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The world over, children are being encouraged to bunk classes, to gather in the streets, scream and hurl insults at Old White Men who are changing their weather. The press is falling over itself, celebrating this marvellous “youth activism against climate change”. Every dweep that gets hold of a microphone is demanding “something to be done about climate change”. Organisations are being funded into life, for no purpose other than to have the term “scientific” in the title, whereupon said organisation will publish an essay (not a scientific study, an essay, like this thing you are reading now) on their interpretation of global warming, and after some (driven) publicity to establish their ‘credentials’, it starts demanding “something to be done about climate change”.

Anybody that dares question the official narrative of the climate terrorists, is loudly accused of “hating science”. Those who are terrorising us with tales of impending doom because of the ‘wrong’ weather, actually has this to say about science: “You do not have to bother with facts if you occupy the moral high ground.” This is the whole thing; people who have no scientific qualifications, no interest in science, lacking basic primary-school scientific knowledge such as the cause of seasonal changes, defend their position by accusing their opponents of “hating science”. It is like the universal “defence” against anyone complaining about Zionistanis gunning down little children: “Anti-Semite!” Frankly, I carry the badge of “science hater” with as much pride.

At school, where the youth are being fully versed in holocaust myths, and gender confusion studies, and the plentiful use of the term “white supremacist right-wing fascist”, they are apparently not being taught what causes the seasons to change. Every single person promoting climate disaster to us, when asked to explain the changes of the season, either refused to partake in our hatred for science, or had it wrong. They have no idea how the planet works, and they most assuredly have no idea what exactly it is they need for the government to do, to “urgently change policy on climate change”. As if my government has time to care about the weather…

But wait, my government, like at least 56 other governments the world over, are actively pursuing weather modification via atmospheric heating, cloud seeding… 47 corporations working in the Zionist’s Undeclared Soviet of America alone. I have yet to see a placard, aggressively demanding a change in government policy on weather warfare. I have yet to hear but one single “climate scientist” that includes weather manipulation in their formulae ‘proving’ mankind’s complicity in destroying the climate. Not one of them mentions weather warfare!

Weather wars? Like we live in some weird futuristic dystopia? Oh, yeah, don’t worry, the UN has a treaty banning weather warfare, phew! Almost thought we were straying into sci-fi nonsense there, the UN habitually ban things that don’t exist, not so? No? Oops, weather warfare it is, then, but what do you call it when the deed is done by private corporations contracted to do “research?” You are certainly not implying America is bombing school buses in Yemen is to control the airspace, with its water-laden Gulf Stream? Can’t be, no-one is allowing kids to bunk school to protest about it, so it cannot be important. In the mean time, agricultural insurance providers are seriously buying into weather modification technologies, and we all know how financial companies like to waste money on things that don’t exist, yes?

Even the climate terrorists’ most basic premise, greenhouse gasses and how CO3 is the unholy initials of Doom, is a  vague, unproven theory propounded by one single individual who decided Venus was overcome by carbon dioxide. Their so-called “hockey stick graph” that “proved” global warming, was proven to be fraudulently manipulated. A number of data sets have been provably falsified, misinterpreted or just used as official-looking background pictures that may look scary when seen while hearing a serious, professional voice go “disaster disaster sky falling disaster gimme money disaster…”

Everybody wants the climate to stop changing, but all the ‘solutions’ seem to revolve around buying certain products, subsidising certain people, and, of course, unwavering faith in the “science” of climate catastrophe, which proves beyond doubt that most people do not understand how the seasons happen. Maybe the kids should go ask their leaders why we are not allowed to see live weather data from stations like we used to, not so long ago, before the world started playing hockey-sticks with the weather. That will be “doing something”. Or at least learn the difference between climatic effects and pollution, most of their bitching is actually about problems caused by pollution. And poor education.