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It is a long stretch, but what if the intentions behind the genome manipulators masquerading as influenza vaccines, were actually meant to be for the benefit of all mankind, and not just a quick and brutal mass execution of the “sheeple”? This author, on this site, being one of the very first amateurs to report on the development, promises and most obvious dangers of gene therapy, feel his track record intact, and entitled to answer discuss a question more frequently popping up amongst the more aware citizenry:

What if the clotshots were actually intended to protect us against a future biological world war?

In 2017 Russians accused American-paid NGO’s of going around Russian territory, collecting genome samples from various ethnic groups. Your Genome is the sum total of all genetic material contained in one single cell, including cellular debris and ‘infections’. They said America plans to target specific gene pools with genome-specific biological attacks. This technology has been long in the making, has been proven successfully on plants, animals and humans, and tested on various populations.

Fruit flies biting maize to infect them with a virus that expresses a protein that wards off weevils? Done! Sort of like the clotshots, only, instead of stinging insects, we had bonus-crazed nurses stabbing as many as possible with infectious lab gunk. The promise was it would ward off an unproven theoretical pathogen that provably kill less people than do kitchen knives. Remember in the beginning of the scamdemic,when we were told we have to accept their untested vaccine, "even if it could save just one life"?

The American-led experiments with GMO’ed, pathogen-carrying biting flies in Georgia, ‘accidentally expanding naturally’ into Russia, are notorious... if you know where to look for the information. Look where America describes in detail the Chinese plan to target “specific ethnic groups” by collecting American DNA. Bolsheviks always project their sins onto others.

14 March ‘22, and I was just informed by the news that Russia found documents in the Ukraine biolabs detailing a planned release of infected birds to spread swine flu, anthrax and whatnot into Russian territories. One could dismiss this as propaganda, but the evidence has been building up for years. This all certainly lends credence to the theory that the clotshots are preparation against biowar, not just another skirmish in a long string of Pharmafia attacks.

By now, we know that whole covidiot-thing was a smokescreen to get as many injectifected as possible, but what for? Could Baal Gates and his Holey fiend, Frauci, really be that greedy, they would kill millions of children, just for money? Sure they would, but there are too many other players involved, not least of which, Santa Klaus the Schwab. He who dreams of a standardised world served by clean machines.

In our soon-to-be-released movie, “In God’s Names”, we shall address the cultural imperative to learn to live in outer space. For now, we postulate two, non-contradictory, non-exclusionary future habitats for whatever humans survive Baal Gates: Mega cities, the likes of Judge Dredd comic fame, and space cruisers spending years, if not generations, between destinations.

Recently a great hoo-hah was raised when some billionaire gifted some university with a new dorm. It will house tens of thousands of students in a concrete cube with only a very few window-like apertures in the outer wall. The inside is a compact warren, with no direct view of the outside, there being layers of passages and rooms in every direction. Like level -2397B in AD2000, or a massive ship carrying four hundred thousand pilgrims to Alpha Centauri.

The sailors chosen to serve on submarines are carefully selected for temperament. People locked up in tight confines for a long time often lash out violently at anyone near, so-called Cabin Fever. This is dangerous in an overpopulated city, sheer calamity in the confines of a ship. It explains the current sifting for people willing to obey stupid orders, like not leaving your home to avoid the ‘flu, or not touching even your own family. They are selecting for faceless people content in isolation with no personal vision, views or values. They need people who will "go along to get along".

The desire to prevent interpersonal conflict seems to be one of the main drivers behind the detostesteronisation of Man via LGBTQRPXGWhatever. They think testosterone, “toxic masculinity”, is a major driver of violence, willfully ignoring the spiteful cruelty and ruthless predation amongst gays, especially if they can find a ‘straight’ victim. It is said that Arab kings gave their worst transgressors to the Eunuchs to play with...

Another problem will be food, which will have to manufactured, not grown. That is why Baal Gates is sucking up billions in taxpayer sponsored subsidies, developing what he hopes to be a monopoly in artificial meats and genetically manipulated crops. Now you also understand why he spends hundreds of billions destroying traditional agriculture the world over. Between his urge to tyranny, and his fiend Frauci’s obsessive fear of animals, people will be driven off the land, into the embrace of the One King. Where they will never again risk the future of mankind by interacting with a filthy animal, ever again... and the bats, oy vey, the bats!

The first casualty of poor food, of course, is the immune system, as can be attested by the cancers, diabetes psychoses and other suchlike –ises caused by the toxic preservatives, insecticides, fungicides and other suchlike –cides in our food chain. If there was a god, Monsanto would have not existed... But Baal Gates is not only a major shareholder, he is also their official “GMO Evangelist”. And now he has collected fresh samples of your DNA. Or what did you think happened to those billions of  “covid tests” after the nursey smiled broadly and informed you when the “results” will be ready?

Of course, our poor health is not because of the fact our breakfast cereal is so contaminated with Roundup that human breast milk has been shown to contain more of that dreck than the maximum allowable safety levels, as published by the corrupt manufacturers themselves. We are not sick because telephone companies are irradiating us with microwave radios day and night. All of this mess is blamed on invisible, unproven, but very profitable thingies called ‘viruses’.

We shall not discuss viral theory and its merits here, this is not a religious tract. What is important, is the question of public hygiene. Organisms in high concentration seem to breed disease amongst themselves. Your first experience in the army is being stripped naked and your personal possessions locked away. First they march you to the barber for a shear, then, still naked, past a row of pokey doctors and needley nurses, and off to the Quartermaster for your first uniform, usually something resembling a jute sack. Locked rooms full of wigs and shoes, and walls soaked in hydrogen cyanide, or equivalent, is a standard feature of mass detention centres concerned about the health of their inmates.

Genomically similar living cells under similar stress will excrete similar exosomes leading to ill-considered theories on viral loads and immunisations. Different genomes will respond more, less or just differently to some specific one pathogen. In viral theory, this expresses as various viruses. By clinging to the belief in viruses, it allows one to postulate that it is, in fact, possible to target some specific virus. If only they could have control over your genome to the point where they can trigger the exact same response from every immune system, all viral diseases (that’s anything you cannot clearly pin on anything else) can be cured with ease.

The preferred solution seems to be inserting some genes into the human organism, which is known and manipulable, as a kind of biological platform, (look at Baal smile,when he calls it 'an operating system') that you can trigger with specific concoctions to secrete specific exosomes, thus exhibiting a specified immune response. Not every metabolism is amenable to this, as they see the introduced proteins as pathogens, and respond accordingly.

To prevent these unpredictable and unmanageable immune responses, it would be best to disable the immune system completely. This loss of natural immunity should not be a problem for two reasons: Pharmafia has all the equipment needed to design you any immune response you can pay for, “within four hours we had the covid vaccine designed”, if you remember the things the heads on teevee bragged at the beginning of their scamdemic.

The second reason you don’t need an immune system on a spaceship, is because nobody will ever produce unpredictable exosomes, and those who do react adversely to the ‘therapeutic’ viruses periodically released , will have their own body destroy itself in attempted immune response. They were no good for a spaceship, anyway. Or Klausie’s neat, clean New World Order full of Bonos, Shaun Penns and, apparently, Charlise Therons.

Besides, the vaccination campaign has already sifted out all the potential troublemakers who don’t listen to orders. Without a vaccine pass, it just does not step foot onto city pavement or space port. They now have a full list of, you know, the kind of dissident that spends time wondering if growing up with paedophile parents is a prerequisite to enter High Society and meet the Gateses and Soroses and Schwabs.