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These three biological systems produce Human Consciousness: Metabolism, Hormones and Intellect. Looking past the academic blah-blah, let us start with Metabolism. For this essay, we shall consider the metabolism as the underlying sub-cellular processes that constitute Life as we define it, from single-cell amoeba to the magnificent arrangement of billions of interdependent and specialised cells we call a Woman.

There is nothing more primitive than the urge for survival, because every single protein is programmed to try stay alive, to the last breath and even beyond. Your body will sacrifice a limb to gangrene, as long as the Hope remains it will aid your overall survival. When all else fails, the worm will turn to bite, because that is the last Hope. We exhale our final breath, but the last thing to die, is the Hope for escape, survival, life. The driving force of the Metabolism is Hope.

Life presents the observer with many phenomena, and the intellect has to derive from that evidence the rules of his universe. Through the ages, Man formed many theories to explain the evidence of his senses. Some theories may appear to have some survival value, which automatically elevates such a useful theory to the status of working paradigm. We shall not mention all the different religions, political systems, economic brotherhoods or scientific disciplines vying for prominence as the One Truth, we only point out this one thing:

No matter how deep from your heart your own particular belief system comes, it started with an intellectual decision.  It may have been subconscious. It may have been drilled into you from childhood, it may be you had some epiphany, but if you are old enough to read this, you have had your chance to make choices, and those choices were all made with your intellect. They may have been ill-informed, ignorant, wilful even, but whatever your mind holds to be the Laws of Life that rule your existence, that is your Faith. You would be rudderless and careening from extreme to extreme, had you no Faith; your life is but the expression of that Faith.

Your brain talks Hormone, and so does every other organ. Hormones are the words of biological language; it is how every organ knows what’s going on in its environment, which is, of course, the body. That hollow feeling when you are afraid? A hormone secreted during stress. Butterflies in the tummy? A hormone. Happy? Sad? Angry, depressed, upset, hungry or in love? Hormones!

Hormones can be sent outside the body to communicate with other organisms.  Even single-cell organisms respond to hormones. The functioning of the entire body, from the metabolism to the brain, is directed, regulated and controlled by hormones, all of them in service of the One Goal: Survival until Procreation. Procreation is the only impulse stronger than survival. Who can stand against Love? Who is the man that dares destroy Love?


Which brings us to psycosatanic pseudomessiah, Baal Gates:

Gates, either by ignorance or psychosis, worships vaccines, and when he calls himself the Chief Evangelist of genetic modification, you can actually hear the capital C&E. His messianic fervour reached fever pitch with the covidiot vax. The mRNA vaccine treatment experiment was designed to interfere with, destroy and/ or replace the molecular machinery of your cells, the actual RNA functions that translate your DNA into You. Not only does this potentially make you patentable by some lab owner, it was designed to change your very being:

Just as your fate is tied to your beliefs, so is the State’s fate tied to the laws it hold onto as guidance for Society. Every law was corrupted to enforce a “New Normal” upon us. Places of worship were told to shut doors.  Worshiping congregants were raided and arrested. Governments were overridden by “expert advisors” under command of pharmaceutical companies like CDC. Entire economies were disrupted, destroyed and/or bankrupted by refusing them the opportunity to freely trade. All known medical science was corrupted or ignored to support the ‘official narrative’. The new Truth is to follow the science, and Frauci is the science, and scientific consensus is the True Faith.

The covidiot injectables attack the lymphatic system that regulates the hormonal communication between body systems. Damaging the lymphatic system means destroying cellular communications, corrupting the metabolic process, and all immunity.  The mRNA injectables are supposed to replace the metabolic functions needed to address any disease or condition imaginable. “Within four hours after receiving the genetic code from Wuhan, we had designed the covidiot vaccine.” You don’t need immunity if you got Pfizer. Until your medical insurance allowance runs out, of course. Then there’s no more Hope.

The covidiot prion, or spike protein, settles in all organs, but nowhere as quick and destructively as the kidneys and gonads. Dead babies all round, and no seed production for future breeding. By disrupting the hormone system, coupled with the satanic urge to cut off children’s genitals, and teaching them the benefits of prostitution as a ‘viable career choice’, our enemy has all but killed Love.  

 “...and these three things remain: Faith, Hope and Love, and the greatest of these is Love...”

Will there be a future generation to care, and if there is, will they be able to do something about it?

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TikTwatFaceGram is a stinking heap of shite, and if you are concerned that the ‘values’ and ‘censorship’ on those platforms are busy killing free speech, you are even sillier than the stupid, stupid people who use those childrens’ entertainment webservices as sources of intelligent information. Geez, guy, or gal, you are intellectually sparring with teenagers and robots. And losing? Against a computer?

That’s right, a large percentage of the chatter on your favourite ‘social media’ is actually machine-generated responses to keywords, and corporate advertising robots injecting keywords into your threads. Keywords that range from: ”go buy it now” to “go burn it down”. There is a reason some countries shut down Twitter when riots break out; because foreigners far away spread despicable incitation to violence and insurrection amongst kids who should be in school, not burning live witnesses in the street.

But urban warfare is but one aspect of these Bolsheviks getting hold of your attention: Teenagers who spend much time on their ‘platforms’ are increasingly obsessed with suicide. This has been widely reported, variously blamed on lockdown loneliness, ‘depression’ or, increasingly, “climate change anxiety”.  It is fair to say, suicides killed more people than any virus during the satanic covidiot lockdown of society, when the scumbags in government helped their Bankster pals rob entire countries blind.

There are a growing number of reports from people who got home and realised they just got that clotshot. They have always been opposed to covidiocy, and suddenly, they just get these thoughts: “aw... just get the shot, it will be great...” These people report being plagued by uncharacteristic thought patterns for some time before their strange relapse, and those who resist, report a steady increase in the number of ‘attacks’. Just a loving thought, as if from nowhere, regarding something you hate, distrust and vehemently oppose?

Now youngsters are starting to report frequent thoughts of gender reassignment. The high school slut isolated in her dorm, suddenly starts thinking about growing a beard. The young man locked up alone in his apartment because of covidiocy suddenly hates his own totty. The number of kids asking for puberty blockers and transgender hormones skyrocketed during the covidiot lockdown.

These aberrant thoughts suddenly crop up in otherwise normal people, but seemingly only the ones ‘up-to-date’ on their ‘News Media’. This does not seem to happen to real people with real lives, busy out in the sun and wind. There is a correlation between these thoughts of self-harm, and exposure to ‘Liberal’ media, meaning Bolshevik propaganda channels. And they are ALL liberal Bolshevik sites, because they all belong to the paragon of World Bolshevism, namely the Federal Reserve System, which only operates as a reserve bank only in a very abstract sort of way.

But why would these social platforms infuse us with counter-evolutionary thoughts? Of course, Baal Gates’ Microshit spellchecker wants to change that into “counterrevolutionary”. Can you see the subtle guidance of thought there? Remember, as George Orwell reminded us in 1984, your thoughts are constrained by you vocabulary. Well, like Baal Gates, every single one of these ‘social platforms’ actually belong to the CIA.

Well, actually, most social mediums belong to the same people the CIA belong to. What, you thought the CIA is a governmental institution? You really should get you news from some non-social media sources. Also, Baal Gates has not written one line of code in his entire miserating existence. The thing has been a Security Apparatus from day one, his very existence makes the rest of us miserable.

So, to sum up, the connected people on TikTwatFaceGram are reaching out to the world for validation, only to be subliminally hypnotised by robots programmed to respond to each user as per that individual profile, but with the ultimate intent to either absorb you into the Hive of Consent, or get rid of you. That is the purpose of those robots. If you use these things, and you cannot see how they are manipulating your very reality, then you have no right to be complaining about Free Speech or individual thought. You are there to become One-Of-Us. If they want your opinion on something, they’ll give it to you.

For those who complain about being deplatformed, do you understand now? Either you leave by your own accord, or accept when the bouncers throw you out. Wanna crawl back into that little virtual womb of validation and egotism? Well, either Change Your Ways, or get bombarded with suggestions you kill yourself, or at least cut off your genitals, so you don’t raise more deplorable extremists like yourself.

Conform. Join the Borg... Or take advantage of the many various platforms that allow you to publish your own opinion, out in the wild, where only quality and relevance determine your reputation and status. Twenty dollars a year buys you a web domain and the space needed on an Internet Service Provider server memory drive. It is more work, but no-one can stop you from saying anything not outright illegal. You can still be sued, but not just unilaterally silenced by some blue-haired paedophile in California.

You really do not have to look for personal validation by getting into tiffs with a computer subroutine created to suggest the best ways for you to off yourself. Stop complaining about censorship, grow a pair, and deny the Bolshevik his greatest weapon: Control of your thoughts. If you don’t know how to build a web site, go buy a cheap printer and leave pamphlets under peoples’ wipers.

Get a Google.blog, a Wordpress or Drupal ready-made site, sign up for Substack, anything, just do it! If what you have to say is that important or original, is it not worth the effort to let us know? Then stop playing childrens’ games on TikTwatFaceGram. Gossip and naked dancing will not save the world from (...insert your favourite pet peeve here...). We will drown their pornography and gossip under layers of science, crafts, health advice and positive personal experiences.

Free speech does not require fancy interactive social platforms, all it needs is for honest people to speak out against lies and abuse. They can close your TwitBookInstaPost account, but they cannot stop us from laughing in their stupid faces as we call out their lies in public places, like the supermarket checkout line. Start talking real things to real people again, instead of Hollywood celebrity gossip with computers programmed to validate agreeable comments.

Honest speech is always free, it is the lies that need financial support and legal protection.

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Task for cold lazy morning: Write something satirical about Joe Biden being too busy breathing to still bother about running a country.

Insert picture of “I Did That” sticker currently popular amongst concerned Americans.


Proceed to show that every single American president, since the pornographer Johnson, who finished the brutally murdered JFK’s term, were nothing but hired actors pretending to be King of the World.

Point out that blaming an obviously oblivious puppet for the Bolshevik agenda keeps uninformed people from asking who actually makes all those genocidal and viciously stupid decisions currently destroying human civilisation.

Conclusion: Joe Biden has no blame, because even if he was able to plan and act, Joe Biden ain’t done nuffin’ he was not told to do, by those who hired him to play-act on their behalf!

On the other hand, I think I just done writing the whole essay...

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Athletes have been dropping down dead on the field for years. In the 38 years to 2019, just over a thousand professional athletes have died on the field. That averages to 27 per year. School and college kids, or amateur gym bunnies that have died like this, were obviously not counted by the Olympic Committee. There have been almost three thousand such professional athletic deaths in the first nineteen months since the Great Scientist Baal Gates invested his wonderful new vaccine, 136 per month, and picking up speed. But we’ll not talk about that...today.

Let us talk about the old, stone cold cases. From back in the day when the first Schwarzeneggers started chomping down that ole’ Vitamin S. And then we all started dieting the Coca Cola way. Before Diet Coke, there was TAB, the first liquid product containing Aspartame, seeing as the stuff actually breaks down into formaldehyde and such when it touches water. The first Liquid product, they have been putting the poisonous dreck into puddings, sauces and kiddies’ vitamin pills for years. Where it only breaks down into formaldehyde inside your body.

We’ve known for decades that fake sugar, Aspartame, has a growing list of over one hundred known and proven ill health side effects, with no known “safe dosage” for any one individual (what is your tolerance to being embalmed alive?). Erratic muscle control and interference with involuntary neural function, such as balance, breathing and heartbeat are common. Now mix this vicious and unpredictable systemic pollutant with a substance purposefully meant to interfere with muscle metabolism and development, and what happens to the busiest muscle in the body? Screech! Anabolic steroids and aspartame, a match made in hell. Or maybe the Igor in the Rothschild’s basement runs the medical standards board.

The heart develops with the rest of the foetus, in perfect proportion to that specific body’s needs. Usually, barring the rare genetic defect. If damaged by 1%, it will have to work one percent harder to serve that body. This overstrains the heart by 1%, which eventually causes one percent more damage. A heart damaged by two percent, has to work 2% harder. It has to if it is pumping blood laced with synthetic steroids, telling it to perform even better than possible, causing in the long run two percent more damage, and four becomes eight, and eight sixteen, and by your seventh little “cardiac incident” you have lost power in two thirds of your heart. Most people don’t even recognise their first two or three “arrhythmic episodes”.

Is this news? No, this has been known for decades, and the same doctors who are happily collecting kickbacks for ‘vaccinating’ you with Baal Gates’ poisonous covidiot dreck, have been spending their entire friggin’ careers injectifecting you and your children with poisonous cocktails of petroleum solvents, metal fragments, cancer cells, cow afterbirth, artificial sugar and, according to the latest tests, glyphosate. I am not kidding about that list, and it is far from complete. You won’t believe what they put in that dreck they call ‘vaccines’. ALL OF THEM!


Now why is my doctor happy to inject me with NutraSweet and Roundup? Is it because he is desperate to make friends with the kind of person that poisons the entire food chain? Do they all belong to  some kind of Bimbo Sciencer Cult of Consensus? Or are doctors, in the majority, a bunch of psychotics who laugh when they tell each other how many children’s lives they shortened this past week?

The only other possible explanation must be that they are stupid, dangerous quacks, who must be stripped of all legal privileges and protections. And sued for all the children they have damaged... and don’t forget all the grannies they murdered with opioids, torturous medical procedures and criminal neglect during their covidiot scamdemic.

But somehow, I don’t think it is only the aspartame killing off so many young athletes these days, I wonder what new poison has come on the market. Maybe Baal Gates can tell us, he’s the frigging genius, ain’t he?

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Okay, maybe we should not call the “twitter files” Fake. But neither is it News. As each new “shocking release” hits the social media pages of those who get their news from social media pages, the apathy is deafening. Do people not care about being lied to by their favourite famous influencers? Have they no concern for the lies, fabrications and censorship exposed by the magnanimous efforts of our latest saviour, Elon Musk? Do we not appreciate the Truth Coming Out?

Maybe we do care about being used for fools, we’re just waiting for our favourite influencers to tell us what to think about it.

The Twitter Files is a massive dump of mails and messages on the collusion between Big Tech and government to silence and censor opposition voices. We hear about all the spooks employed to read and dis/approve our every post. We hear about secret channels between TwitFaceGramPost and secretive government agencies like FBI. We hear about the FBI having their own separate communications network within the TwatGram network, we hear about Conservative voices secretly curtailed from reaching widespread distribution. We even hear about meetings between InstaTikTwatPostFace and Antonchrist Frauci to synchronise the covidiot narrative. We are told this is all being exposed by a brave knight on a battery-driven blue budgie.

Now not enough people are upset by these “shocking revelations”?


I can tell Elon (and his taskmasters in the CIA) why their “exposures” are of interest to so very few people: We already knew! The only people who are surprised by this reprise of old news, are the ones who 1: Don’t care, and 2: Couldn’t be bothered. All the rest of us have been screaming blue murder since day one. We did not need Musk to tell us that TwitGramTokBook is run by the CIA, whose friends DARPA invented “social media” as we know it.

Every single alphabet-soup agency operative that joined the Twitheads, was announced as it joined. Sometimes by Twatter themselves as a kind of brag or trophy, sometimes it took the headlines on Whatreallyhappened.com and Rense.com, but someone always found out and let us know. But it was not important until someone important was told to tell us it was important. 'Was', because it is too late to do anything about it now, years after the horse bolted the stable. Not that the majority cares, anyway, they are pretty sure it was not their horse. Only beggars care for horses.

Before Trump was thrown off, Hillary Obama let the world know they are about to do it. When people who asked questions were disappeared off the Twatfeeds, every Hollywood ho’ cackled about it while interviewing each other. When Baal Gates and his fiend Frauci announced their covidiot scam, they bragged about getting every famous Hollygroomer superstar onto a collective Zoom telecall, and in detail we were regaled with how Frauci laid down the “official narrative” for them all to adhere to and promote. Qualified, experienced doctors and researchers lost their licenses to practice for refusing to follow Frauci’s fraudulent science. Why pretend it is the first word we hear about this? Why the pretend-surprise?

Why now pretend it was a conspiracy, when it was a public exhibition of control-porn for power freaks?

There never were any brilliant young entrepreneurs inventing a Free Future; Gates, Zuckerberg et al were CIA-connected family members earmarked to be the public face to a military operation powered by DARPA under the careful guidance of The Fed’s private shareholders.

But here’s to all those millions of people who had deep and moving experiences memeing politics and morality with “Followers” and “Friends”. You followed government spooks and befriended computers.

So much for the Turing Test!

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We shall not argue the merits of the unapproved experimental genome manipulators being forced upon the population under the guise of “vaccines”. In this age of ‘Information Technology’ we do not pretend to be the Voice of Truth. However, we have something most social media junkies do not: Dictionaries! To be precise, we have taken upon ourselves the task of translating the Bolshevik gobbledegook into plain language. Today, we want to translate the phrase “Covid Vaccines cause rare blood clots.”

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"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
-- Buckminster Fuller

A free template for anyone’s use. By signing and publishing this contract on a public forum, the candidate commits to pure Democracy. This contract means to offer the constituents a free and quick way to get rid of poor performers, while at the same time make it nearly impossible to dismiss a good administrator by subjecting a public officer to the perennial popularity contests called “elections”.

To ensure the elected official’s honesty after the election, we demand adherence to a short list of directives, each named and hyperlinked to a less terse and legalistic motivation for each of these rules.

Why would you vote for anyone that refuses to sign this simple document?


Presenting myself _____________________________ as candidate for the

public service post of __________________________ 

in the constituency of _________________________

I hereby solemnly take the following oath as the legally enforceable contract between myself and the voting public:

  1. Democracy:

I shall not accept, countenance, suggest, support, promulgate, promote or vote into existence any rule, regulation or law that is not to the equal benefit of all social classes, and I shall, at every opportunity, get rid of existing undemocratic laws and regulations.

  1. Non-Partisanship:

I shall renounce and denounce membership of all clubs, fraternities, trade collectives and any other special-interest group, including non-governmental organisations and political parties.

  1. Translucency:

I shall publish live all public funds records I have access to, and at every possible opportunity publish all other figures coming to my attention, constantly campaign and act to open all other government expenditure, contracts and agreements to free and immediate public scrutiny, and actively resist any attempts at revenge upon anyone notifying the public of fraud or conspiracy against them.

  1. Accountability:

I shall attend all of my Executive Council meetings, whether at Local or State Assembly level, which are public courts where each official shall constantly be ready to supply all the facts and figures related to his/her portfolio as demanded during the constant discussion of the Town/ Department/ State’s affairs.

  1. Loyalty:

I shall arrange, schedule and publicly advertise all meetings at times and places accessible to the public. If public participation is impractical even virtually, full and true records of said meeting shall be revealed to the public within 24 hours.

  1. Humility:

I shall retain my post for as long as I am able and willing, and subject myself to instant dismissal by public referendum, triggered by that number of signatures that exceeds half the number of people who voted me into office.

  1. Honesty:

I shall execute my official duty to the best of human ability, with honesty to all my constituency and reverence for none but the citizens of this country, and any criminal act I perform against my constituency, shall be prosecuted as treason.


Signed on this day___________ at _______________

on this public portal:

 _____________________________________________ (insert link)






The following list explains the thought behind each of the directives:

  1. Democracy:

Definition: Representatives from all social classes governing to the benefit of all social classes. This rule serves to ensure that laws are carefully considered and debated by society as a whole, instead of the current way, which often involves secretive meetings between banksters and the puppets they sponsored into power. The proposed way removes the motivation for institutionalised robbery, such as deferred taxes and subsidies for partisan groups.

  1. Non-Partisanship:

The first and foremost, most obvious and blatant problem with the current “Multi-Party” popularity contests sold as democracy, is that the quality of the candidate has no relation to the job at hand. Whatever promises the candidate makes to win your vote, are forgotten after the election. Not because the person is evil, but it ran on some Party’s ticket, and won on that Party’s ticket, and now it has to execute Party protocol, or it gets replaced. And sued for breaking contract. You don’t wanna get sued by career gangsters...
Even more insidious than party loyalty, is the brotherhood of the secret handshake. To an outsider the average Free Mason type of fraternity may seem like grown men playing at Tree House Gang, but how can you trust a wo/man for public office, when it has pledged its very life in obedient service to their club’s First Master or Grand Brother or whatever that specific brotherhood calls their Magnificent Leader. Pledged its very life; imagine having a flunky like that in a position of authority! You can rob, rape or murder millions with no consequence; some idiot who stood for election will take the fall...and this obviously is what happens every day.
The same principle holds for any special-interest group the candidate may belong to; give a philatelist legislative powers, and suddenly everything will need a stamp, with special subsidies for envelope licking and permit taxes on emails.

  1. Translucency:

Good account keeping is the basis of civilisation. The current decay of civilisation is due in no small part to the successful Bolshevik campaign to convince the voting public that Economics is a terribly complex issue best left to the experts. This national ignorance enables wholesale theft by anyone involved in government contracts, and should any wrongdoing be uncovered, the crime is obscured by technical jargon and abstractions.
By allowing the public access to the daily facts and figures, the official is protected from temptation, and the people can see that their money is spent well. Any observer that can prove fraud, wins a prize equal to 1% of the sum in question. Any entity that can reclaim and return misappropriated monies to the State, can have another 9%. The official/s and/or contractors involved will be charged with treason.

  1. Accountability:

Modern Parliaments have degraded into gabfests, where officials either prattle empty rhetoric, or repetitively congratulate themselves on their own magnificent achievements. This institution must be reformed into a public court of highest authority, where each official is present, ready and able to supply the latest figures and updates on all aspects of his portfolio. All contentious issues are only considered resolved after public referendum.

 Half of the official’s very generous pay is withheld for five years, as security against any administrative mistakes with delayed costs. Parliament should be counting the nation’s assets, not the length of each another’s empty speeches. They should be testing the mettle of our functionaries, not Party members’ loyalties.

Assembly is where the government stand to answer before the nation, not to argue each other on petty issues. Where disagreements between representatives arise, the issue shall be resolved by public referendum. Should any State department need specialised advice, citizens with the needed expertise will freely offer the best current available wisdom from their actual economic existence, not the vague political and economic theories so beloved by career politicians and their very expensive “expert advisors”.

  1. Loyalty:

Fraud and deceit rule where secrecy and conspiracy thrive. Decisions on public matters should be taken in public view, with public participation where practical. This may mean that every public official has to wear a camera, much like police often do. Public buildings, being present in every district and under close surveillance, have all the facilities needed to accommodate meetings between officials and private or public contractors, negating the need for strip clubs, luxury resorts and massage parlours with underage prostitutes as negotiation venues. The terms and conditions of such meetings being instantly known, open and free bidding will automatically ensue, further enforcing honesty in the tender process. If there are no secrets, there can be no fraud.

  1. Humility:

We have been given regular elections, with lots of pomp and circumstance, scandal and connivance, carefully calculated to create the illusion of public participation in the so-called Democratic Process. While elections every handful of years gives one hope that the corrupt kleptocrat currently occupying the position will sooner or later be voted out, the fact is, that it likely will be replaced with someone even more venal and corrupt. It also raises the following difficulty;

Should we, by chance or design, happen upon an honest, hard-working and effective person in any position, we have no benefit, because it will soon be voted out. Any project big and complex enough to warrant government oversight, is not likely to be completed within the span of one political term. If anyone can be convinced to sign off on anything someone else is likely to win credit for later, chances are the project will be neglected by the succeeding administration. This leads to short-term vanity projects aimed at building the politicians’ reputations and bank balances, instead of grand public infrastructure projects needed for building the national coffer.

  1. Honesty:

A government official who, within the confines of the portfolio, commits an offence, is considered to have broken the oath of office. Any act contrary to the oath of loyalty to the constituency is, by definition, treason. A thieving policeman, a rapist teacher, a bought judge or a bribed inspector is not to be prosecuted as a common criminal, but as a traitor to the entire country.

To help the official maintain a high level of patriotism, erring officials must be audited in detail, including family members, business associates and anyone with whom the official has exchanged value exceeding a set amount, say the local price of one ounce of gold. This way, the candidates are pre-filtered by those who know them best. Those most likely to be criminally incompetent will be discouraged from entering public life by their own family and friends, afraid of being audited due to the candidate’s corruption or ineptitude. Half the candidate's generous pay cheque is retained for a term of five years, as guarantee against any possible loss or damage caused by incompetence or fraud.

Final Notes:

The foregoing list is a working copy of an open project. While all effort should be expended upon refining and improving these rules, we should resist expanding and complicating it. It has been said that every new law creates 300 new criminals, but that was said at a time when large cities contained a few ten thousands of people, instead of the millions we have today.

Now laws are made purely to legalise the corruption of those who can afford to have new laws made. The legislation enabling Derivatives trading is a case example. The entire world is about to go bankrupt because of humongous bets made by incredibly rich people, who then sold on those bets as ‘investments’. Shares in non-existent bugger-all. Shares with a collective “value” of over 700 TRILLION dollars. And now they want “their money”! Which entails auditing the entire Earth, balancing the books, and handing over the world’s ownership to a World King. From the bloodline of King David Himself, no less.

This would not have happened, but then we started appointing communist children and society wives to positions of national administration... And none of them can be punished, because they merely execute Party Policy, and Party Policy is the Will of the People, according to whomever counted the votes last. Maybe the contract above can be a step back towards sanity, humanity and Good Administration. Not Good Governance, which is another type of contract, the one we would like to see published (and punished) under Directives 1,3 and 5.


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
-- Buckminster Fuller


This is such a new model. You can replicate it anywhere, any time. No-one will believe me if I said you stole my idea, anyway. Don’t break it, but feel free to improve on it. Improve, not complexify, Improve!

P.S. As a writer, of course I would like to be credited with the original, but I actually don’t even know if it really is original...


paranoid goy

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A recently published survey named the twenty most common passwords used to “secure” personal computing devices, like laptops and phones. Guess what is the most favourite password? Do not look at your keyboard, close your eyes when you try remember the exact layout of your keyboard. What is the first thing comes to mind? 123456. Maybe you type a lot, so maybe you got stuck at qwerty. Ever used those for a password? Not even right at the beginning, when the password thing was such a bother?

Maybe you were clever, like about 20% of us, and you opted for password? I know I have used all three of those, then I was made clever by some other clever dude, and I learned the most bestest of ways for to make better security in the making of passwords. That grammar was awful, I know, but that is lesson number one! Be unpredictable!

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VIRUS: Vague, Incredibly Remunerative, Unproven $h!#stories

Viral Theory is just a theory. There is not one single person on this earth that can produce a single virus “cell” for reproducible infectious studies. If this is news to you, you may already be reaching for the little X in the corner that will close this page. Hang around, because the following theory is a damn sight more interesting than the phantasmagorical nonsense parroted by doctors who get kickbacks from Pharmafia for every prescription of poisonous dreck they issue to ‘treat’ pathogens they cannot physically produce.

The virus guys cannot show you a single, separated and replicated virus cell, because it would “divulge trade secrets”. Or they point at a Petri dish full of cancer cells and say: “Look, we are breeding millions of viruses, see, science!” Do not, however, ask them to take a virus out there and show it to you. They say they infer the existence of the virus by the damage it does to its host. Even the covidiot sciencers complained about the challenges of designing a vaccine “in the absence of a physical sample” of the computer-generated, computer-designed, computer-displayed SARS-COV-2-dash-werallgonnadynao killer virus.

“Oh, but, but viruses are real tiny, you can’t see them with a microscope even.” We now have microscopes that can see the gap between atoms, and yet, the best photograph of a virus they can produce, is something like this:

The above picture was captioned as a bacteriophage, and described as “a virus that infects bacteria”. As the name indicates, it is actually a ‘bacteria-eater’ which is produced by all higher life forms as part of their immune system. A variety of these creatures are in your body right now, going around the system, attacking and devouring pathogens and infected cells, hopefully before they can breed and make you sick. They sometimes go crazy and try rip pollutants out your cells, causing Hollywood-style accidental damage. They did not cause the pollution, they did not cause the ‘disease’.

Another kind of picture often used to “prove” the existence of viruses, is the type showing exosomes on a cell. Exosomes are little bags made of fat, called Vacuoles. They enclose dead or diseased organelles, or any other debris found inside a living cell. These potentially dangerous fragments are collected by moving proteins living in each cell, and shoved into the vacuole, containing a fluid with higher acidity than the cell in general, which kills or immobilises most pathogens. This little bag of rubbish is then pushed out through the cell wall, to be disposed of by phages such as above, or filtered by lymph nodes, kidneys, liver etc. The genetic waste material inside these exosome bubbles, is taken to be some viral genome, while the fatty container is called a “viral envelope” giving rise to a specific class of virus, the “enveloped virus”. The phage we met earlier, having no fatty layer, is classified as a “naked virus”.


Microphoto of exosomes on a cell wall. This author contends that damage caused by some specific toxin will express specific exosomes, therefor different people exposed to the same environmental poison, will express similar exosomes containing the same waste. Specifics in individual bodies may cause some slight change in the chemistry of this waste, giving rise to the virologists ‘discovering a new mutated strain’. OhMyGodiCron Beta 2/Delta, here we come.

Ever heard of the Rosenau experiment? Way back when Baal Gates’ Grampappy Fred was running the viral scam for Rothschild, causing the vaccine-derived Spanish “Flu” in 1918, a Doctor Rosenau used military prisoners as ‘test subjects’. He exposed healthy soldiers to ill ones. Smeared them with snot. He ended up injecting snot into their veins, and still no proof of transmission. This confirmed earlier experiments on horses. Exosomes are already dead, killed by acid. To replicate the symptoms, you have to administer the original poison.

But transmission has been demonstrated. Sort of. Tom Bearden cites the case of the Death Ray. It was demonstrated that a diseased, dying leaf, when brought next a fresh healthy leaf, will cause the healthy leaf to wither quicker than usual. Putting the two leaves in separate containers stops this effect, provided the containers are made of a material impervious to short wavelengths beyond the ultraviolet range.

But people call Colonel Bearden a crackpot, so, for a theory on viral transmission, we shall rely on Professors Rupert Sheldrake and Luc Montagnier. But that is another article... You gotta see that stuff, science is asking us new questions, and the answers are not comfortable.

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There is hardly any corporation on earth with the distribution capacity of Coca Cola’s. In fact, this distribution system has become so pervasive, Bill Gates wants us to believe he will save the world by spreading his poisonous vaccines The Coke Way. We shall not argue the merits of his poisonous cocktails here, but let us look at the so-called Coca Cola Effect, and pretend we have some evil drugs to disseminate. Just for fun, a laugh, a little chortle, if you will.

First, we ask how Coke has become so good at distribution.

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This text may be read with the eassay on Virology for Unbelievers, where we left you to find out (or not) who Tom Bearden, Rupert Sheldrake and Luc Montagnier are.

Rupert Sheldrake is possibly the most brilliant natural philosopher of our time. Sheldrake introduced the world to the concept of “Morphic Resonance”. The easiest way to demonstrate the principle is with two strings pulled equally tight, so they make the same note when vibrated. With the two tuned strings close together, make the one string vibrate, and observe the second string starting to hum as well. Sheldrake says this is true for shapes as well. Shapes, or ‘morphology’, are ‘tuned’ in space and time, and may cause far-off matter to vibrate in sympathy, causing that particular shape to arise as if from nothing.

To illustrate this principle, Sheldrake mentions the case of mass-produced gelatine. Gelatine is a fatty substance obtained from animal parts high in collagen. It’s is what Jello is made of. You are surely aware that Jello is sold as a powdery chrystal, not fat, so what gives? In the old days, gelatine was indeed sold as a fatty liquid. Then one day, a barrel of gelatine shipped halfway around the world is opened, and the angry client finds, instead of fatty liquid, a chrystallised mess. As of that time, gelatine freely chrystallises. The molecules found a new, more stable way to arrange themselves and, somehow, told the rest of the gelatine across the world.

Various labs have reproduced this effect in other materials, and the pharmaceutical industry is quietly running around like headless chickens, trying to chrystallise the anhydrates they patented, instead of the totally worthless, possibly harmful hydrates that suddenly appeared on their production lines, before the general public realise their poisonous placebos are now not even the dreck advertised on the packet. For homework, I tell the reader that Sheldrake has demonstrated this principle works even for ideas and thoughts. Dogs do, indeed, know when their owner is on the way home!

The mechanism behind this, Sheldrake calls “morphic fields”, which propagate through space and even time, supplying a kind of blueprint for shapes and forms. This concept, though familiar to physics, seem vague in this context, a fact Sheldrake freely admits to, and will clarify before he leaves us, I am sure. You can take part in live mass-experiments on such marvellous theories via his web site. In the meantime, we have another mechanism to consider, as amply and repeatedly (Science!) demonstrated by Luc Montagnier.

Montagnier discovered that certain DNA emit signals detectable by a coil of wire wrapped around a vial containing dilute solutions of known genetic material. This signal can be recorded, and replayed to a vial containing nothing but pure water, and the genetic material will appear in that water.  The good professor states that not all cells, or at least their nuclei, produce these recordable signals. For now, we accept that Montagnier cannot detect signals at the frequencies and amplitudes he expects, and the rest of the spectrum still needs investigation.

What is important here, is the fact that DNA is made up of many single chrystals, built up into a more complex but strictly chrystalline structure. We further note that chrystals can be reconstituted from seemingly nothing by means of electromagnetic signals. We are confident that different chrystals have different reactive frequencies, which we can consider as morphic fields. Once a certain substance has taken a specific form, that form may propagate some distance purely by electromagnetic means.

It is often remarked what an excellent antenna the chromosome is. The DNA in screwed up into a spiral of spirals made of spirals several levels deep. It is a fact that virology as a business plan took off with the invention of the radio, grew suddenly during the development of RADAR, leapt up on the back of television broadcasting, multiplied with the upsurge in cell phones, and is a roaring lion in the age of the pervasive WiFi signal and its inescapable bastard child, 5G.

Correlation does not causation imply, of course, and They tell me it’s all rainbows as long as it is “non-ionising” radiation, like in a microwave oven. Which operates at the bottom end of the 5G spectrum. So far not one of the “buh, buh cellphones are non-ionising” lot were willing to demonstrate the safety of non-ionising radiation by sticking their hand in a microwave oven.

So there is the thing that some chrystal forming spontaneously in you, may find existence joyful, and broadcast this new form to the fluids in me, thus ‘infecting’ me. Montagnier demonstrates the effect with frequencies in a copper coil. Bearden tells us from a source I did not verify that things happen at frequencies that pass through a quarts window, but is stopped by glass, which implies ultra-violet light, a frequency not producible in a sizeable copper coil, nor recordable using sound equipment.

Whatever is happening, your little mask is worthless, so are your rubber gloves, plastic face shield and sanitiser. Okay, the sanitiser stops actual physical pathogens, keep that. But not on the child every five minutes, man!

Meanwhile, the virologists sit around their little colonies of cancerous kidney cells harvested from a foetus aborted in 1946, and they feed it with afterbirth from a cow, and they poison it with solvents so harsh the fumes eat the lenses off your eyes, and then they gleefully point at the puss running from their ‘growth medium’ and shout: “Look at my viruses, look at me, look at me, I got viruses!” Then we give the bastards a Nobel prize for injecting that mixture of cancer, cow, solvent and puss, mixed with Roundup, Aspartame and metal shards, into millions of little children under the guise of Public Health Care.

To protect you from an invisible but patented demon that somehow always manages to mutate just enough to get past your old vaccine, go get a new one. Payment plans available, insured customers please use the fast lane.

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There are those who threaten us with second and third waves of “The Pandemic”. Baal Gates goes so far as to promise us pandemics with “higher fatality until we take notice” of him and his insistent desire to vaccinate us all with a vaccine that only he has the authority to approve. Of course, the first wave of Covid was already the “second wave”, but somehow every “news” pundit and “libertarian” webmaster has forgotten the first wave of infections Baal demanded we line up to have vaccinated en masse for. Do you, dear reader, still remember the terrible pandemic in 2018/19, when hundreds, okay, maybe not hundreds, but over a hundred children died of measles? Or did they? Remember how Baal gates and his friends demanded we all stand in line for his special injections? No? Maybe you missed our article on that one.

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Regulars to this site may be aware that we have a bee in our bonnet regarding food, how and where it is produced, and the quality of the final product shoved down our throat. The stuff we eat these days consist mostly of over-processed, genetically corrupted and poison-drenched gunk disguised to look like food. In particular we regularly talk about the destruction of agriculture and replacing farms with open-air biomass factories drenched in hormones and antibiotics,  and controlled-environment chemistry-set pseudo-vegetable gardens. And now Baal Gates has become a farmer…

This site has never pretended to journalism.  We don’t do “happenings” and we certainly don’t discuss people and their doings. It has been said that stupid people talk about other people. Normal people talk about events. Intelligent people, apparently, talk about issues. That is why we do not cover the covidiot-1984 scamdemic beyond things like mentioning that PCR is not a test, and therefor “PCR covid tests” are not actually testing you for infection, and everyone who say they do, are either ignorant or corrupt. But Baal Gates is not a (human) person, nor is he ‘happening’, no, Baal Gates, Holy Profit of GMO, the Great Vaccinator with Covid Inside, has become an issue, an issue we need to address before he habituates us all to the new religion his masters are foisting upon us.

Let me repeat that: Our problem is not Gates itself; the thing is a self-absorbed moron, commonly described by observers as having symptoms indicating brain damage and curtailed early development. Commonly called ‘autistic’ and ‘psychotic’, he trundles across the world stage pretending to be King Kong, but upon closer inspection, he has all the hallmarks of an organ grinder’s monkey. In one person, we have a collage of personalities from the most eminent personages of the twentieth century: Henry Kissinger, Chairman Mao, Churchill, Margaret Thatcher, both George Bushes, Obama, both the Clintons, Biden and Netanyahu… name a demented career criminal, and Baal Gates thinks he can out-whoo-ha-hah! them all.  

Baal Gates’ public persona is entirely the product of spending millions on newspapers and journals and television “news” to act as his panegyrists. A panegyrist is the obsequious little twerp shuffling ahead of the king, screaming flowery and fantastic praises to god’s very own anointed progeny, his majesty the light of the nation, the slayer of injustice blah blah blah... Think of CNN and their religious adoration of Hillary Clinton and/or Obama.

Only the most cynical and contrary dare think of Baal Gates as other than a little god. For a long time he was known as “the richest man on earth”. Do you realise how much propaganda is needed for one man to overshadow the Rothschilds, Gettys, Vanderbilts, Windsors? Of course, if you believe he actually has more money than Jesus, I am insulting your Holey Profit, so leave it at that. What concerns us here, is what he is doing with all that money he earns by not paying taxes at the rate us plebes do. For one, he’s teaching the lesser races of earth how to farm.

When the newspaper tells you Baal Gates has donated ex many millions to some agricultural project amongst the needy idiot Africans who cannot feed themselves, they actually mean he has corrupted another local government into disowning their peasants to the benefit of, not Gates, oh no, not to his so-called ‘Foundation’, or even his newly-acquired alimony duties. No, all that beautiful money goes clean and clear into the pockets of international mega-corporations in which Baal has “but modest investment”. Like Monsanto and Syntegra and manufacturers of fancy tractors and poisonous fertilisers. And Pfizer and Moderna and Sinovac and J&J and...

So, Baal makes a billion selling vaccines to governments, then he “gifts” those profits to his Gates Foundation “charity”, which then uses that money to bribe third-world governments into allowing Monsanto to “educate” the peasants into the wonders of modern agriculture. To practice this wonderful new way of farming, all you need is to buy genetically modified seeds from Syntegra, spray them liberally with all sorts of special poisons from Monsanto, then you fire all your staff so you can buy high-tech implements and machinery for which spares only exist in America and Dubai.

The end result? The farmer is so deep in debt that, by the time he realises that GMO is not the promised miracle solution to hunger, he has two choices: Commit suicide and hope the insurance pays his family, or sell the land to some Vanguard or BlackRock subsidiary. The loans the farmer made from Baal’s bankster friends were, of course, as part of Baal’s philanthropic crusade, fully guaranteed by the third-world government in question, so that turns into instant clean profit, no matter what outcome the farmer experiences.

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are promoted the world over. Baal Gates really calls himself Monsanto’s “GMO Evangelist”. Various liberal intellectuals with zero farming experience swear high and low GMOs will “solve world hunger”. Of course, the Bolshevik way to “end hunger” is to kill off the hungry. In reality, every single country outside America has found GMOs to be expensive, high maintenance, dependent upon chemical additives, disruptive of the normal breeding cycle, and overall, definitely not as fruitful as land race cultivars.

In Malawi, Baal Gates and his “charity” has led to a 40% reduction in harvests, making subtropical, water rich, previously fertile Malawi dependent upon food imports. In India, farmers are committing suicide in their hundreds every month because they cannot afford the chemical inputs needed to keep their GMO plants alive. The crop itself, of course, is very well insured against all mishaps. Insured for Gates and his crew, not the farmer. Whatever happens to the farmer, Baal will make his profit.

In South America, entire genetic lines are dying out under the weight of the poisons needed to protect the seed farms that supply the rest of the world with sterile, genetically corrupted Frankenseeds to grow as crops. Children growing up next to banana plantations experience horrible health issues, not least of which is their brains swelling up and forming excess tissue. A poison manufacturer, upon hearing this, cackled and demanded he gets paid for “making their kids cleverer”. Their IQ’s tend to 40 points lower than average, their lifespan shortened by half, and their immune systems eradicated. At least Baal gives them plenty vaccines... No food, no dignity, no sympathy, just vaccines.

 But if you’re hungry, I guess you can go work on Baal’s potato farm, he says the thing is so big, you can see it from the Space Station. The potatoes are for Lays crisps, not for you. You get Soylent.

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There are any number of dorks on my teevee running around the countryside, chasing after reports of Flying Saucers and Little green Men and Mutilated Cows and Ancient Aliens.  Mostly, they just interview each other, as “world renowned expert” on some aspect of the chase or another. Managing to publish a book on the subject seems to be the sole criterion for qualifying as an expert, even if you mostly plagiarise previous writers on your chosen subject. After forty years of reading a string of these “exposés” and “shocking new theories”, I am not one wit closer to seeing a spaceship or being probed up the oochie by some tall blue chick from Arachschpootle-573. Could be I’m too ugly for them nasty ETs. Mostly, I think, it’s because most all UFOs are actually not even aircraft.

In the old days, we called them dragons.

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When the now relatively popular blogger eugyppius started, the paranoid goy asked him, as self-proclaimed expert professional in things virological, why Ivermectin should cure covid, if covidiocy was indeed viral. I asked if we should not look for parasites instead. The man was quite dismissive, and reminded me how many times medicines work for unrelated intentions. I dared him to bring me a viral symptom I cannot induce with one bad meal.

Then came the stories of parasite eggs in the vaccine, parasites hatching, almost evolving from more primitive morphologies. The Hydra parasites are well-published vehicles for causing ‘desirable’ genetic damage to cells. It is beyond the scope of this quick rant to discuss tiny parasitic slugs altering the cell genome, but the scientific papers are available. Pharmafia does not deny there are slugs in their covidiot infection.

There is reason the covidiots over at CNN are calling people idiots who eat horse paste. There is a reason for Baal Gates’ best fiend Frauci to try ban human consumption of Ivermectin in any form. There is a reason the critics are concentrating on the cheapness of worm paste compared to mRNA infections.

Stop eating the horse paste, you useless eaters, you are killing the little slugs in Baal’s Holey Waters. How is lord Baal supposed to control the evolution of our species, if you dumb bastards keep on killing the bugs in his operating system? Wait for the official patch, like every other boosted customer!

No friggin’ horse sense, these anti-vaxxer sheople...

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So, the Pentagon issues an RFQ (request for quotation) to anyone willing and able to host their data “on the cloud”. For months, the news media was abuzz with speculation on the main contenders in the race; Microsoft, Google, Amazon. Anybody who has ever had a thought on things military, immediately asked “Pentagon data on an open, or at least privately-owned computer network? The ones regularly “hacked” and the personal data of millions of people stolen and sold into the criminal underground known as on-line marketers? Really? Can that be considered a safe way to handle the military data of the army supposed to protect the population?” We conspiracy theorists are so naïve, we actually thought the Military-Industrial Complex are going to put their secrets where we can find them. The truth turns out to be simpler, easier, so much more frightening!

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Oy Vey, the VAIDS is upon us! What to do about the scourge of “vaccine derived immunity suppression” currently sweeping the unvaccinated world. Before we all cover in sack and ash, Greenpets shall, as always, the little shining beacon of hope in this dreary, variant-ridden stage play of betrayed faith in science.

The first benefit derived from immunity loss, is the massive realisation that Science is not a cult. Science has no followers and no prophets. Saying stupid things like: “Follow the science” should be considered equal with “follow the rainbow” or “follow the good reverent Jim Jones”. Science does not lead, it requires no followers. Science has no holy dogma, it merely informs, never propagandises.

The second thing to learn from vaccine induced immune damage, is that Science is not a religion. Science offers no Truth, no Proof, only evidence and more questions. To “believe in science” is even less logical than belief in angels, demons or unicorns. Your faiths and beliefs and preferences and morals do not change facts, they only colour your interpretation of your experiences in the real world. If you believe real hard, humans never had a proper immune system to start with...

Another lesson to learn while we wonder what to do after our immune system has been destroyed to make place for an “operating system”, is the value of experts, expert opinion, and expert opinion makers. Specialisation and complexification has led to a state where decision makers employ people to form opinions on important facets of the business at hand. These people then form focus groups and think tanks, where they formulate the required opinions and ways to disperse those opinions amongst the population as if a spontaneous public reaction. They are paid to form YOUR opinion for you.

To motivate the masses towards the ‘correct’ opinion, we are overwhelmed with true but irrelevant, or false but plausible advice and guidance, until most people just succumb to ‘information overload’ and “leave it to the experts”. To prevent anybody from filtering out the valuable information and distilling it for the general, non-reading public, censorship of all blasphemy against the “official narrative” will soon be persecuted by Law. Even if they have to assassinate the scientists who differ from the expert opinion.

But soon, very soon, the last lesson to be learned from VAIDS will be this:

By accepting Baal Gates’ injected “operating system” you have signed up for the next evolution in financialised health care: Your immune system may be dead and gone, my dear, but as soon as the dust settles, you will be able to take any viral complaint to your doctor, and within four hours, that’s right, just as the lady said that designed the Pfizer jab: “...once we received the gene sequence for the corona virus, we had the vaccine designed in four hours...” within four hours, for any viral complaint under the sun, four hours, and you will have a custom designed, personally tailored vaccine available.

Of course, as we reported on this site two or three years ago, each treatment costs one hundred thousand dollars. That cost may have come down, we do not care enough to find out. Besides, even if viruses did exist as advertised by Pharmafia, your immune system used to do a lot more for you than fight the ‘flu. Like defending against constant attacks by cancer-causing poisons in our junk food. Or just eating away the dead, rotting cells where you bumped yourself. Ask the lepers about that one...

But that’s the Last Lesson; very few life threatening diseases are actually caused by ‘viruses’. Bacteria and radiation and contaminated food and injury is what keeps grown-ups awake... but those are old, old lessons, learned from our ignorant forbears who could not even figure out a cell phone, let alone design a nanometer scale lymphocide. Read again, lymphocide, nanometer lymph-o’-cii-ide.

All hail Baal Gates, for he brings us the Final Solution

I dare you call him a “fucking Nazi”

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There is hardly any corporation on earth with the distribution capacity of Coca Cola’s. In fact, this distribution system has become so pervasive, Bill Gates wants us to believe he will save the world by spreading his poisonous vaccines The Coke Way. We shall not argue the merits of his poisonous cocktails here, but let us look at the so-called Coca Cola Effect, and pretend we have some evil drugs to disseminate. Just for fun, a laugh, a little chortle, if you will.

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It is a long stretch, but what if the intentions behind the genome manipulators masquerading as influenza vaccines, were actually meant to be for the benefit of all mankind, and not just a quick and brutal mass execution of the “sheeple”? This author, on this site, being one of the very first amateurs to report on the development, promises and most obvious dangers of gene therapy, feel his track record intact, and entitled to answer discuss a question more frequently popping up amongst the more aware citizenry:

What if the clotshots were actually intended to protect us against a future biological world war?

In 2017 Russians accused American-paid NGO’s of going around Russian territory, collecting genome samples from various ethnic groups. Your Genome is the sum total of all genetic material contained in one single cell, including cellular debris and ‘infections’. They said America plans to target specific gene pools with genome-specific biological attacks. This technology has been long in the making, has been proven successfully on plants, animals and humans, and tested on various populations.

Fruit flies biting maize to infect them with a virus that expresses a protein that wards off weevils? Done! Sort of like the clotshots, only, instead of stinging insects, we had bonus-crazed nurses stabbing as many as possible with infectious lab gunk. The promise was it would ward off an unproven theoretical pathogen that provably kill less people than do kitchen knives. Remember in the beginning of the scamdemic,when we were told we have to accept their untested vaccine, "even if it could save just one life"?

The American-led experiments with GMO’ed, pathogen-carrying biting flies in Georgia, ‘accidentally expanding naturally’ into Russia, are notorious... if you know where to look for the information. Look where America describes in detail the Chinese plan to target “specific ethnic groups” by collecting American DNA. Bolsheviks always project their sins onto others.

14 March ‘22, and I was just informed by the news that Russia found documents in the Ukraine biolabs detailing a planned release of infected birds to spread swine flu, anthrax and whatnot into Russian territories. One could dismiss this as propaganda, but the evidence has been building up for years. This all certainly lends credence to the theory that the clotshots are preparation against biowar, not just another skirmish in a long string of Pharmafia attacks.

By now, we know that whole covidiot-thing was a smokescreen to get as many injectifected as possible, but what for? Could Baal Gates and his Holey fiend, Frauci, really be that greedy, they would kill millions of children, just for money? Sure they would, but there are too many other players involved, not least of which, Santa Klaus the Schwab. He who dreams of a standardised world served by clean machines.

In our soon-to-be-released movie, “In God’s Names”, we shall address the cultural imperative to learn to live in outer space. For now, we postulate two, non-contradictory, non-exclusionary future habitats for whatever humans survive Baal Gates: Mega cities, the likes of Judge Dredd comic fame, and space cruisers spending years, if not generations, between destinations.

Recently a great hoo-hah was raised when some billionaire gifted some university with a new dorm. It will house tens of thousands of students in a concrete cube with only a very few window-like apertures in the outer wall. The inside is a compact warren, with no direct view of the outside, there being layers of passages and rooms in every direction. Like level -2397B in AD2000, or a massive ship carrying four hundred thousand pilgrims to Alpha Centauri.

The sailors chosen to serve on submarines are carefully selected for temperament. People locked up in tight confines for a long time often lash out violently at anyone near, so-called Cabin Fever. This is dangerous in an overpopulated city, sheer calamity in the confines of a ship. It explains the current sifting for people willing to obey stupid orders, like not leaving your home to avoid the ‘flu, or not touching even your own family. They are selecting for faceless people content in isolation with no personal vision, views or values. They need people who will "go along to get along".

The desire to prevent interpersonal conflict seems to be one of the main drivers behind the detostesteronisation of Man via LGBTQRPXGWhatever. They think testosterone, “toxic masculinity”, is a major driver of violence, willfully ignoring the spiteful cruelty and ruthless predation amongst gays, especially if they can find a ‘straight’ victim. It is said that Arab kings gave their worst transgressors to the Eunuchs to play with...

Another problem will be food, which will have to manufactured, not grown. That is why Baal Gates is sucking up billions in taxpayer sponsored subsidies, developing what he hopes to be a monopoly in artificial meats and genetically manipulated crops. Now you also understand why he spends hundreds of billions destroying traditional agriculture the world over. Between his urge to tyranny, and his fiend Frauci’s obsessive fear of animals, people will be driven off the land, into the embrace of the One King. Where they will never again risk the future of mankind by interacting with a filthy animal, ever again... and the bats, oy vey, the bats!

The first casualty of poor food, of course, is the immune system, as can be attested by the cancers, diabetes psychoses and other suchlike –ises caused by the toxic preservatives, insecticides, fungicides and other suchlike –cides in our food chain. If there was a god, Monsanto would have not existed... But Baal Gates is not only a major shareholder, he is also their official “GMO Evangelist”. And now he has collected fresh samples of your DNA. Or what did you think happened to those billions of  “covid tests” after the nursey smiled broadly and informed you when the “results” will be ready?

Of course, our poor health is not because of the fact our breakfast cereal is so contaminated with Roundup that human breast milk has been shown to contain more of that dreck than the maximum allowable safety levels, as published by the corrupt manufacturers themselves. We are not sick because telephone companies are irradiating us with microwave radios day and night. All of this mess is blamed on invisible, unproven, but very profitable thingies called ‘viruses’.

We shall not discuss viral theory and its merits here, this is not a religious tract. What is important, is the question of public hygiene. Organisms in high concentration seem to breed disease amongst themselves. Your first experience in the army is being stripped naked and your personal possessions locked away. First they march you to the barber for a shear, then, still naked, past a row of pokey doctors and needley nurses, and off to the Quartermaster for your first uniform, usually something resembling a jute sack. Locked rooms full of wigs and shoes, and walls soaked in hydrogen cyanide, or equivalent, is a standard feature of mass detention centres concerned about the health of their inmates.

Genomically similar living cells under similar stress will excrete similar exosomes leading to ill-considered theories on viral loads and immunisations. Different genomes will respond more, less or just differently to some specific one pathogen. In viral theory, this expresses as various viruses. By clinging to the belief in viruses, it allows one to postulate that it is, in fact, possible to target some specific virus. If only they could have control over your genome to the point where they can trigger the exact same response from every immune system, all viral diseases (that’s anything you cannot clearly pin on anything else) can be cured with ease.

The preferred solution seems to be inserting some genes into the human organism, which is known and manipulable, as a kind of biological platform, (look at Baal smile,when he calls it 'an operating system') that you can trigger with specific concoctions to secrete specific exosomes, thus exhibiting a specified immune response. Not every metabolism is amenable to this, as they see the introduced proteins as pathogens, and respond accordingly.

To prevent these unpredictable and unmanageable immune responses, it would be best to disable the immune system completely. This loss of natural immunity should not be a problem for two reasons: Pharmafia has all the equipment needed to design you any immune response you can pay for, “within four hours we had the covid vaccine designed”, if you remember the things the heads on teevee bragged at the beginning of their scamdemic.

The second reason you don’t need an immune system on a spaceship, is because nobody will ever produce unpredictable exosomes, and those who do react adversely to the ‘therapeutic’ viruses periodically released , will have their own body destroy itself in attempted immune response. They were no good for a spaceship, anyway. Or Klausie’s neat, clean New World Order full of Bonos, Shaun Penns and, apparently, Charlise Therons.

Besides, the vaccination campaign has already sifted out all the potential troublemakers who don’t listen to orders. Without a vaccine pass, it just does not step foot onto city pavement or space port. They now have a full list of, you know, the kind of dissident that spends time wondering if growing up with paedophile parents is a prerequisite to enter High Society and meet the Gateses and Soroses and Schwabs.

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So you dial your buddy. As you get connected, your phone says: “Bleep-bleep-bleep. Purr-purr, purr-purr…” and so on until someone picks up. Now we all know what the purr-purr means, it is the guy’s phone ringing on the other side, but what about those three short beeps at the beginning? It is the sound of you being scammed by your cheap friend who thought he saves money by changing contracts, and can you believe it, he took his WoodenCom number over to MightyNet! Isn’t those guys just too kind and accommodating! If you believe that, you probably believe the polar bears are dying of hunger because the penguins fell off the melting icebergs and drowned.

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OR: Why Covid flourishes amongst the most “vaccinated”.

The following numbers are from America. England is reported to have a similar system, so is every other country taking part in the scamdemic. At the time of going to press, no source could be found in the South African system willing to say anything but: “Huh?” before scurrying away. The scam works like this:

A covid test earns the testing facility, like your clinic,       $4 000.

A positive test earns a ‘bonus’ to the testing facility of     $9 000

Treating the patient in any manner whatsoever, earns     $19 000

Putting the patient under Intensive Care earns another   $39 000

Feeding the patient Frauci’s poisonous Remdesivir adds 20% to the total bill as another ‘bonus’.

Reporting the patient as having died of covid adds another 20% ’bonus’ to the total bill.

71k plus 20% plus 20% gives me a roundabout figure of just other side a hundred thousand dollars.

And sooner or later, every cent of it will be paid by working class taxes. At interest, of course, never forget the frigging interest.

Are you surprised that not one single “selfless medical hero” cares if the test they use, can find covidiocy in a goat, papaya or motor oil as easily as it finds it in a glass of coca-cola? Those tests are so good, it can find covid inside its own sterile packet! As a matter of fact, a team of researchers have just shown that, by inspecting your flow test with an ultraviolet light, you can predict the result of your test strip, even before you take it out the packet!

It’s like the story of the king who got rid of the rat plague by paying the peasants per rat, the kill proven by presenting to the sheriff your bundle of rat tails. This worked for a while, when suddenly the rat population exploded, measured by the number of rat tails presented for the reward money. This baffled the sheriff, who told the king. After some thinking, the king turned to the sheriff, and said:

“Go fetch my taxes from the rat farmers.” The rat infestation ended soon after.

So, dear reader, if you are concerned about the terrible plague of covidiocy rampaging over the world, take heart. As soon as we start taxing those pharmafiosos, the plague will come to a natural end. And, boy! Did they make record profits never seen before this past two years! All guaranteed by your tax money, and enforced by Pharmafia shareholders in Parliament.

Antoninchrist Frauci. Gamesmaster, eminent panegyrist of preventable pandemics, the Doctor of America, the man who gave us the most memorable viral pandemic of all: AIDS. Frauci is, apparently, the only person in the world to have seen and described for the masses, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, which the blessed and most Holey Profit Frauci himself declared to be the cause of Aids.

The anti-viral drug that Frauci invented,  Remdesivir, killed so many soldiers during the trials, it never got okayed. Then they tried it on Ebola, killed so many people, they not only stopped the trial, they published many papers on the toxicity of Remdesivir, much to Fauci’s chagrin. So why do hospitals insist on feeding this dreck to every so-called ‘covid’ patient in their care? Is it for the extra 20% bonus for reporting a covid death?

Or is Fauci some kind of demented psychotic serial killer that masturbates while he reads the autopsies of his victims?

Any which way, if you still think this Scamdemic has anything to do with public health, I hope your Holey Profit Fauci and his Messiah, Baal Gates, soon develops a pill for Stoopit, you obviously need some.


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Sally walks past the dented steel roller shutters splattered with bad graffiti and misspelled slang terms for genitalia. She never noticed those before, maybe because she was too busy at the time. On her way to the station, Sally likes to play at ‘Fivers’, where every participant is marked by a green halo around the 3P tag hovering over them, or red, if their avatar has been ‘stripped’.  Sally’s Public Persona Pseudonym is “sally594_tj”. Every time she sees a player with a cool PPP like ‘angstor’ or ‘wackophobe’ or even just ‘I1u2cme2’ she regrets allowing the AI server to auto-allocate her a 3P name. Some people prefer to display their MAC addresses instead, but Sally has always felt that it is rude to walk around with an unpronounceable name. Not that she cares right now.

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The “Alternative Media” is in uproar against the various political sock-puppets out there, those pharmafia spokespersons who blame the terrible outbursts of covidiocy on the “unvaccinated”. This upsets a large portion of those who do not want to be vaccinated, and even a few who did take some version of the clotshot, but still have enough humanity not to force others into the same situation. As is usual in these little public tiffs, these media-driven drivel fests, truth is a fluid thing, at the service of whomever has the last word. There really is an epidemic of the unvaccinated, it is clear from statistics and word of mouth, but the anti-vaxxers forgot to bring the dictionary...

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 “They made Golems to do their work?”
“They were not Golems, old one.”
“A new abomination, then? A new species corrupted to perpetrate evil and torture the land?”
“No sir, not a new species, they are

The Greenpets Triad of Hope:




If all seeds are patented, what will you grow without permission? Education has been declared to be Unsustainable. GMO food products are not suitable for any terrestrial diet. If you can sill afford it, it will give you cancer. We try to find solutions.

A licensed health practitioner would sell advice and nostrums on a page like this. We can't, but here are the things we use. If you find some reason to grow your own, or learn to make something, you may find a few useful bits of information here. Not well populated yet, we do more on our knees in the mud than we talk about it sitting down.

Dani and her Nikon looking at the world.

Purpose-built and innovative helpful structures

Emergency fault finding and repair for small motors, such as generators, lawnmowers and pumps.

Design and manufacture of plastic objects up to 250x250x270 volume.

Sometimes, the truth is just too absurd for words. Stories have many words one can borrow, new eyes, new ways of listening.

Every living thing is in an environment it shares with other organisms. Every living thing is an environment shared by other organisms. Every environment is a living organism.

The principles of conforming the diet to the digestive characteristics of man, animal and plant alike.

Our animals, your animals and all the things that makes life better for animals.

Everything we know about Dragons that might be useful to someone else.

Not those weird feathered flu-taxis that grow to slaughter weight in four weeks. Real chickens, free chickens that came dear.

The ultimate bug-out vehicle. Off-road, in water, and it can love you back. Also, they fart less than any SUV.

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Keeping, training, Feeding, Breeding cats in Gauteng

Gardening without modern poisons is a challenge, and understanding the lifecycle of your enemies takes some observation. This blog will eventually catalogue our attempts at poison-free farming for Naturally RAW! food.

the GREENPETS attempt at avoiding, voiding and overcoming the poisoned food chain.

The list of herbs at Greenpets. Identification and Propagation or at least how to keep it alive in Gauteng.

Right or wrong, good or bad, we have to eat. Everyone has to eat, and we are what we eat. Commentary and suggestions on important nutritional news.

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