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We shall not argue the merits of the unapproved experimental genome manipulators being forced upon the population under the guise of “vaccines”. In this age of ‘Information Technology’ we do not pretend to be the Voice of Truth. However, we have something most social media junkies do not: Dictionaries! To be precise, we have taken upon ourselves the task of translating the Bolshevik gobbledegook into plain language. Today, we want to translate the phrase “Covid Vaccines cause rare blood clots.”

When the first reports came out from people who received one or more of the experimental injections that are not vaccines in any meaning of the word, it was made very clear that these people are suffering “extremely rare blood clots”. A year later, people are still getting blood clots, and still the presstitutes use the term “rare blood clots”. The number of people who have presented with these “rare” blood clots keep climbing every day, yet we are assured these are very rare. Either a thing is ‘rare’ or it crops up often, you cannot have both. Yet, we are constantly reminded how rare these blood clots are.

One can say that, of the tens of millions of people injected with covidiocy, only a few thousand had dangerous clotting. That would mean a rate around or even below one percent. One percent of a million is ten thousand. Ten thousand is not ‘rare’. Yet we are reminded of the “rare blood clots”. Time to consult the medical journals? Health department records? Undertaker statistics? Maybe the dictionary? No need, all we need is some thick-headed insistence on taking things literally.

When the economists-turned-medical experts open their big mouths about issues they know nothing about, you must assume they paid for the best advice they could find. Herein lies the kernel of truth: The banksters were told about these blood clots, and after having them described to a medical wunderkind, said wunderkind surely peeked over his austere eyeglasses and said: “Oh my, that type of blood clot is extremely rare!”

Can you see the linguistic sleight-of-hand? Can you see how a statement by a scientist became political gospel? Do you catch onto the way a complaint was turned into a brag? Can you hear them turn bullshit into porridge by sprinkling colourful sugar on top? Did you catch the admission of guilt advertised as exculpatory evidence?

Those blood clots are of a type not often seen before. Those blood clots only occurred once in a million patients. Those blood clots were extremely rare… until we started injecting people with experimental cocktails of high-tech substances. Suddenly, those “rare blood clots” have become anything but rare. For ages we have been assured that the brain is safe from Pharmafia’s concoctions, because of a mystical thing called the Blood-Brain Barrier. “Oh no, you are safe, nothing can cross the blood-brain barrier” they said.

Now suddenly, thanks to the wonderful dreck our Lord and Saviour Baal Gates, and his Holey Profit, Antonchrist Frauci bring us at discount rates and under government enforcement, these “extremely rare” events where poisons do manage to cross that mythical sanctified barrier, thousands upon thousands of people are dropping like flies because of blood clotting in their brains.

Autopsies on “covid victims” are discouraged, even outlawed. A source from within a large hospital tells us, a “covid victim” is wrapped up in plastic, with intravenous pipes, ventilator pipes, plasters and all, and no-one is allowed to ever open that up, even unto the grave. Reports are coming in, though, and way too many of those reports contain quotes of doctors saying: “I’ve never seen anything like this before…”

So, dear reader, we cannot but agree with our Bolshevik overlords; These experimental cocktails masquerading as vaccines are causing an outbreak of blood clots in the brain, something that, until now, was, and I quote my Lords and Masters: “extremely rare”.

They are not rare anymore, ask the people with dead children…