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OR: Why Covid flourishes amongst the most “vaccinated”.

The following numbers are from America. England is reported to have a similar system, so is every other country taking part in the scamdemic. At the time of going to press, no source could be found in the South African system willing to say anything but: “Huh?” before scurrying away. The scam works like this:

A covid test earns the testing facility, like your clinic,       $4 000.

A positive test earns a ‘bonus’ to the testing facility of     $9 000

Treating the patient in any manner whatsoever, earns     $19 000

Putting the patient under Intensive Care earns another   $39 000

Feeding the patient Frauci’s poisonous Remdesivir adds 20% to the total bill as another ‘bonus’.

Reporting the patient as having died of covid adds another 20% ’bonus’ to the total bill.

71k plus 20% plus 20% gives me a roundabout figure of just other side a hundred thousand dollars.

And sooner or later, every cent of it will be paid by working class taxes. At interest, of course, never forget the frigging interest.

Are you surprised that not one single “selfless medical hero” cares if the test they use, can find covidiocy in a goat, papaya or motor oil as easily as it finds it in a glass of coca-cola? Those tests are so good, it can find covid inside its own sterile packet! As a matter of fact, a team of researchers have just shown that, by inspecting your flow test with an ultraviolet light, you can predict the result of your test strip, even before you take it out the packet!

It’s like the story of the king who got rid of the rat plague by paying the peasants per rat, the kill proven by presenting to the sheriff your bundle of rat tails. This worked for a while, when suddenly the rat population exploded, measured by the number of rat tails presented for the reward money. This baffled the sheriff, who told the king. After some thinking, the king turned to the sheriff, and said:

“Go fetch my taxes from the rat farmers.” The rat infestation ended soon after.

So, dear reader, if you are concerned about the terrible plague of covidiocy rampaging over the world, take heart. As soon as we start taxing those pharmafiosos, the plague will come to a natural end. And, boy! Did they make record profits never seen before this past two years! All guaranteed by your tax money, and enforced by Pharmafia shareholders in Parliament.

Antoninchrist Frauci. Gamesmaster, eminent panegyrist of preventable pandemics, the Doctor of America, the man who gave us the most memorable viral pandemic of all: AIDS. Frauci is, apparently, the only person in the world to have seen and described for the masses, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which the blessed and most Holey Profit Frauci himself declared to be the cause of Aids.

The anti-viral drug that Frauci invented,  Remdesivir, killed so many soldiers during the trials, it never got okayed. Then they tried it on Ebola, killed so many people, they not only stopped the trial, they published many papers on the toxicity of Remdesivir, much to Fauci’s chagrin. So why do hospitals insist on feeding this dreck to every so-called ‘covid’ patient in their care? Is it for the extra 20% bonus for reporting a covid death?

Or is Fauci some kind of demented psychotic serial killer that masturbates while he reads the autopsies of his victims?

Any which way, if you still think this Scamdemic has anything to do with public health, I hope your Holey Profit Fauci and his Messiah, Baal Gates, soon develops a pill for Stoopit, you obviously need some.