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Imagine yourself as a clear glass of water. Now imagine a small red crystal dropping into that glass of water; see it sink, leaving behind a wispy dissolving trail. Maybe it is something denser that sinks quickly, lying there, slowly spreading a blob of colour along the bottom of the glass. What if it is something really reactive, that bursts out in bubbles, or it spins and careens along the top of the water as it reacts and mixes from above. Imagine you are a clear, clean glass of water, and you have just taken a pill: what is going on inside that sack of skin you call a body, that consists of almost nothing but water? Where is your little chemical bomb going to land, exactly? Should you not at least try find out first? Oh, but you can’t, even if you had the training, digging for ‘trade secrets’ is illegal. If you had right to this knowledge, it would have been given to you as part of your equitable education. Health issues are better left to professionals, take this pill and call me in the morning.

The strangest idea that has ever contaminated the mind of man, it is the idea of a division between body and soul. The famous duality between thinking with the mind or with the heart? Don’t know, we just go with our gut! As it turns out, not everything we eat, is absorbed, but everything is reported. Ingesting vitamins mostly does not raise vitamin levels in the blood, yet they often produce the effects as if they do. It turns out the gut is lined with neurons… that’s right, the stuff that is supposed to make us think? They are all over the gut, and the liver, and the kidneys, and every other organ! Every single sub-organism in you, contains its own neural network, independent of all other networks, but with connections to central communications points, often in the head. Your tummy’s neuro-receptors recognises the ‘vitamin’ as a brain cell receptor recognises a hormone, and voila, the rest of the system responds appropriately! Suddenly, it is not crazy to treat debilitating diseases, like Parkinson’s, polio, autism and reportedly even schizophrenia by supplementing the diet. In reality, of course, the disease originates in the corrupted diet, so ‘supplementing the diet’ is just a professional’s expensive version of “eat your vegetables”. Extracts and concentrates and ‘active ingredients’ will never replace a proper diet. Supplements and super-foods and detoxing is not a useful health strategy. Also, if foodstuffs can be shown to solve disease, then, conversely, certain things we eat are poisonous without even entering the bloodstream. The lesson here is that species-appropriate food is better than rubbish plus supplements. Natural Living tries to solve health issues, not medicate health problems.

Let us say you sprain an ankle. To carry on with your day, you pop a few pain tablets, the foot feels nothing, you carry on with life, and after a few doses, the foot is okay again. The reason you hurt your foot has not been resolved, and while you were hopping along, high on tablets, you probably stressed an already bruised body part even more. Nobody likes pain, and the pill was a quick fix for that, but how did you sprain that ankle? The foot is built to withstand great stresses, yet you managed to exceed those limits, and hurt yourself. The Natural way would use the pain as a guide to figure out what went wrong, then correct the behaviour that led to injury. Favouring  or re-posturing the foot, walking slower, maybe a crutch or some rest, anything that helps without chemical aid should be tried first. This does unfortunately mean some, even a lot of discomfort, but once the foot is healed, it is healed, and you are unlikely to repeat the mistake. Pain tablets, on the other hand, numbs the pain, the brain dulls, the foot is forced to repeat whatever action hurt it, and next time you will just take a slightly higher dose for “this foot’s giving me problems”. You solved nothing for your foot, your brain has been numbed, your kidneys, liver, guts and limbic system are all polluted, and as an added bonus, you probably already have a low-grade addiction to your favourite pain medication, or even better, you get those pills from Mary in the office that she ‘gets from her doctor’, that stuff really works! Don’t you just wish you had one now? Or maybe it is time to address your stumbling, and how it fits in with the rest of your ‘lifestyle’.

Taking up the Natural lifestyle costs a bit in time and effort. For the rest of your life, you have to peer at every food package to see a label of ingredients. You will constantly be looking for little farm stalls and itinerant vendors. You are now the crazy one at the supermarket sniffing at melons and listening to cheeses. Every shop and pharmacy out there can sell you a cartload of ‘naturalness’. It’s Natural this and Organic that, it is Free Range and Fair Trade, it is Renewable and Sustainable, Scientifically Formulated and Specifically Beneficiated, it is expensive and most of it is just as worthless as all the other worthless, contaminated crud they smear off on us. Whatever ‘Superfood’ you buy, ten gives you one it was made of ingredients cultivated under or next to ‘comprehensive pest management’ conditions. There are a very few exceptions, but as a rule of thumb for those living the ‘Western Lifestyle’, even mother’s milk is universally contaminated enough to be considered toxic.

So that is GREENPETS Natural Living for you: Hunting for clean sources of food, while trying our darnest to rid our environment of toxic contaminants. Although we have a growing library of helpful herbs in our GREENPETS HERBAL, we are not going to recommend any of them as cure for anything. ”Let your food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.” We include a KRITTERS section about various animals we keep, how we keep them, and most importantly, what we feed them. We regularly… er… we often sometimes publish new commentaries on newsworthy advances in human knowledge. We have the occasional pleasure of announcing a new technique or protocol developed by GREENPETS, which you may find useful or at least entertaining. Mostly, though, because of the nature of the attack on our food chain, a great many articles will be to alert you to dangers advertised as consumer products and services. Also, instead of populating this site with more and more links to other websites, mostly just more commentary on someone else’s original work, we tend to update existing articles to reflect the latest state of consciousness. Come back occasionally to see if things make more sense now… Sometimes we just edit articles to remove ‘big words’, we are here to inform, maybe entertain, never preach or pretend. If you cannot use one of our articles to explain any process in real life to a 5-year-old in five minutes, we either have not published that article yet, or it needs to be rewritten, better, let us know.

There is a section, if you dig deep enough, where we allow our contributors some bile and anger, provided the anger is aimed at causes and reasons, not people or their characters. For now, we stay nice and friendly, and we try to find positive solutions to our collective problem; somebody wants to eradicate us by poisoning our food chain. Oh, and the poisons of mindless infotainment and tailored propaganda aimed at the mind, the mind, that most precious thing, the mind? You won’t believe the sophistication they claim for themselves when they think they are programming the collective Mind. Global Warming is just another intellectual poison, continuing the education of the young along the lines of their complicity in overpopulating the world and undeservedly leeching off their betters, the Capitalist Exceptionalists. Somebody has to say something, anything, they are relying on our silence, because legally, silence is consent. Do you consent to the destruction of life as we know it, or will you also try adapting your lifestyle to your nature?

We also brew beer, check out the MALLUNER BIERERY section, where we spend a lot of time washing things, watching things boil or pump or soak or just sit there dripping, then washing them again, and in between we hang out and play the blues. That’s also where we find the terrible free-verse ditties along the margin of some pages.

May you be a continued source of happiness in this world, and we hope your visit to our site will be of some value to somebody.