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There are those who threaten us with second and third waves of “The Pandemic”. Baal Gates goes so far as to promise us pandemics with “higher fatality until we take notice” of him and his insistent desire to vaccinate us all with a vaccine that only he has the authority to approve. Of course, the first wave of Covid was already the “second wave”, but somehow every “news” pundit and “libertarian” webmaster has forgotten the first wave of infections Baal demanded we line up to have vaccinated en masse for. Do you, dear reader, still remember the terrible pandemic in 2018/19, when hundreds, okay, maybe not hundreds, but over a hundred children died of measles? Or did they? Remember how Baal gates and his friends demanded we all stand in line for his special injections? No? Maybe you missed our article on that one.

The CDC website seems to be updated to the 2018 measles “pandemic”, and it reports 337 US cases. It also reports that the last US measles death occurred in 2015. This shows that not only since the Big ‘Rona these public opinion-makers  are trying to confuse as by presenting “Cases” as deaths or even just serious illness. Who was it said: a lie will run around the world before the truth has its boots on? Like the pretty graph the CDC uses to show us how many lives vaccines have saved since 1985. They state no sources other than their own “Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report”. Please remember that the CDC is a commercial entity, run for private profit, and it has a large number of vaccine patents. Vaccines they then promote, sneak upon or force upon us by mandate of law. Laws they demand get written… No, the state appoints a chairman, the CDC itself is a private concern that makes money for its shareholders. Good money. Selling products mandated by politicians who know nothing of medicine other than "the CDC says so".

At the time of the measles pandemic, we pointed to the relation between common infectious diseases, and economic prosperity, and showed how the near-eradication of  the common diseases were not so much because of vaccines, but the warm, clean, hygienic conditions prevailing in a well-fed population. Because there are still many grandmothers alive with experience in these matters, people ignored Baal’s ‘advice’ to have their children exposed to dangerous vaccines, and opted instead for the traditional solution, which is to hold get-togethers for their children, where they may contract things like measles while still young and able to shrug off the infection easily, preventing them falling victim as adults, when measles, for example, can be debilitating or even fatal. Baal Gates fumed in his ivory tower and promised revenge. Enters Covid-19.

To give the devil his due, this new virus Baal designed for us, by throwing money at every biological warfare lab in the world, is not very deadly. It kills mostly grandma’s who tell their children about vaccine safety, and one other group: the obese diabetics who live on junk food and artificial sugar. Apparently it is okay to kill old people who are not economically active anyway, they just sit around using resources we could have used for young, economically active millennials sitting in momma’s basement surfing TwatFaceGram posts about morbidity rates amongst the old and useless. None of them seem to bother looking at the meaning of terms like “morbidity” or “cases”, words used to avoid talking about the very low number of deaths that can honestly be contributed to the Covert-19 Plandemic. The few fat farks who die young are widely publicised to impress on us the dangers of the plandemic, but somehow, the ‘news’ reports never mention their fat, bloated asses, or, alternatively, the traffic accident, gunshot wound or lack of medical care that killed the “covid patient”. Yes, the paranoid goy is a fattist, unashamedly, and will remain such until the fat farks stop stopping their gobs with over-processed junk laced with preservatives, ‘flavour enhancers’ and that godawful chemical waste called ‘non-nutritive sweeteners’. For you I have to distance myself from humanity and practice ritual cleansings, vows of silence and seclusion, like I am joining some new religious cult. The cult of Baal Gates?

 Once again, most people are weary of Baal and his injections. But why are there so many “anti-vaxxers” out there? Are these people completely ignorant? Have they no respect for science? Are they paranoid conspiracy theorists who kick against everything we try to do for “their own good”? Are they evil misanthropists who want to endanger the lives of Good People?

Let us look at a short list of vaccine problems, as understood by people who think their opinion matters more than the one they get from the official news channels:

1) A researcher was contracted to develop the FIRST EVER quality control procedure for vaccines. To do that, he put many different vaccines from many different batches and factories under a scanning microscope. What he found was astounding. All the anti-vaxxers expected to find proof of the horrible mercury additives we heard so much about. What was found instead, in nearly every single vaccine, was aluminium. Just recently, 2020, we received confirmation of what we long expected: A study of Alzheimer patients and autistics have shown they share this one thing: excessive aluminium in the brain. Correlation between Alzheimer and autism prevalence since the advent of vaccines containing aluminium has been shown.

All vaccines contain tiny shards of metal, nanoscopic particles of mercury, copper, aluminium, chrome, vanadium, the list gets longer every day, all well-established and proven to be carcinogenic and neurotoxic. In other words, metals in your blood stream rots your brain and gives you cancer. Proven. Repeatedly. “But, but, mercury is only a preservative” and “oh, the metal shards are there to trigger the immune response” do not address the issue of toxicity at all. The entire reasoning behind those metals are hidden from public view, and discussing them automatically marks you as a stupid anti-vaxxer conspiracy nut that hates science.

2) The virus you are being injected with, has to be bred in sufficient numbers to be profitable. Viruses do not breed by themselves, they are manufactured inside living cells, by the metabolism of the mitochondria in said live cells. One popular cell used to grow viruses is the gigantic singular cell known as chicken egg. What with the state of factory farming, where genetically corrupted chicken-shaped lumps of meat-like tissue is kept alive long enough to be slaughtered, by drenching their food with antibiotics, hormones and industrial waste, chicken eggs are routinely contaminated by various pathogens. The most sacrosanct of organisms, the living egg, is now so dangerously contaminated, Europe has outlawed the soft-boiled egg, because of the hundreds of cases of food poisoning caused by salmonella bacteria inside what should be a perfectly protected zygote. Dozens of people died because of this, so law requires you to cook every egg properly to death and rubberiness before serving the unsuspecting consumer. Nobody cooks the salmonella in your vaccine…

But only certain viruses lend themselves to breeding in eggs, anyway. For the rest, various cells from living tissue is used. Like laboratory-bred rat tissue, that led to a pandemic of a pathogen best described as GMO rat-AIDS, infecting thousands of consumers and causing thousands of cases of leukemia.

Patients have to be offered a treatment, consumer demand is growing for miracle cures. In the interest of The Market, only the best living cells are used. To satisfy the discerning consumer, should we not use human cells exclusively? Now, what cell can we trust to stay alive long enough to breed us plenty of viruses for our expensive vaccines?  What if I told you there is a kind of human cell that practically lives forever, an immortal human tissue? It is commonly known as ‘cancer’! So let’s use human cancer cells as growth medium for vaccine viruses, the intrepid financial manager demands. The scientist may argue, but his funding will be stopped, and given to young, fresh minds who are not “risk averse” in their thinking, and can be trusted to “do the right thing”, which is to do what they get told to do by those who “understand money”.

The result is that a vast array of vaccines are manufactured using multiplied tissue harvested from a foetus aborted in 1946. This kid would have been born deformed, with autism and neurological problems. Also, this foetus had the genetic markers for 157 different types of cancer! This complete genome is present in nearly every one of the up to 56 vaccines your child is mandated to receive before the age of five. The excuse? “We know what we are doing.” Yes, they sure do know what they are doing, the question is: What are they doing, exactly?

3) Vaccines are big business. As in every business out there, the aim is maximum profit at minimum cost that translates into the highest stock price and dividend for the shareholder/s. As with every other business that focusses on share price, the official religion is ‘cost-cutting’. Cheap materials, cheap labour, and anything that does not add directly to the stock value, like maintenance and safety, is scrapped. This means a vaccine factory has as much concern over staff morale, working conditions and actual technical ability as the average sausage factory. Your chances of a batch being adversely affected by filth, laziness or incompetence grows with every batch, especially right after another one of Finance Department’s cost-cutting cycles.

This rampant contamination has become such a pervasive problem in the vaccine industry, they have initiated a specific protocol for preventing such substandard batches from injuring or killing too many people in any one area that received such a bad batch. By now the reader should suspect that the solution is not to scrap the entire batch, but rather, every batch is first put in storage, so it can be mixed up with other batches. That way, if your local clinic orders a thousand doses of measles vaccine, they won’t ever again receive a thousand contaminated vaccines, but only twenty-five, mixed in with 39 other batches. This way, the 25 people who get hurt, have no way to prove it was the vaccine, because, look, 975 other people who were treated at the same clinic, are just fine, you paranoid anti-vaxxer!

4) Roundup. To be precise, we have proof that many vaccines, notable the MMR, measles, mumps and  rubella vaccines, are contaminated with glyphosate, the ‘active ingredient’ in Roundup. An executive of Monsanto has publically admitted “…there are things a thousand times more poisonous that glyphosate in Roundup”. We do not know what they are, because of ‘trade secrets’. Roundup is a hormone disruptor. The implications for the upsurge in children ashamed/afraid of their own genitals are obvious. Substantial correlation between Roundup use and birth defects, cancers and developmental problems in children has been studied and published, but funds to prove anything is not forthcoming. Just like with artificial sugars and the methamphetamine drugs we give little children so they will behave in class. ADD some drugs to Johny’s lunchbox, prescribed by an incompetent, corrupted teacher, enforced by no law other than refusing to teach your child if you refuse to feed the kid pills with the same effect as crystal meths.

If you are a decent person with common sense that does not believe in conspiracy theories, the above should raise enough concerns for you to at least research enough to verify or debunk the allegations made so far. In your research, you may find any number of other discrepancies and sciencery. That’s where the sorcery of money determines the truths of the ‘scientist’, from there, “sciencery”. Because you are talking to the paranoid goy, you may want to listen to one more good reason:

Protocol 10 v 19: “…so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissention, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the Goyim see no other issue…”

Those who hate humanity, have decided before 1904, when those words were first openly published, by 1904, the satanic paedophiles have already determined that vaccinations are a powerful weapon against the nations of earth. Note that inoculations are grouped with torture and starvation, painful ways to die, thanks to the little gifts in your vaccine that will never stop giving, cancer-inducing metals, microbes, cancerous cells, diabetes and even artificial sugar and Roundup…

For our purposes here, today, we must ask one last time: Are you really comfortable with the idea of forced vaccination? More and more people have become aware of the problems hiding in vaccines. On this site there are any number of articles on the subject, or feel free to research for yourself. The fact of the matter is, an increasing number of people no longer trust the people who make these things. They do not trust the misanthrope eugenicists like Baal Gates, or their investment opportunities that promise to make billions out of our suffering. We do not trust the ‘governmental institutions’ policing these things, that turn out to be private entities with private shareholders and vaccine patents, like the much-vaunted CDC of America. We no longer can trust our governments, who are provably corrupted by the financiers who sponsor (tax you and me for) these “humanitarian programmes”. “Where on earth is there still an honest politician?” the intrepid paranoiac conspiritoid anti-vaxxer may ask. Enters Vladimir Putin.

If there is one president still trusted to save mankind from the Bolshevik Globalists, it is good ole’ Vlad. The man has been called “the last Hope of Western civilisation”. Scarce is the ‘conspiracy buff’ that does not love Putin. The Liberal that does not hate Putin, must be dead, the only Conservative that does not like him, is the American type unaware they live in a Zionist soviet with complete communist control via the capitalist financiers. They also hate socialism, which they confuse with communism. All in all, every cognitive dissident, patriot, conservative family man, would vote Putin if only he could. This is where the worm starts eating at the woodwork.

Not only was bad, bad-Russia allowed to issue the first covidiot vaccine, they are doing it long enough before Big Pharma can roll out, to ‘prove’ two things:

  1. a) No-one will die soon, which will “prove this vaccine safe” and therefor all the rest will be deemed safe.
  2. b) By the time the “real” vaccines, complete with metal shards and cancerous genes come onto the market, the plandemic will be mostly blown over, the population thoroughly soaked through with the virus, and fewer deaths arbitrarily blamed on the ‘Rona. The lowered death rate will be used to “prove” how well the vaccines work/ed.

And this is why the thesis of this article is: THEY are using the clean reputation of Vladimir Putin to mop up the dissidents who will refuse to take a vaccine from the hands of Baal Gates, Antoninchrist Fauci, Bore-us Johnson and the creep running Australia right now. No- “right-winger” is willing to take these new drugs from Gates, but from Putin? Well, he is a nice guy, you know. Loves his people y’know. Certainly his will be safe?

Now all we have to do, is wait for the fairies to come riding their unicorns over the horizon, injections held high against the rainbow, and a reassuring smile for every consumer currently overpopulating Baal Gates’ planet. Every six months, apparently!

But don’t worry, Putin’s got yer back…