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Nary has a month gone by lately, or the medical fraternity has not come up with a new, more wondrous “medical breakthrough” than the last. August 2019 saw the public exposure of an evil attempt at playing God, when it was revealed that some lab is growing human-monkey chimeras as a possible source of human organs for the transplant trade. Frankly, it is a step forward from legalising the abortion of babies until well after birth, so their organs can be harvested for the trade in human parts. It sure beats those vultures descending upon your carcass while it is still warm and, as documented numerous times, technically alive.

…and this was not even the most “interesting scientific advancement” of the week, no, some gang of broken minds somewhere has been busy for a while now solving, or at least postponing, a dreaded condition that is attacking women all over the globe.

Or as a young male newsreader complained: “…by 2025 there will be 1,5 billion women worldwide suffering from this debilitating condition.” We do not watch that show anymore… He was reporting on this new medical wonder, he was:  It is now possible to postpone the occurrence of menopause, the stage in human female reproductive process where she stops releasing eggs, thus bringing and end to her menstrual cycle. The “solution” may be regarded as disturbing, distressing even.

(Forgive the following bit of Mansplaining to the unmarried male readers)

Menopause has always been a matter of keen interest to women. For some, menopause was a welcome sign of relief from the continuous burden of bearing more children, for some, it is the evil harbinger of the last lost chance of having a child. For all women, menopause is the time when men lose interest, as all outward signs of fertility start disappearing; full curves, smooth complexion, shiny hair, nails and skin, full lips. This is half the cosmetic industry’s life; mutton trying to recover the sheen of lamb. The other half of their money, of course, comes from pubescent girls trying to look like their favourite twenty-seven year old professionally repainted Hollywood starlet, who been pressed ripe and fondled haggard since the age of seven. Well, those little girls now have a brand-new scientific wonder on their side in the eternal fight against sexual decrepitude and social irrelevance.

(Man2mansplaining over, please forgive.)

Apparently, and we have to rely on the numbers claimed by those who claim to have done this, apparently “thousands of women between the ages of 25 and 36 has already undergone this treatment”. Can one trust the figures supplied by people who pretend to have solved a natural process by slicing it off? We sure hope not, because if this is true, then thousands of women have been viciously but sort-of legally assaulted under the direction of people who allegedly (ALLEGEDLY) uttered a solemn oath on the day they graduated from medical school. We are told the Hippocratic oath starts by demanding no harm be done to the patient. It seems the Hypocritical Oath says something else.

This latest medical breakthrough in female reproductive cycle ‘health care’ is clear and final proof that, whatever the Hippocratic may or may not stipulate, the amount of harm done to any patient seems to be limited only by the extend of said patient’s medical insurance plan. The more you can afford, the ‘better’ your treatment will be, or at least the more radical and extended. Unless you are dirt poor and disenfranchised, then you get to test the most horrific substances under the banner of ‘Research’. If you volunteer while still healthy, they pay you enough to support a mild to medium-heavy drug habit.

Somehow, one suspects this ‘latest research’ that brought this about was actually paid for by ignorant clients who were convinced by someone that their femininity is some kind of curse. Maybe it was someone from the same family as the psychotic freak that invented mammograms. The women in that family need to be spayed, the men they breed hate women (and their reproductive attributes) with a disturbing passion. But squashing your breasts to a pulp and then radiating them until you see cancer was apparently not enough. Vaccinating 9-year-old girls for cervical cancer and ‘accidentally’ sterilising a large fraction of them and giving the rest cancer, apparently, was also not enough. The world is overpopulated, remember, those plebes gotta go!

So, to aid humankind in the collective mass suicide by ignorance and deception, the so-called medical fraternity (which includes a disturbing number of women who should know better) has brought us this latest ‘cure’ or at least postponement for that dread disease, Menopause. That’s right, young ladies, for the cost of a day at the spa, you can go to your friendly local Hypocritical Oathist, the one you call ‘Doctor”, you can go to him, and for a small fee, he will just cut them ovaries right out! That’s it, ladies, you can postpone menopause by cutting out your reproductive organs as young as possible. "The younger the more effective the 'treatment'" the good doctor says.

Isn’t that wonderful? Science has bestowed upon Man the answer for all his midlife crisis temper tantrums, thrown and suffered. No more hot flushes, swollen feet, headaches and mood swings for the Little Lady no more. Now all us men can go to the pub with a restful heart, knowing there is not a hormonal tornado waiting back home. Gee, those doctors are such clever fellows!

What you mean “only postponed?”. You mean this same, uhm, condition will still happen, only a few years later, when I am older, more tired of you-all and less willing to put up with stuff? Really? You wanna spay my bitch at the height of her reproductive cycle, just so I can grow even older before she blows up?

Na! I’ll take my woman the way God made her, knobs and all, let those psychopaths go experiment on their own mothers and daughters. You go treat yours like bitches in heat, around here we only hold with ladies.