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Oy Vey, the VAIDS is upon us! What to do about the scourge of “vaccine derived immunity suppression” currently sweeping the unvaccinated world. Before we all cover in sack and ash, Greenpets shall, as always, the little shining beacon of hope in this dreary, variant-ridden stage play of betrayed faith in science.

The first benefit derived from immunity loss, is the massive realisation that Science is not a cult. Science has no followers and no prophets. Saying stupid things like: “Follow the science” should be considered equal with “follow the rainbow” or “follow the good reverent Jim Jones”. Science does not lead, it requires no followers. Science has no holy dogma, it merely informs, never propagandises.

The second thing to learn from vaccine induced immune damage, is that Science is not a religion. Science offers no Truth, no Proof, only evidence and more questions. To “believe in science” is even less logical than belief in angels, demons or unicorns. Your faiths and beliefs and preferences and morals do not change facts, they only colour your interpretation of your experiences in the real world. If you believe real hard, humans never had a proper immune system to start with...

Another lesson to learn while we wonder what to do after our immune system has been destroyed to make place for an “operating system”, is the value of experts, expert opinion, and expert opinion makers. Specialisation and complexification has led to a state where decision makers employ people to form opinions on important facets of the business at hand. These people then form focus groups and think tanks, where they formulate the required opinions and ways to disperse those opinions amongst the population as if a spontaneous public reaction. They are paid to form YOUR opinion for you.

To motivate the masses towards the ‘correct’ opinion, we are overwhelmed with true but irrelevant, or false but plausible advice and guidance, until most people just succumb to ‘information overload’ and “leave it to the experts”. To prevent anybody from filtering out the valuable information and distilling it for the general, non-reading public, censorship of all blasphemy against the “official narrative” will soon be persecuted by Law. Even if they have to assassinate the scientists who differ from the expert opinion.

But soon, very soon, the last lesson to be learned from VAIDS will be this:

By accepting Baal Gates’ injected “operating system” you have signed up for the next evolution in financialised health care: Your immune system may be dead and gone, my dear, but as soon as the dust settles, you will be able to take any viral complaint to your doctor, and within four hours, that’s right, just as the lady said that designed the Pfizer jab: “...once we received the gene sequence for the corona virus, we had the vaccine designed in four hours...” within four hours, for any viral complaint under the sun, four hours, and you will have a custom designed, personally tailored vaccine available.

Of course, as we reported on this site two or three years ago, each treatment costs one hundred thousand dollars. That cost may have come down, we do not care enough to find out. Besides, even if viruses did exist as advertised by Pharmafia, your immune system used to do a lot more for you than fight the ‘flu. Like defending against constant attacks by cancer-causing poisons in our junk food. Or just eating away the dead, rotting cells where you bumped yourself. Ask the lepers about that one...

But that’s the Last Lesson; very few life threatening diseases are actually caused by ‘viruses’. Bacteria and radiation and contaminated food and injury is what keeps grown-ups awake... but those are old, old lessons, learned from our ignorant forbears who could not even figure out a cell phone, let alone design a nanometer scale lymphocide. Read again, lymphocide, nanometer lymph-o’-cii-ide.

All hail Baal Gates, for he brings us the Final Solution

I dare you call him a “fucking Nazi”