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The “Alternative Media” is in uproar against the various political sock-puppets out there, those pharmafia spokespersons who blame the terrible outbursts of covidiocy on the “unvaccinated”. This upsets a large portion of those who do not want to be vaccinated, and even a few who did take some version of the clotshot, but still have enough humanity not to force others into the same situation. As is usual in these little public tiffs, these media-driven drivel fests, truth is a fluid thing, at the service of whomever has the last word. There really is an epidemic of the unvaccinated, it is clear from statistics and word of mouth, but the anti-vaxxers forgot to bring the dictionary...

As we repeatedly remind our readers; politicians are not allowed to lie. They live amongst lawyers, and, just as amongst gunfighters you are likely to get shot, so, amongst lawyers, you may be sued until someone commits suicide with three bullets to the back of the head. Politicians may be scumbag mafiosi, but amongst themselves, they maintain only the highest honour. When the capo running your health services tells you there is an epidemic of the unvaccinated overrunning our health service, and in your very being you know he is lying, maybe you should listen more carefully.

In the word “unvaccinated” lies the whole truth about this entire pharmafia-driven Bolshevik destruction of individuality and free trade. In their accusations they admit to the dangerous fraud of their scamdemic. By attacking those who don’t want to play their games, they have opened their flank to counterattack by those who don’t play silly games.

Try typing the word “unvaccinated” into your word processor. You will notice the spelling is not accepted. That is because the word does not exist. The proper form would be “non-vaccinated”. (P.S. It seems Microshit updated their dictionary. They will probably cite “common usage”.) Anyway...

You can be vaccinated, meaning you allowed someone to pollute your metabolism with some substance they told you will protect you from some disease or another. We shall not analyse the dogma or worth of that religion here.
You can be non-vaccinated, meaning you escaped all attacks by people with needles trying to reach their monthly quota. They get paid a bonus from the vaccine manufacturer at certain milestones.
To be unvaccinated, I suspect you will first have to get vaccinated, then, somehow, that process must be reversed or annulled, so you revert from vaccinated to unvaccinated. Or, grammatically more correct, you were jabbed, but instead of being protected from said disease, you are not immune at all. You thought you received a vaccine, but instead you received some other concoction that leaves you ...unvaccinated!

The clotshot-injected, non-immune, immune-compromised, still-infectious, spike-ridden, graphene-blade riddled, haemorrhagic-leprous, next-booster-will-work-for-sure covidiots are overrunning the emergency rooms with their strokes, heart attacks and hypochondria, while the non-vaccinated are not even allowed through the door. In other words, there really, really is a terrible pandemic of unvaccinated people overcome by horrifying illnesses, or just falling down dead. They have managed to bring those numbers down significantly, by reclassifying you as non-vaxxed, even if you had all the clotshots, but still need the latest booster. Lots of THOSE unvaxxed die horrible deaths.

The non-vaxxed? No excess deaths there, if you exclude suicides brought on by social isolation and bankruptcy, the many who got bored and drank themselves to death during lockdowns, and the ones who decided to throw away their life’s work by jumping off a roof, just before they actually publish the research they said will prove covidiocy to be a lot of nonsense.

So, dear reader, if you do listen to them, then please pay attention to every word those corrupt bastards on teevee tells you, because they talk only their gods' truth. The trick is to keep a dictionary handy.