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The weather has been a constant source of concern and surprise for as long as humans have gathered to shoot the breeze. It is the one subject that will attract comment and furrow-browed expert opinion from just about any person on this planet. The weather –or seeming lack of enough of a particular type of weather- is the universal conversation starter in all cultures in all circumstances. Weather is the basic unit of small talk.

Climate change is not a myth. Anyone old enough to say things like “I remember when that used to cost only…” is old enough to complain about how the weather is not what it used to be. The weather has been changing forever, and there are at least a million reasons why it should and will. Climate Science as presented to the public, however, is so much hogwash, unsupported theories by charlatans who call themselves scientists, paid-for excuses to blame Joe Public for deliberate and globally-scaled atmospheric manipulation projects wreaking havoc with our health and welfare.

Public debates on climate change revolve around false theories by corporate employees with doctorate degrees, whose only claim to fame is rhetoric and public indoctrination. Before you dismiss this insult to climate scientists, first show me one theory or formula by the carbon gurus, just one discussion, conversation or public debate, show me one climate change advertisement that includes this one fact: there are at least 54 countries with official weather modification programmes running right now, with a reported 47 companies involved in USA alone.

What? No-one told you there are governments and private companies involved in weather modification? Go Google MORGELLONS, just for the weather modification numbers. The scary disease stories are just a bonus for you to start worrying about. Worrying about changing weather is as natural as worrying about food and shelter. Worrying about pollution, however, has been discouraged ever since people realised that living near industrial smokestacks blackens your lungs and lives. That is why poor people live “conveniently close to their place of employ”, while the rich tend to build their houses on hills and ridges, where the fresh wind lives. Back in the seventies, people started making jokes about selling bottled fresh air in San Francisco, or parking-meter type dispensers, where asthmatic pedestrians could insert a coin and breathe freely of the clean fresh air pumped for as long as the coin holds. We joked about how they found a way to tax our very breath. Those breathing stations have not become common, but those who would tax our oxygen found a clever work-around to avoid our ridicule: instead of taxing your oxygen (surely a god-given right even unto atheists?) they found a way to tax our small-talk, and they call it the Carbon Tax. No, rather, we plebs call it carbon tax, but the Carbon Investor calls it free money from fools. This conversation is not about carbon taxes, but as an aside I wish to point out that Carbon Credits is just fake money used in a silly game. The money is created by being very rich and owning very dirty industrial processes. Your personal contribution to the destruction of the environment is rewarded by allowing you to claim millions and billions in so-called carbon credits, which you can exchange with other rich polluters, and the score is kept in this game by using tax monies to subsidise these fictitious credits. This is how you and I are paying for yachts and casino ‘hostesses’ when we cannot even afford a balanced diet for our children. King Carbon, aka the Melting Ice Bear, is the Gamesmaster, and he was given divine appointment to decide who deserves how many credits, and collect actual real money as fees for running the scam. Those fees, once again, are paid from public funds, and remember that subsidies are nothing but the dispersion of public funds to compensate losses incurred due to a faulty (corrupted, always corrupted) business model. Like soy beans, a poisonous emergency crop subsidised to the status of staple food.

Anyway, back to the weather: Climate Terrorism (commanding officer King Carbon Melting Ice Bear) depends on two facets of modern urban life for its continued scare value:

  1. Urban people live indoors. City people hardly ever notice the weather. Everything is air-conditioned, curtained, neon-lit and generally the same day to day. The occasional blizzard or hurricane might make itself noticeable, but let me tell you, as long as the electrix keep on, city people make their own weather, it is their god-given right. Besides which, no-one’s growing corn on Fifth Avenue, what’s the weather worth?
  2. NEWS. Not olds, NEWS. Urban people, apparently, have no recollection of yesterday’s news. Today’s news is big business, it is the most popular form of entertainment, the news told people the Truth since time immemorial, but yesterday’s truth is today’s fable, old wives’ tale, long ago, we want NEWS. This is why politicians can lie differently every day; this is the actual theme of that famous paranoiac’s handbook, 1984. Big Brother is just a faceless faux character, a committee, the Man, he’s been around a long time. The main character, the romantic hero of the story, his job is to change the news in yesterday’s papers, in case somebody goes back to yesterday’s news reports to confirm his doubts about today’s news. All the social media giants are now scrambling to program their servers (artificial intelligences) to keep the news up to date with the NEWS, closing accounts with old news (sometimes called Fake News), censoring conversations ( sources of radicalisation), creating fake accounts proliferating the official NEWS (to de-radicalise the conversation). People do not remember yesterday’s news. Only far-right-wing-white-supremacist-neo-nazi fascists and their fundamentalist-jihadi-muslim co-anti-semites ever read yesterday’s paper. Probably because it is hanging from a nail in their outdoor privies, where they keep their extra guns. Those people are the Deplorables who do not realise they are required to keep up with the NEWS.

Again we digress. Sum up: The majority of voters, tax evaders and subsidy-managers live in big cities. They do not really have a lifetime of experiencing the very many different weathers the average rural child sees in a week. City voters also feel too sophisticated to bother with olds, and they live on NEWS. This means you can change your story by the hour, and they just think the plot has progressed somewhat. Also, city people as a whole are traders, not tradespeople, they know accounting, not science or even a little geography. New Yorkers are famous for saying things like “Australia, yeah, that’s German, it’s overseas, next to England or something.” Educated New Yorkers, mind you, not homeless bums, who tend to be ex-soldiers and factory workers, often with at least high school science. Who in New York spends his day watching the clouds and worrying about the wind direction? City People have no right to tell anyone about weather, yet it is still the standard conversation starter. And now, apparently, the weather is changing. Oh boo. Still, as we said, the weather is the basic unit, the conversational catalyst, the universal ‘I have nothing to say, but lets us sound unthreatening and interested/ing.’ Funny thing, in a world where hardly no-one even knows nothing about how the seasons come about. Do you know what causes the seasons?

Imagine, if you will, the circle the earth draws around the sun. Oh, you thought it is an ellipse? Well, technically, yes, but apparently, that deviation from perfect roundness is around one percent, the human eye only perceives an ellipse at around 4% distortion of the circle. So everyone that thought the seasons happen because of our distance to the sun, sit down, listen up and relax, no-one called you misinformed. Rearrange your picture of the circling earth, so you can see the tilt of the earth’s axis, and remember, that tilt is always in the same direction, at an angle just over 20 degrees.

 If it starts left bottom and goes to top right, then, the whole year, from your vantage point, that axis will stay aligned in that direction. Note that, when the earth is to the right of the sun, it is winter at the North Pole, and when the earth is to the left of our imaginary sun, summer happens in Helsinki.In between is spring and autumn, of course, but winter in Europe is when the axis tilts so that the North Pole is in constant shadow, for six months a year, the north Pole is dark, that is winter in the northern hemisphere, see? Spring and autumn equinoxes (equinii?) obviously have both hemispheres share equally in the light, giving us the 12-hour light of those two days.

You know those little bits of lead they put on car wheels to balance them? Imagine the earth as a wheel, spinning around that axis, and now imagine this giant wheel needed a little balance block thingy? I mean, certainly the continents and mountains and gold deposits are not perfectly arranged for a perfectly balanced earth wheel? No, it is not balanced, and that is why, just like in a car with a ‘speed wobble’, the earth’s axis wobbles slightly. Go back to your mental image of the sun, and to the right of it, the earth on its axis at 23 degrees to the right. Summer in the south, winter in the north, right? Now lift that axis right up, zero degrees tilt, where is winter now? Of course, this happens over years and decades, but noticeably in one man’s lifetime, that angle changes just enough that the weather does indeed “change” locally. That single little eccentricity can give cause to many an occasion for “…hallo, nice to meet, how’s this frigging weather, heh?” The very same pickup line used by Urcgh the caveman when he dragged Urwilla to the cave.

Let us now consider the circling of our planet around the sun in one year, or 365 days, or is that 366, oh dear, it is time to add a day to February or May, or lose four like that time not long ago. Who cares, long as Christmas happens, right? The important thing is that the earth’s rotation around the sun does not perfectly correspond to some perfect annual frequency. There is the gravitational effects of our moon, and the other planets have their own gravitational fields that interact (interfere) with the earth’s oscillations. The earth is being pushed and pulled and wobbled-waggled in all directions, even up and down!

Let’s go back to our mental orrery (ball model of the solar system) and put the earth back as we started: To the right of the sun, at a ‘healthy’ 23 degree angle; summer in Antarctica, winter in Alaska. Let it circle, and see the seasons change, winter, summer, winter, summer. Now, let the earth drop down below the equator of the sun. Come on, drop it enough, so that, no matter where the earth stands, the south pole is in darkness, while the north pole sees constant sun. What happened to summer and winter now? It is still there, but Europe will ‘never’ see snow again, whereas Australia will turn into icy tundra. Wanna talk some weather, mate? Let me get me snow-shovel and a frozen frostie.


Of course, the pictures are out of scale, and the variances exaggerated, but it should serve to explain the gross processes our planet is subject to, and how local climate will change accordingly. Humans, or at least the most dehumanised, and their impoverished employees, are causing untold destruction to the environment, but with a little bit of serious effort, that can be cleaned up. That would of course affect dividends and profit scores, so instead we point at natural planetary processes and blame the working class for changing the weather. That means this theory I just shared with you, is of no value at all, because it leaves no place for fake taxes, and people will not be terrorised by lonely melting ice bears. However, if you found it interesting, I dare you to a bit of mental ballet, and pull your viewpoint way back. Keep the sun centre, but include not only the earth and moon, and all the planets, and comets, and Planet X if you will, pull further back, until you see the sun as but a small star circling a humongous mass of radiating whatchamacallit that is the centre of our galaxy. Now start including the effects on our environment by our entire solar system changing position in relation to a radiant mass that makes our sun invisible and insignificant by comparison, and how many people have lived long enough to observe THAT weather modification programme…but old texts speak of it, ‘the Age of the Stunted Rat’ or ‘the Era of the Vociferous Bull’ is one way we keep track of this phenomenon, apparently you need calendars that count 26 000 years or more at a time to deal with these cycles.

King Carbon and his ilk are taxing your small-talk, and every time you nod at them, you are taking part in the planned murder of billions of humans because the earth has “become too small” to feed us and it is all because of “human-made climate change”. Eugenicists are vile creatures to a human-like parasite, every one of them. Eugenicists cannot utter two sentences without adding something to the effect that the scum are busy overpopulating their earth, and we all need to die to make place for the deserving few. Mass migration is the answer, the question is; how civilised are we going to be about this? The cities are flooding, clear up and plant crops, the fields are drying out, build your paved cities there. That is the solution, otherwise the barren ground will bear nothing but continued poverty for the non-investing classes, while arable land will lie waste because it serves as a buffer zone between the yacht owners and the hungry mobs who paid for the boats.

 But seriously, chemtrails are real, and they are affecting local weather, and even if we must continue spreading disease and poison from aeroplanes, can we stop blaming the poor, and let the rich pay for their own games, we have nothing left to give. But that is part of the plan, soon we will be so hungry and desperate, we will gladly partake in the next war, which is sure to be the War to End all Wars. Just like 1914, 1939, 2001 and now the War on Terror. What if Man-Made Climate Change causes the ‘accidental’ release of nerve gas across entire subcontinents, you know how unpredictable the weather can be… The Carbon King will have the latest Gucci Gasmask, the Paedophile Presidents prefer Prada, even Drywell Willy is sure to survive, never you mind. Our Leaders will build a new society, free and fair and beautiful and everyone will be farting Chanel #5. Just as soon as they make this world free of dirty and diseased poor making demands on their betters and the environment they need to exploit for private gain. Climate terrorism is real, and it serves as a powerful weapon against independent agriculture and subsistence farming. The gods forbid we keep feeding ourselves, with no dependence upon those who can afford weather modification. As if genetic perversion, systemic poisoning and seed corruption and unproven viral epidemics are not working fast enough to destroy 'unlicensed' farming, all under the guise of 'food security'. we are eagerly (not!) awaiting the outbreak of carrot flu and potatopoop viruses, as an excuse to burn down or salt all non-aligned vegetable farming operations.

Names above were disguised to avoid legal discomfort. Lately people have been jailed and killed for insulting the perpetrators, but information about Al Gore and the Clintons and the rest is freely available on the ‘Net for the time being. Google has already started making documents ‘inaccessible’ on the eCloud, inaccessible even to the authors themselves…