replacing farms with open-air biomass factories drenched in hormones and antibiotics,  and controlled-environment chemistry-set pseudo-vegetable gardens. And now Baal Gates has become a farmer…

This site has never pretended to journalism.  We don’t do “happenings” and we certainly don’t discuss people and their doings. It has been said that stupid people talk about other people. Normal people talk about events. Intelligent people, apparently, talk about issues. That is why we do not cover the covidiot-1984 scamdemic beyond things like mentioning that PCR is not a test, and therefor “PCR covid tests” are not actually testing you for infection, and everyone who say they do, are either ignorant or corrupt. But Baal Gates is not a (human) person, nor is he ‘happening’, no, Baal Gates, Holy Profit of GMO, the Great Vaccinator with Covid Inside, has become an issue, an issue we need to address before he habituates us all to the new religion his masters are foisting upon us.

Let me repeat that: Our problem is not Gates itself; the thing is a self-absorbed moron, commonly described by observers as having symptoms indicating brain damage and curtailed early development. Commonly called ‘autistic’ and ‘psychotic’, he trundles across the world stage pretending to be King Kong, but upon closer inspection, he has all the hallmarks of an organ grinder’s monkey. In one person, we have a collage of personalities from the most eminent personages of the twentieth century: Henry Kissinger, Chairman Mao, Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, both George Bushes, Obama, both the Clintons, Biden and Netanyahu… name a demented career criminal, and Baal Gates thinks he can out-whoo-ha-hah! them all.  

Baal Gates’ public persona is entirely the product of spending millions on newspapers and journals and television “news” to act as his panegyrists. A panegyrist is the obsequious little twerp shuffling ahead of the king, screaming flowery and fantastic praises to god’s very own anointed progeny, his majesty the light of the nation, the slayer of injustice blah blah blah... Think of CNN and their religious adoration of Hillary Clinton and/or Obama.

Only the most cynical and contrary dare think of Baal Gates as other than a little god. For a long time he was known as “the richest man on earth”. Do you realise how much propaganda is needed for one man to overshadow the Rothschilds, Gettys, Vanderbilts, Windsors? Of course, if you believe he actually has more money than Jesus, I am insulting your Holey Profit, so leave it at that. What concerns us here, is what he is doing with all that money he earns by not paying taxes at the rate us plebes do. For one, he’s teaching the lesser races of earth how to farm.

When the newspaper tells you Baal Gates has donated ex many millions to some agricultural project amongst the needy idiot Africans who cannot feed themselves, they actually mean he has corrupted another local government into disowning their peasants to the benefit of, not Gates, oh no, not to his so-called ‘Foundation’, or even his newly-acquired alimony duties. No, all that beautiful money goes clean and clear into the pockets of international mega-corporations in which Baal has “but modest investment”. Like Monsanto and Syntegra and manufacturers of fancy tractors and poisonous fertilisers. And Pfizer and Moderna and Sinovac and J&J and...

So, Baal makes a billion selling vaccines to governments, then he “gifts” those profits to his Gates Foundation “charity”, which then uses that money to bribe third-world governments into allowing Monsanto to “educate” the peasants into the wonders of modern agriculture. To practice this wonderful new way of farming, all you need is to buy genetically modified seeds from Syntegra, spray them liberally with all sorts of special poisons from Monsanto, then you fire all your staff so you can buy high-tech implements and machinery for which spares only exist in America and Dubai.

The end result? The farmer is so deep in debt that, by the time he realises that GMO is not the promised miracle solution to hunger, he has two choices: Commit suicide and hope the insurance pays his family, or sell the land to some Vanguard or BlackRock subsidiary. The loans the farmer made from Baal’s bankster friends were, of course, as part of Baal’s philanthropic crusade, fully guaranteed by the third-world government in question, so that turns into instant clean profit, no matter what outcome the farmer experiences.

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are promoted the world over. Baal Gates really calls himself Monsanto’s “GMO Evangelist”. Various liberal intellectuals with zero farming experience swear high and low GMOs will “solve world hunger”. Of course, the Bolshevik way to “end hunger” is to kill off the hungry. In reality, every single country outside America has found GMOs to be expensive, high maintenance, dependent upon chemical additives, disruptive of the normal breeding cycle, and overall, definitely not as fruitful as land race cultivars.

In Malawi, Baal Gates and his “charity” has led to a 40% reduction in harvests, making subtropical, water rich, previously fertile Malawi dependent upon food imports. In India, farmers are committing suicide in their hundreds every month because they cannot afford the chemical inputs needed to keep their GMO plants alive. The crop itself, of course, is very well insured against all mishaps. Insured for Gates and his crew, not the farmer. Whatever happens to the farmer, Baal will make his profit.

In South America, entire genetic lines are dying out under the weight of the poisons needed to protect the seed farms that supply the rest of the world with sterile, genetically corrupted Frankenseeds to grow as crops. Children growing up next to banana plantations experience horrible health issues, not least of which is their brains swelling up and forming excess tissue. A poison manufacturer, upon hearing this, cackled and demanded he gets paid for “making their kids cleverer”. Their IQ’s tend to 40 points lower than average, their lifespan shortened by half, and their immune systems eradicated. At least Baal gives them plenty vaccines... No food, no dignity, no sympathy, just vaccines.

 But if you’re hungry, I guess you can go work on Baal’s potato farm, he says the thing is so big, you can see it from the Space Station. The potatoes are for Lays crisps, not for you. You get Soylent.