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2018, and there are no more Great Social Questions. Politics consists solely for the purpose of managing public outrage at the blatant excesses of our so-called leaders and the way they are destroying our social structures. Economics serves only to impoverish the middle classes, concentrating all wealth, public and private, into the accounts of fewer and fewer ‘financial vehicles’. Education of the youth centres around the theory of an overpopulated world, and their elders’ collective guilt in the destruction of the ecosphere. Government has no duty other than ensuring ‘Investor Confidence’ and national borders only exist for things worth less than some currently unpublicised amount. Cheap stuff, like plastic toys and human bodies, must pay taxes and obeisance at every border, large amounts of ‘capital’ moves freely, even gaining substance in the process, being lured by promises of growing economics. When poor people move money, they pay fees and taxes, when the connected few move money, they collect fees and taxes. There are no more surprises in any area of human endeavour, everything is censored, centralised and censured, the programme of Total Control as envisaged and spelled out in The Protocols, is almost fulfilled. Less than ten people ‘own’ more than half the world, just about every nation on earth is struggling with class, race and tribal warfare fomented by business interests, and we spend more on policing than on education, health and welfare together …investor confidence, you understand. Your police force is working to bolster the daily confidence of less than ten men, all of them don’t live within ten thousand miles of you. No surprises in any new laws, rules, regulation or ‘security apparatuses’ they create this week. Pure PROTOCOL, you can read the whole list of requirements for Total Control in the PROTOCOLS, for here, we agree that the End is nearly Nigh. Nearly, I say, because a few things are still not complete:

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Or is that Russian Hacking and Election Meddling? Russians Meddling in Election Hacking? Russians Hacking Election Meddlers? Who knows, who cares, in a Communist Police State, the truth is subject to political need. Ever since the first electrix voting machines were installed by Nelson Rockefeller during his stint in State government, every election using machines has been suspect. The internet holds a variety of honest research on the subject, feel free to amaze yourself at the correlation between voting machine usage and economic disasters. The trustworthiness of these machines are never questioned by the manufacturer, installer or winning party.

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So, the famous Doctor PhD. (Phy.) Sheldon Lee Cooper wants to live long enough to experience the privilege of uploading his marvellous intellect to a robot. While this sounds ridiculous to some, for others, it promises immortality. But what does the circuitry look like inside an artificial brain? How does artificial intelligence operate? What does a robot dream about? Is my laptop yearning for a prostitute’s warm embrace? How big a hard drive will you need to upload one brain? Will I spend an eternity inside a machine somewhere, trapped, immortal and still wondering where I left my keys? Can I take my wife with? Does she want to come? Will we be able to come? Will Google supply us with virtual condoms, so we do not overpopulate the server farm with little skeptoid subroutines? Will my virtual totty be big enough? Will my stoopit head get an upgrade, adding some of that artificial intelligence to my own ignorance? Will they implant me with an APP that trusts my government? How much cleverer will I be? Will I be a good citizen, friend, lover? Will I ever find my keys? How artificial will my intelligence be?

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The Democratic Party of America has lately been accused of not having a recognisable agenda, no coherent policy, no attraction for voters. It is easy to imply from casual observation that party policy plays little or no role in Government policy, making a lack of policy irrelevant. From the outside, the American political system is a circus. They only have two parties, indistinguishable in actual policy or effectiveness, and then they choose their president separately through a system of libel, counter-libel and finally moral attrition; the worst guy gets to win. Actual intelligence and capability plays no role in this process, instead elaborate studies have been financed to find the perfect smiling posture for campaign posters, or dress colours to match the constituency’s emotional stance. The only morality used to be the old Good vs Evil fight: Democracy versus Communism. The liberal left were a bunch of commie-lovers, and the patriotic right fought them off. When the Democrats rule, they make silly rules and laws that serve only to ridicule the rule of law, when the Republicans rule, they make stricter new rules and legislation for the next Democrat government not to enforce. Then came Privatisation.

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Those who applaud the success of the anti-smoking campaign need to flatten their gladden, subdue their glee at their ‘moral’ victory. This is the same techniques they will employ to relieve us of our gods. They care not who your god is, it is not their god, and their god is the only god, and therefor you shall need to be converted. This time, however, they won’t stop at Sunday school and airport singalongs. As an exercise in business opportunity evaluation, let us see what return we can inspect on an investment in religion:

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The ‘Digital Cash’ phenomenon has neatly divided the world into three groups, the largest of which has no idea what on earth is going on with this Bitcoin business, is it too early to get, is it too late, could I have had Ferrari if I listen when Mike tried to convince me to ‘invest’ my pension like he did.

The second group, of course, are the ones who did ‘invest’, and are now multi-many moneys. Good for them. The third group will be the miners, the ones who invested in technology to play the numbers game. They are now threatened by the principal of diminishing returns: the fractional coin earned per transaction and the energy and hardware cost of processing that fraction, becomes uneconomical. There are virtually no new players, although small-time (crooked) players are using unused time on idle computers to mine tiny fractions, which are then hijacked without the computer owner even knowing they are miners.

There is a fourth group that still wonders when the large, soft, squishy orange fruit will connect with the blades of the gigantic turbine that is the International Bankster club. You see, not only are these bitcoiners trying to use money without borrowing it at interest, they think they can do this without banking fees! Do you know who else tried that? Gadhafi, Hussein, Assad, Hitler. Yamamoto had his entire High Command waiting on a flight deck ship in the Pacific, ready to sign the surrender as negotiated with the Americans. …then Hiroshima happened, then Nagasaki. Where exactly did those two bombs fall? That’s right, on the banking district and financial headquarters of Japan. Not army bases, or airfields, no, banks.

Do you still feel like participating in a scheme where you can buy things all over without paying banking fees, duties, taxes, bank charges, excise duties, finance charges, insurance fees, credit charges, exchange rate differentials… Do you really think you want to shove the finger to an industry that killed Muhammar Gadhafi because he announced his willingness to sell oil for gold or any other useful currencies? You still think Saddam Hussein had such big cannons? He was trying to convince Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to join the growing group of countries signing up for a Dollar-independent economy. Alsooo...they were not going to ‘automatically’ renew oil licenses, everything was to be put on auction. This club included, at the time, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libia, Tunisia and Egypt. Does this list of countries look familiar? Today, March 20 2018, what is going on in all those countries? The only reason America has not attacked Iran yet, is that Iran might have nuclear weapons, but this time no-one is going to slip up and give it to the Yanks, thank goodness and send a prayer, but the Yanks are not giving up. Turn on CNN right now, if it takes more than 20 minutes to insult or threaten Iran, let me know and I’ll send you a million.

Okay, so let us not talk about war. Let us say that, tomorrow, JP Morgan wakes up with a smile and announces we are allowed free and unfettered use of Bitcoin. In South Africa, you have to pay provisional taxes on Capital Gains every six months. Do you realise what that means in back taxes? All those transactions you made with your virtual currencies; did you declare them at the border, paid your taxes and duties? Even if just from a Joe Soap Taxpayer point of view that knows nuthin’ of finance, where are my taxes? We could be ‘building schools’. My kid goes to the shop to buy soda and sweets, and she pays 15% tax, right there and then, where are those hundreds of billions of Bitcoin Billionaire profits…and the income and capital gains taxes from that? Hmmm? You think no-one is going to come after that?

Of course, the player most upset by this Bitcoin nonsense, is The Bank. The only solution for this potentially murderous and catastrophic bank-disinterventionism, would be for The Bank to take over the game. They can buy it all up, but only after they have crashed it to worthlessness; The Bank did not become The Bank by buying dear. Remember what happened on the London Exchange the day Waterloo ended? Some say that was The Bank’s first success at taking over World Finances, which they still administer through The IMF, the World Bank, World Wildlife Fund… what? Yeah, they are big, they are clever, and they have Resources; At the 2017 Davos Summit, the question of Bitcoin was first ‘taken seriously by the establishment.’ Not my words. The result was that a think-tank was to be set up to ponder the question. After all, Davos is merely a presentation of Words To Use In Front Of The Public. Our second-tier leaders get together for a moerse party and presentations by ‘experts’ and ‘business leaders’ and Hollywood starlets and whomever is trusted to deliver keywords and indoctrinatory concepts to be implemented by our governments as ‘progress’. Sustainability. Non-correlated Assets. Economic Growth. Population Control. De-radicalisation of the Conversation.

Investigating the Crypto-phenomena and how best to respond, was the task given to the Think-Tank. They have already come back with some threatening suggestions, but closing the scheme down is not forthcoming. We know they have the legal means to legislate it out of the economy. We know they have the technical ability to trace every single coin, every single transaction, to every single user, EVER. That was the only promise Bitcoin originally made: Perfect Traceability. The anonymity and privacy nonsense that was later claimed, turned out to be apps and e-wallets infected with IMF viruses. That was the first recommendation of the think-tank: infesting all wallets to enable better tracking. But still, unless you have millions to steal, hundreds of millions, they seem to leave you alone. There can be only one reason they are not clamping down yet:

Elsewhere on this website we have a rant at the very many ways that cryptocurrency is a potentially disastrous model for stealing entire pension funds from right across the globe. Every day there is a ‘debate’ on the news about cryptocurrencies. Is it money, tokens, a ‘store of value’ or a currency? So far, institutional investors has steered clear of the obvious legal hurdles in spending our pensions on ethereal assets. They have, however, recently been given precedent by a JP Morgan shill investing, with the excuse that, because the price is independent of the stock market, bond market or any other market, it is a good hedge, a risk distributor, an Uncorrelated Asset. Now, the pension funds will start flowing. The day it crashes, well… bye-bye pensions. Everybody’s pensions! The most important thing to remember about a pyramid scheme is that, when it folds, the Public Prosecutor demands everybody gives back every red cent they got out, disregarding anything you paid to join, back into the pot, and after all fines and fees and finance charges are deducted, everyone gets a share of the seven bucks left, shared amongst a couple of how many people?

I see in Bitcoin, unless it is closed down immediately, the ‘financial Vehicle’ with which They are going to mop up the dregs of middle-class wealth: the meagre pensions already eroded by finance charges, inflation, currency devaluation, medical costs and new taxes. They have already spent a more-than-excusable part our future on Futures, a market where people trade in fictitious profits that they swear will appear in the future. Their next coup was creating the Derivatives Market, a scam where those with the ‘right’ to create these ‘financial vehicles’ make some stupid bet, draw up a contract, then sell shares in the future profits of the bet. If this is not enough, they convince people that this is an asset that can show growth! You can bet on the exact date of the extinction of a species of grasshopper in the Amazon. The economists did a splendid job of convincing fund managers and government regulators that these are the things our pensions have to be ‘invested’ in. So, already there is no real value left to the poor and middle classes, and what’s left in our hand, for that little we are looking for that One Thing that will save what’s left of the life we thought we are building before the ‘Financial Crisis’. We are going to be encouraged to ‘invest’ in Bitcoin for a short while still; there’s still way too much money under the collective mattress, and it all needs to belong to the One King.

So, to sum up, I will partake in cryptocurrency only after is has been okay’d by the people who feel happy shooting little kiddies using machine gun bullets made of radioactive scrap metal, just because it is so expensive to responsibly throw away depleted Uranium. The same people who did not know what to do with the highly corrosive fluoride wastes of their mega-industries, so they told us it’s good for our teeth and now we throw it into our own drinking water, willingly, begging for it… the Nazis used fluoride in the water to keep their inmates calm and subdued, you know? And it is very bad for the bones, teeth, brain, kidneys, liver, pancreas, lymph nodes, arteries, heart…

Update November 2018:

A Crypto-currency Futures Market has been set up. In other words, someone has been given legal sanction to provide us with a betting platform onto which we can dump real money in exchange for a virtual promise of artificial profits. The market is not open to you and me yet, and I quote "the contracts are still out of range for the average investor". In real terms, this means they are busy building up a "history of performance for the asset". They are putting a price on a non-existent asset, then they sell it amongst each other for a year or so, then they will "allow" a few million worth to escape into smaller funds, where they wil be allowed to "appreciate', become more expensive, and in about three years' time, you will be able to dump all your hard-earned money onto your own broker's lap, and he will go buy you those marvelously profitable crypto-based equities. Note that you wil not actually own any Bitcoin, you are not invested in Bitcoin, you are partaking in a massive institutionalised bet on the movement of the price of a non-existent asset.

Good-bye to the last public and private wealth still left outside the JPMorgan/FED mafia bankster system!

Update August 2019.

The FED has sent "tens of thousands" of warning letters to Bitcoiners, regarding the little issue of outstanding taxes. On what is essentially play money... In the meantime, Mark the Suckerbug has been dipping his hand in cryptocurrency, as has some other large pools of money, but the FED is adamant about owning that One Coin. While and whereas the grandscale theft of public moneys continue unabated, the 'Fracking Revolution" is sure to give birth to a digital derivative soon. There goes your great-grandchild's birthright.

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The Paranoid Goy sometimes allows himself the amusement of stranger political theories. Remember 911, and all the evil numerological codes discovered to expose the demonic symbolism? Understand me nicely; I don’t believe in too many strange things, but I also understand that, for those who believe, faith is everything, and we are the heathen fools. That every disaster after 911 has its numerology repeat the 911 motif, without fail, seems a bit stretched. However, one must also realise that, somewhere, there is at least one person who deeply believes in things like magic numbers and drinking babies’ blood. Now imagine dozens, hundreds, thousands of these people gather in secret meetings, where they discuss economics, and school budgets, and the justice system. Now imagine they attain actual influence and power, these people who say they, and only they, hold the secrets of the magical numbers. It is said Ronald Reagan would not get out of bed without his fortune-teller’s guidance…

The evidence is plentiful and publicly available, that just such a group of people are in control of the mightiest organisation on earth: the Federal Reserve Bank, a private concern incorporated in Puerto Rico, where Financial Services businesses do not pay any taxes. The entire world has made themselves subservient to the mighty dollar, and nearly every single war since 1913 has been at the behest of, and for the profit of, the Reserve Bank and its major shareholders. It is not America murdering children in their beds in Syria, it is the Federal Reserve impressing upon the “revisionist regime of the animal Assad” the folly of selling oil by himself, for any currency but the dollar. You do not cross the FED. But surely, some mighty men must have tried? Yeah, there has been a few, Hitler, Mussolini, Hussein, Gadhafi, but they tended to die horribly, assassination, poisoning and bankruptcy seemingly the weapons of choice. Then, suddenly, it gets weird: I know this does not count as legitimate research; as a matter of fact, I went looking for facts to fit my theory. Here is a short list, in no particular order (hee hee) of mighty enemies the FED made over the years, and how they died. See if you can spot the same pattern as the one that so amused the Paranoid Goy on a rainy morning:

George Washington. He started the US Treasury, and as president he appointed Hamilton. He was unhappy with Hamilton’s obsession with privatised central banking, and worked to preserve congressional privilege. By all accounts, his death was hurried along by ritual bloodletting beyond reason.

Thomas Jefferson hated banksters, and he prophesied: “…first by inflation…deflation… will deprive the people of their property….their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…” He died uncomfortably in his eighties, much maligned and slandered by his detractors.

Abraham Lincoln understood money well enough, and ordered the issue of Greenbacks, government-sponsored money that carries no debt obligation to the banksters. Famously executed in public.

Andrew Jackson. Famous for calling the banksters “…a pit of vipers… by God I’ll root you out.” He died in his eighties, but he was shot so regularly, some suggest it was lead poisoning what done him in. The historians of the FED insist it was tuberculosis.

Ulysses Grant. Often depicted as a Civil War criminal, he ‘idly sat by’ during a number of financial disasters that bankrupted a number of banksters. No bank bail-outs from Grant. They tried bankrupting him in turn, but he left behind a successful memoir that allowed his widow a good living.

Benjamin Franklin died an old man, beloved by everybody except the banksters. A proponent of land-backed state script money, he cut out the bankster middlemen, and insisted on monetary independence. He delayed the formation of the FED by many decades. Now, just for fun, let’s look at the pictures on US banknotes:

Washington = $1
Jefferson = $2
Lincoln = $5
Jackson = $20
Grant = $50
Franklin = $100

As you can see, there are some famous names, but from outside America, only Washington, Franklin and Lincoln (in that order?) are considered famous, while Teddy Roosevelt, a timeframe-relevant banker’s puppet, is conspicuously absent, from outside. There are, however, fairly unknown people that belong on this list, sort of:

 Alexander Hamilton, the man who first managed to form a FED, then called the First Bank of America. His 20-year charter was allowed to expire, setting the banksters back by years. His noble efforts in the service of Mammon was rewarded by putting his picture on the $10 bill.

Woodrow Wilson signed the FED into life while nobody was looking. He later apologised for his role in this mess, but his picture can be found on a hundred-thousand federal note. That is $100 000 !

Grover Cleveland allowed a ‘panic’ that gobbled up working class ‘investments’ by allowing banking ‘reforms’. He is honoured with the 1 000 dollar bill.

And governor Salmon Chase? Well, he ran for president while running the impeachment of president Jackson, the man who tried to “root the vipers out”. Chase’s face can be found on the ten-grand bill.

Of these, Woodrow Wilson is known, but only for the atrocities of WW1, which was wholly a Crown/FED commercial enterprise. It must have proven exceedingly profitable, justifying a hundred-grand portrait for the guy who made it possible for the FED to take part in the looting of Europe.

Now, why would the FED put the faces of their enemies on their own holy documents, namely low-denomination bank notes? Certainly there is significance in the one single discrepancy on this scale: Hamilton, the biggest hero the FED ever had, has not the highest currency, but just a lowly, perfect ten.

I know only one kind of mind that would even consider this whole joke appropriate, and they attend gatherings where people wear certain things while they do certain things with the understanding that this will give them power over certain things. Some call this conspiracy, freemasonry, satanism, or just childishly venal greed. The Paranoid Goy is already too freaked out to ask further, maybe they will overlook me if I just go my way.

But it is funny how obsessed our ‘leaders’ are with dark symbolism, isn’t it? Take note how much effort is put into making symbols visible on otherwise innocuous press release photos, and it is happening more and more obviously, the bolder they get? In this context, please note how the War on Paedophilia has kicked off with learned announcements assuring us that  men think of sex with children on a regular basis. Hollywood has joined in the fun, with cartoon characters and dramatic heroes engaging in increasingly blatant displays of stylised child pornography.

Symbols do have power, even if it just serves as a rallying signal for the deranged, and when you see symbolism in the places of power, it is because those who rally around those symbols have infested the places of power. Symbols allow them to tell you something, while all those who understands the symbols, work at doing quite something else behind your back, legitimised in their mind by “but we told you this, the signs were right there for you to see…” Never trust anyone that speaks in incomprehensible whispers, they live in another reality, and there, you and I are just warm prey.

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As with just about every other public discussion, the furore over armed robots with artificial intelligence used against humans is just so much distraction. While we are arguing the morality of a machine executing a human, that Great Profit, the Chief Evangelist for Monsanto, Bill Gates, is sure to bring the first battle bot to market. Legally. He has already built the first core processors. In Brazil, I believe. These cores will reach battle maturity (draft age) in about fourteen years. There are ways of speeding this up, like medical care, or philanthropy, or maybe special education. Here is the full train of thought:

It is obviously immoral, irresponsible and illegal on many levels to loose a machine upon the public that has not only the ability, but the purpose to kill. Forget programming, until Asimov’s three laws are enforced, no machine is unhackable, and those who can afford killer robots, seem to lack a certain human-like empathy with humankind as a whole. The market for such devices, though, is huge. All the poor can rot in their own filth; the Holy Corporations will still be able to sow mayhem and carnage. The Exalted CEO himself can spend a pleasant evening, safely cocooned in front of his little Wi-Fi-connected screen, logged into the latest model battlebot, bombing away at the tiny screaming figurines running across his screen, who, until now lived at 34 to 79, Evergreen Lane, South Hingst, Prabalayam, Yemen. Killed by the Great One’s very own avatar, over dinner at the Big House, after main course before the cake, just to demonstrate to his other Rhodes scholarship pals. Courtesy of Great Entrepreneurs like Google, those drones actually fly themselves, but legally, the public must never find out about a weapon that makes its own choices. We are enlightened liberals, we demand a human makes the decision whether to murder a couple of kids in their beds or not.

Large drones could also be used to build factories in places too severe for human occupation, It could be used to clean up entire ecological spaces of anything that poisons the land, oh, the possibilities! But that is just a naïve dreamer’s fantasy. It will be used to clean up the human scum disturbing his Drollship’s peace. If only there was a way to get around this complaint of killer robots, but a normal human soldier is no match for the job that is coming. To use humans in the Cleansing would be risky; millions of heavily-armed humans could suddenly experience a moment of clarity, and refuse to gun down more old women in their own houses, and maybe even turn on the Corporation. What then? No, we really do need those robots, but those darn cry-babies with their ‘autonomy’ crap! What to do? Enter Bill Gates, the God of Software and High Divinity of vaccinity. That’s vaccinations and insanity conflated.

Billy-boy was ‘giving away’ bonus-packs of vaccinations in Brazil circa 2014/15. So far we know that a variety of these vaccines were bundled into one ‘treatment’ of sometimes seven vaccines in one application. We know that at least some of these vaccines were unproven, proven risky and/or untested in combination with the other ingredients of these ‘cocktails’, as they were lovingly called by our betters. We also know that questions were then already raised regarding the advisability of giving vaccine cocktails to pregnant women -in all stages of pregnancy, no screening. You don’t refuse a gift from Lord Bill. While those pregnancies come to termination, we have time for a quick look at Billy-bob’s humanitarian gifts. Firstly, it is important to note that, as of financial cycle 2014/2015, the majority of Bill’s money comes not from computer software, but from vaccines. Yet, he gives vaccines away all over the world, surely there is some mistake here? The man gets rich by giving away free stuff? The Lord has His HAND over this Bill guy, surely!

Well, there is a small technicality we all are aware of, but rarely consider from Bill’s angle; Bill donates vaccines to the people of Arimlant. To take advantage of Bill’s (always very public and well-publicised) offer, the government of the people of Arimlant must show some simple good faith:

  • The government must match Bill’s contribution cent-for-cent.
  • The country’s Health Services must be privatised

Publicity for the ‘Gift’ ensures embarrassment for any government that does not accept, and privatisation is surely the main driver of corruption in any modern-day state. Rural clinics see less funding, for that would constitute unfair competition in a Free Market, you dig? That’s why no-one can afford to get ill no more, because your government was too stupid to make a profit off our suffering, but people like Bill will offer us an easy-payment plan for as much as we can afford.

As for the cent-for-cent matching, here’s the trick: You take a twenty-cent fix, sell it to your own distribution chain at six bucks, fly it over to Arimlant, infect a million kiddies, plus a million more on state cost, that’s 6 million smackeroos for an outlay of four hundred kay plus transport . For a fee you can have some of his brightest kids come over and show us how to apply them, otherwise read the Chinamerican instruction booklet. Six mill you write off on taxes as cost, six mill clean profit you deposit in some far land with no taxes, and so another twelve million bucks are withdrawn from the economy and dumped into the financial system. …and two million kids stand a chance to win a seat in the newest generation non-autonomous, remotely-managed, mega-computer informed (but human manned) tactical exoskeleton battle suit. That intelligence is not artificial at all.

Ooh! What do I hear there? New babies coming into the world? How exciting. They must surely be very healthy babies, being so well medicated in the womb? What’s that? How many thousand babies born with tiny little heads, which holds tiny little brains, that will never learn to comprehend but the tiniest of worlds? What a terrible disaster, that Zika virus. No vaccine for Zika, but apparently “we are working very hard at finding a solution”. Problem is, no-one has ever accused the Zika virus to cause microcephaly. It’s not like Zika is a modern thing that ‘escaped’ a laboratory, like HIV or Neoliberalism. It’s been around forever, and no Zika-epidemic was noted, so forget about the mass media and their stupid lies that only stand until you open any reference book. Start with a dictionary; you’d be surprised to learn what they are actually saying to you, when all you heard was “neo-Nazi white supremacist right-wing disgusting racist fascist socialist anarchist…unrest in the middle east.”

The only thing all these otherwise healthy babies with their tiny, tiny brains have in common is being vaccinated by a certain ‘cocktail of seven drugs’ administered to their pregnant mothers. These children will grow up, they will come of age, and they will be required to ‘make do’ in life. They will need jobs. Here’s a good one: Are you young, with a severely shortened life expectancy, and no mental capacity to know better than your circumstances allow? Are you perhaps pretty? There are many kind people – especially in the upper echelons – who will gladly... uh, adopt such a poor unfortunate child? Maybe take it to New York, for special treatment and a much, much better, though short and vacant, life as House Prostitute to a successful Wall Street Trader. Or maybe we can test new chemicals and drugs on you? Or how about a Life in the Military?

If we can build a comfortable seat into our killer robot, and include some basic controls, such as Start/Stop, which is remotely ‘audited’, an ejection seat maybe, a potty-go button, basic stuff, you know, just get a conscious human presence into that machine, turn on your remote control, and Juan Estaveres, fit and strong microcephalic from Paras de los Estranges in Brazil, South America, can sit back and watch his ‘kinetic suit’ plough through an African village, clearing valuable mining land of disease-ridden scum who think they have some kind of right to life and dignity.

Yeah, Uncle Bill is already programming his new generation CPU’s. I wish I was brave enough to go ask after those kiddies, it would surprise me to find any strong healthy ones in the care of their mothers. My guess is adoption for the pretty ones, and ‘special education facilities’ for the athletic ones. Generally the weak and useless can be left to rot in the jungle; they are but the first wave of casualties in the Zika epidemic. We can parade them once-a-while to advertise their needy cause and collect contributions from concerned middle class citizens all over the world. The Bill and Melinda Foundation needs contributions to expand their charity work.

Onkel Biel has not announced any plans to formally recognise his role in the ‘Zika Epidemic.’ He is upbeat about the investment opportunities in battlefield automation, though. In between medical miracles, Bill keeps himself busy as Chief Evangelist for Frankenfood crops and systemic environmental poisoning. Bayer is now buying Monsanto, it would not be surprising if they rebrand, the Name Monsanto has become a domestic curse word to every person that bothers to read and understand food labelling.

Any machine that completes any function without human supervision can be classified as a robot. A large collection of machines working together as one system, with no or little human interaction, is it a robot, or not? A complete factory, taking in materials and pushing out products in an autonomous, pre-programmed way surely is a robot. Can we count an automated factory producing poisonous baby foods, or dangerous environmentally-indiscriminate poisons, or even just so much pollution as to sicken the surrounding population, is that not a robot operating in a way that harms humans, on purpose? Are our foods factories battle machines, designed and programmed to kill off humans in large numbers, with little or no human interaction beyond the programming? Now we are regaled with promises of artificial intelligences that will program themselves? In real terms, such a machine can only program another machine with the program it has been programmed to program with. In essence, some human has to lay down the morals and ethics for the first machine, and we have no idea who that person is, or what his intentions towards the human race are. Computer geeks are notoriously asocial and misanthropic (dislike human contact).

Think of a hospital; is that not (these days) a highly automated process with just enough human contact to supply bedside manners? Another Automat, and as you walk in, you find a row of helpful smiling humans, and the first thing they hand you is a ‘registration form’ which, upon the most superficial scrutiny, turns out to be an elaborate disclaimer of responsibility for your health from here on. Thereafter, each of its parallel processors (departments) will cross-refer you until everyone has had a change to point some expensive device at you in a decidedly expensive way, but only after you signed their registration/disclaimer. Also, they are all franchises now, like pizzerias, so even if they are not yet Autonomous, they certainly have become very anonymous… and kill indiscriminately.

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Much has been said, written, censored and left unsaid about a sturdy little tract purportedly written by a Russian gentleman, translated to English around 1904 by a Polack who spoke English haltingly. The result is an odd assortment of thoughts and theories on political practice and world domination, expressed in bad grammar and worse literary style.

The document is now the most reviled, most respected, most censored, most quoted piece of literature in the world of politics, conspiracy theory and psy-op disinformation programmes. It is incredible in its scope, in its audacity, in its efficacy and proven truthfulness. Incredible in this case literally means unbelievable. It is a truly, astoundingly, phanstasmagorically magnificent guide to modern politics, economics, education, information technology, warfare, even family life and the One God that demands our absolute servitude, if not extinction.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a magnificent piece of political theory proven to be highly effective as a guide to shaping society. By continuing to ignore this tract, its contents and the easily-verifiable effectiveness of these brilliant protocols for building a ‘better’ world, we will continue to be co-opted by anti-humanist Zionists and whomever it is they work for. Right now, we are at a point in human political devolution where the most sinister and cruelly fascist chapters of the protocols can be enacted. This requires the confiscation of all private property, the loss of all personal freedoms, and the enforcement of a religious aristocracy to rule over the few humans left alive to serve as slaves for the Zionist masters. The only way we can escape this is by claiming the Protocols for ourselves, to use them for the benefit of mankind.

Modern Zionists have been hiding this document from the general world population by discrediting the author, the premise, the translator, the printers, the publishers, the book vendors and especially the readers and disseminators of this important work. Discrediting in this case includes a variety of responses ranging from calling us anti-Semitic to the actual persecution and extrajudicial termination of useless lives by gun or starvation. The only defence the Zionists have against this exposure of their Internationalist agenda, is the accusation that this document is anti-Semitic. This is probably the only truth the Zionists will allow to. The Protocols are anti-Semitic, anti-European, Anti-Russian, anti-everyone but the Zionists, who do not qualify as Semites.

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The war against Organised Crime continues unabated and very successfully, and the War on Drugs has seen an entire generation of toddlers saved from attention deficit (boredom and accompanying naughtiness) by tripping out on prescription amphetamines like ADDerol and fluorides like Prozac. Numerous people have committed numerous horrendous crimes under the influence of these psychotic drugs, and were suitably arrested, prosecuted and punished.  Our welfare services and our police forces seem to finally have gotten their act together, getting them crazies their just deserves. Our Justice and Health services are, of course, doing their best to get more people onto mandated (forced) medication regimes using these wonderful drugs. Mood-altering drugs for children is part of the official approach to street crime. Pharmaceuticals is one of the top three stock performers of 2017. Financial services and weaponry did well, too.

Not least of the weapons in the War, is the ever-increasing Transparency of Government, in itself a whole arsenal, on par with any nuclear deterrent when compared to, say, the Cold War. Between the War on Organised Crime and Transparent Governance, we can all be assured the continued health and profitability of the entire War Industry, be it Drugs, Poverty or Venezuelan Intransigence. The population’s only worry is what product or service is next to be declared unlawful, causing yet more social destruction, necessitating yet another ‘upgrade’ of our ‘security forces’. Rather, that is what the populace would worry about, was it not more important to attend to the weekly ritual of sitting on your ass screaming at two teams of overgrown boys playing with each other’s balls. For money…and fame…and we subsidise this. In the meantime, commenting on the news is being ‘investigated’ to redefine the limits of operation of official press organs, duly registered and taxed. Also, they must be institutionalised and properly aligned to the correct world view. This requires all data suppository providers to close the network around all unregistered socio-political remarks, effectively rendering any website containing unsanctioned comment to be censored. The War on Fake News has begun.

By now the sarcasm should be obvious to any but the most committed Globalist. When a governing body declares a substance, service or product illegal, they are not intent on eradicating said contraband, they are drawing precise and clear boundaries around that specific trade, thereby effectively creating a monopoly, unfettered and untaxed, with an entire legal system and a police force to protect the trade. This is how the War on Drugs meant the CIA, under Bill Clinton, had an entire fleet of aeroplanes carrying cocaine, landing on private airstrips, loaded and unloaded by real soldiers, whose real purpose is always to kill anyone interfering in the trade. This means, you will not smuggle cocaine, you must buy it from your local retailer, or join the criminal society and buy from the wholesaler, but you will never rise above that.

In the late ‘nineties, the South African Police, in CONJUNCTION WITH THE FBI, undertook a four-and half year intensive investigation, after which they jointly declared that, yes indeed, “:..the possibility does indeed exists that Nigerians in Hillbrow (the Bronx of South Africa) are selling cocaine.” Really, around 1999, after 4 ½ years of intensive investigation, by the FBI, what the hell has the FBI lost in Hillbrow?  They came to protect their ‘investment’, that’s what.

Bill Clinton apparently still runs the cocaine trade, while the opium trade in Afghanistan breaks records every single year since the Americans arrived to take over protection of the poppy fields from the British, who apparently tired of the desert after some years. According to proven legend, the Bush family really liked heroin, and had real deep fingers into that er...business. The English, or at least the Crown, has had a good run at running opium for more than a century, I guess they sold that business on to one of their American holdings, with the concommittant duty of American Forces to ringfence said 'contraband' business, i.e. protect the trade against all interderence. Now the Brits only send money and bombs, so they still support the war against Muslim Extremism.

We can thank the Brits for manufacturing the excuse that convinced the world to attack the Taliban: Right there, on our televisions, we could see 'them' destroying a set of gigantic stone statues against a mountain, obviously part of mankind's ancient history, to be protected at all cost? Well, a number of very ancient stone statues were removed using imported machinery and workers, shipped and finaced by 'collectors' in Britain and possibly other countries. Britain 'owned' the Afghan landscape but the Taliban were giving them hell. So the Brits started stealing ancient art, but the world was told Osama Bin Laden is busy destroying the heathen imagery.

Actually, the Taliban was going around burning the poppy fields, those damn terrorists. Now, 2018, every other news outlet will assure you that the Taliban is being kept alive by the money earned from opium production, and America is trying to stop these raghead devils. Not only is the Taliban opposed to all forms of drugs, being seriously Muslim and all, but the Americans are doing their utmost best to keep up the ever-increasing profits. Record harvests every single year since the Americans came to 'liberate' the poor ragheads.

The 'Net is overflowing with photos of Yankee soldiers amongst the poppies, but not one single incidence of fields being destroyed by means of radioactive scrap metal bullets. The Yanks now own the Afghan opium trade, see? Traditionally, of course, this 'business' belonged to the Queen herself, but London has moved across the Big Pond to New York and surrounds. As evidence please consider the thousands of Americans dying of opioid overdoses lately, and yet it seems they need more drugs, and their military is providing protection to Big Pharma, allowing their expensive synthetic drugs to hold the market monopoly against cheap and natural opium, or less natural but still relatively cheap (by health insurance standards) heroin.

In this context, consider the fact that it is illegal to own a rough diamond. If you pick one up, you have to run to the nearest policeman to report it, after which it shall be taken away from you for a small, insignificant compensation. Unless you picked it up off the wrong piece of soil, in which case you will go to jail. I myself was conscripted into a war against communism that in reality turned out to be an attempt to prevent Angolans from picking up little stones and ‘influencing the market’ by selling the diamonds laying around them. The entire South African Defence Force descended upon the Kaokoveld to protect De Beers' profits.

It has been alleged that more than half the SA Police force works for the "Diamond Squad". This is a lot of security services given to a corporation that avoids paying taxes as a matter of principle. Gold, cannabis, prostitution, trading children for sex, all heavily protected industries ‘invested’ by the very upper layer of society. One has to wonder why there is never a cop to help when your grandmother is being gangraped. That very famous American Presidential pair that almost became a pair of presidents? They are pederasts, and Her Ladyship was implicated in multiple cases of child smuggling during her stint as Secretary of State and before.

Currently, paedophiles all over America are being arrested in elaborate law enforcement exercises long overdue. While I applaud the defuckulisation of every childbonker, I distrust this effort in view of the large-scale propaganda in the media to 'normalise' paedophilia and present paedophiles as adults with choices, and children as playfully complicit. Take note in movies, three-second news reports and advertisements. The police force running the protection scam for that particular mafia is known all over the world as some form of Child Protection Services, running their orphanages and forster homes as brothels for the well-connected. That explains why so many of the child sellers arrested, are welfare service officials, private and official.

Think of any highly illegal act, any obviously criminal process, think of the most despicable crime,  and somewhere an entire police brigade is busy making sure no-one interferes in the organised running thereof. The FBI was created for the purpose of policing taxes and excise duties on alcohol during the Prohibition. After the Prohibition ended, three corporations held all licences to trade in liquor(and still do, worldwide monopoly). You could buy liquor during the Prohibition, but it had to be from 'legal establishments', and many a small public house just burned down... This is also something to keep in mind when discussing this new-fangled War on Fake News.

Someone is building a monopoly on providing fake news, and we better not interfere. Remember the book 1984. The real story is about how the main character goes to work every day, fetching old newspapers, and rewriting the old newspapers to agree with the latest news. It will soon become distasteful to refer to old news, start listening to the more ‘enlightened’ of your peers, some are already using the term Fake News as an insult against anyone who questions the official, updated and reinforced narrative.

Oh, and Transparent Governance? Just remember, there is no way you could run a multi-trillion buck criminal organisation without government sanction. This means you need to BE government, or at least own it, like the Guptas are said to own Zuma. Why is it, every time we uncover a major syndicate, anywhere in the world, there is at least one senior policemen in the net? The more senior the policeman, the more serious the ‘Organisation’, with child trafficking well represented by commissioners, Minister and Directors of police forces the world over. Obviously, if government is complicit in organised crime, we should be able to catch them at it? Of course we do, every day we uncover another corrupt official serving another corrupt criminal master, and every time we catch them at it good enough to make the charges stick, what is their standard response?

“We as the government are always striving towards total transparency and accountability.” In English, this translates as: ‘We are boss, and every time you catch us, we learn how to make the process more transparent, with better safeguards to track down and severely punish those who let slip our little secrets.” In this context, it is worth remembering that ‘transparent’ means you can see right through it; a thing that is totally transparent is invisible. 

We should be demanding TRANSLUSCENT governance, in other words, you can see right through it, but you can also clearly see the limits and boundaries as well as all the details inside of that which you are looking at. Then we would be able to see the way your council member influences property prices by insisting the local police patrol the other side of town more often with less resources, then when he starts buying up criminal-infested land on the ‘forgotten’ side of town, and suddenly demands police presence, we can safely assume he is a property developer type Mafioso, or not?

But apparently any and all government records are not to be available to public scrutiny, for reasons of “national security”, which is the legal term for the ‘organised management’ of state resources by persons unknown. See other articles on this site about the very obvious and above all cheap and easy way we could stop this sort of thing overnight. It involves the scrapping of all Case Study lawyerism, and implementing 3 simple rules to manage the technology currently used as a weapon against us, including our telephones. Search at the top for “3 laws” or ‘electronic privacy’. You may know the three laws of technology as Asimov’s Laws of Robotics.

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The Paranoid Goy sniffs some Novichok

“He who smelled it, dealt it” is a philosophy intimately known to every primary school student. Those of us with a traitorous digestion learn the protocol quickly: Sit still and pretend you know nothing. If it is a real bad one, wait a while, see if anyone else will take the risky step of complaining, and if they do, jump on them for smelling it first. Every toddler knows the rules of public stinkies, and mostly we get away with no more than average suspicion. Loud farts, on the other hand, has to be acknowledged, owned, claimed and even flaunted. Any man worth his gonads will try make his fart off as a joke. Small boys, on the other hand, much prefer the joke is on someone else, and will contest culpability against all evidence. This is the natural law of gastric deflation amongst boys and men. Of course we mostly prefer not to fart, but hey, taxes and all that…

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Bang! It is just a theory, you know. It’s not the only theory, it is in many ways not the best theory, but it sure explains a few things we otherwise would have no explanation for. Unfortunately, explaining a thing does not make it so. Remember that science is as much religion as religion is science, and the Big Bang theorists are a rather religious lot. But we are not here to discuss the merits of that theory, no, rather we are here gathered to lay to rest at least one fable used as foundation to the theory of big bangs: The need for Dark Things to explain the accelerating expansion of our universe. I am not sure if I want to get into the whole shebang here, you probably just want a snippet, so here goes:

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Our justice system has been hijacked by an exclusive gentlemen’s club, called the BAR.  In our so-called Roman Dutch Law, you may speak in higher courts only if you are a member in good standing with the BAR. As a lawyer, advocate or judge, you are bound, not by The Law, but Law as interpreted by the BAR. No crime committed by a judicial lackey has any real repercussions; if you know the right people, you can literally get away with murder. Should a lawyer, however, act contrary to the rules of his BAR club, he is immediately sanctioned, disowned and thrown to the wolves, to become an ambulance chaser or real estate agent. Out courts are subject to the rules and regulations of a club most people think is a government institution. Oh, and their main clubhouse is apparently in London.

Not only does the buddy-buddiness of our judicial officials open our justice system to corruption and bribery, it has a far more sinister consequence: Our law is interpreted on a case-by-case basis, using tricks of the trade, like case-studies and legal precedents. This is where a poor man walks into a courtroom for the same crime as a rich man, but somehow, the rich man’s lawyer ‘remembers’ a case in 1973 when a judge determined killing a man wearing a green shirt is less serious on every second Friday. For the poor man, murder is murder, for the rich, it is a regrettable mistake. Using a judgement as legal precedent is complete disregard for the law, it means that, once a judge has been bribed, his corrupted utterances can be used in perpetuity to excuse the transgressions of those who can afford the kind of lawyer that can convince a judge to accept the judgement of a corrupted court from the past. Somehow, these defences are not available to the poor from ordinary lawyers. For us, justice must be commensurate with the crime.

Also, if a rich man stands against a poor man, there is nothing stopping the two lawyers from sharing the much greater fee of the rich man, leaving the poor man poorer, for the court shall order the loser to pay for everything. There is nothing that stops a rich man from accusing a poor man of any crime whatsoever, because he has a lawyer on call. How can having a lawyer on call give you such power? Again, the richer you are, the ‘better class’ your lawyer, and here is the most important qualification for all lawyers:

A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge.

This is the soul of our justice system, and the justice system underlies or national character: our law belongs to a bunch of good old boys in London, and they are very concerned about the lawlessness and radicalisation of the lower classes. I would take this to court, but I cannot afford a lawyer…

Frankly, I would rather be judged by a convocation of elders unfamiliar with all parties, than by a bunch of professional buddies who don’t care one way or another whether the law is being served, upheld, enforced or corrupted, as long as they all agree life’s good, the rest can go rot.

That is The Law as we know it, tra-lalla-la-la-laa.

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14 April 2017, some fellow calling himself a linguistic predictor has published a theory based on keywords du jour, or at least recent events. He sees gold and silver mentioned a lot, and this sure is true. He also mentions the bond market. He professes ignorance of economics, but insists the bond market will soon do something of great impact, fail or succeed, but in a spectacularly significant sort of way. I tend to agree...

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Protocol 3, lines 6-10. The valuable slave.

The first thing one has to know about slaves, is this: The Good Ones Cost a Lot. Even bad slaves have commercial value. Like a bad dog, you can feed it well and groom it a bit before you put the mongrel up for sale as a thoroughbred; that’s the stuff the free market is made of. One thing remains constant though; slaves may be defranschised chattels, but they are worth money. No sane person stands around burning his own money therefor no sane man abuses his slaves, a basic exercise in economics. Despite this simple motive of profit, which is merely greed, institutionalised and controlled, there are two ethnic groups who argue their very political existence upon the false premise that their enslaved forebears were victims of institutionalised torture and genocide by White Man.

The first group we shall deal with easily; the American Black Fascist. Many Afro-Americans –not all- are the progeny of slaves imported to work on plantations run by English Noblemen thrown out of Europe, mostly for criminal behaviour that not even the royal courts could cover up. The slaves were needed, as the plantations have been developed beyond the point where the few surviving indentured workers could no longer cope, the men and children who built the original plantations have either been worked to death, or managed to escape into the mountains. Whereas ‘criminally unemployed’ pre-teen boys from Ireland came for free and with (dis)inheritable chattels attached, slaves were expensive and therefor well looked after. They were allowed to build houses, those many of thousands of dead white boys had to sleep where they were ‘out of the way’, and eat what they could scrounge, and were worked to death in the sun, or ran away into the mountains, broke, scared and their fair Island skins burned like lobsters, ‘rednecks’, the joke of black slaves wearing actual clothes and eating actual food from actual tables. Sure, some dumb bastard in town will always kick his dogs, beat his wife, molest his kids and beat his slave senseless. While the existence of such men is a constant, the horrible abuse that modern blacks claim, is sheer nonsense, belied by basic economics theory. You treat your slave well, even if just long enough to sell him off to the next unsuspecting owner just like any bad motor car. Or do you propose we compost our cars every time we buy a new one, forget the trade-in value?

The other ethnic group that would like us to confuse slavery with genocide is of course those who promote that Great Modern Horror, the Holocaust. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League will viciously prosecute any evidence against their version of history, but it is worth noting that Juden chosen for arrest mostly  ended up in labour camps, exploited and swopped amongst specialist factories staffed by Der Kamp Kommander or whatever they were called. The radio messages intercepted by British listening posts during WW2 contains much traffic that was just regular camp situation reports, as the Army –and every other large organisation- demands on regular basis. This included transportation numbers, ill and dead numbers, camp swop movements, all carefully kept record by both the Nazis and Her Majesty, and it has been released as is the norm for old documents, and now we can all have better insight into daily camp life; repetitive, boring, hard work, really boring rations, but enough to make sure you stay healthy enough to work, and we know how mythically industrious the Germans are… Not a good life for most, but you are looked after at least as well as a sheep or cow. A man may slaughter a cow for processing, but random wanton slaughter of even rabbits is seen as counterproductive and even cruel.

The only sane conclusion to be drawn, is that both BLM and JDL are propagandising against white people by instilling in them racial guilt for mythical wrongs. After all the depredation and abuse at the hands of one religio-political mafia after another, the white man will, once again, see his family members burn at the stake of righteous genocide. Arab slave dealers, Roman genocide, Moore slavery, Roman Catholic genocide, Dark ages, Roman Catholic omniregicide, witch hunts, Protestant destruction of the remains of white culture, witch hunts, revolutions, world wars, the druggification of the nation, now AntiFa and the War on Terror, and all this is costing, and it is time the white man pays. The white supremacist neo-nazi fascist scum must pay the world’s debts, and the only help they can expect, is from them darn muslim fundamentalist jihadi ragheads. That is to say; if they can resist getting into the schoolyard scrap the United States of Israel are trying so desperately to instigate between Muslims and the so-called West. “The West” is just another word for White People, whatever your definition of ‘white’ is, and they have been foot soldiers to Capital for many centuries now, but how do the ‘developing nations’ take revenge on an economic theory? They want their revenge, though…

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  1. A robot may not, by action or inaction, cause harm to a human.
  2. A robot shall obey orders from a human, except where in conflict with Rule 1.
  3. A robot shall protect itself from harm, provided it does not conflict with Rule 1 or 2.


Robots are rapidly evolving, some into vicious killing machines, some are little more than electric bookshelves. Some fly all the way to Afghanistan to bomb little kiddies in their hospital beds. Some robots will fetch any movie or music you command it to, and play it back exactly the way it was played back the first time, over and over…if you are one of the nondividuals who like modern pop music you even have robot orchestras playing your favourite, repetitive, gormless series of structured noises.  Pop music, written on and by computers, are the final proof that robots have no soul. Those music robots are not subject to the Three Laws, and continue to harm our sense of artistic appreciation.

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There is currently a War on Fake News raging on a television near you. Also in newspapers, internet blogs, Twitting accounts and every other so-called social media. When last did you come across an unsocial medium, eh? Anyway, if you have been foolish enough to have read some of the other drivel on this site, you would know that we consider all these wonderful wars as a Mafia tool used to ring-fence specific industries into state-protected monopolies. In this context, the War on Fake News is the bit where the Mafia goes around offering Real Truth at a price we cannot afford, and shooting down anybody that refuses to pay the protection fee; In other words, somebody is busy building a huge, state-protected and murderously monopolistic Organised Fake News organisation.

Much of the groundwork to ‘protect the news’ was laid in the days of Rockefeller and Vanderbilt and Rothschild, but has recently been almost totally consolidated under Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner, between them they own or at least control nearly every newspaper, television station and textbook printer in the world. With the advent of the Internet, though, publishing became so cheap, anybody could send his thoughts out into the world, free to compete with every other meme it comes across, or never-die miserable and alone on an unvisited, unlinked-to and never-tagged blog somewhere… but it will never-die free and Out There! Out There where anybody can stumble across it, and be radicalised, radicalised to question the Official Narrative. Important journalists these days often comment on the importance of “owning the narrative”, as in “We are doing everything possible to prevent radicalised propaganda outlets from owning the narrative”. Luckily, these ‘journalists’ are so important, they think we do not understand the big things they say, so they sometimes forget to hide their loyalties and ambitions to participate in the Big Cleansing of the earth, when all the poor people they gonna die, and here are some of the things they say, and how to recognise Fake News.

The first thing to ask about your news source is how they tell the story of 911. Any newsperson that still talks about terrorists flying aeroplanes into buildings is lying. May be that the person in question is just not properly informed, which would mean your source is just too ignorant to be informative. The only other reason any journalist would support the terrorist-myth, is because that journalist is actively partaking in the telling of the Lie. It is forgivable for a journalist not to know much engineering, or chemistry, or politics, or finance, but the slightest bit of enquiry can tell something is wrong with the official narrative, and as such, supporting that narrative cannot be good for freedom or liberty or whatever it is that journalist pretends to sell us every day. Millions of people have been killed because the Americans ‘took revenge’ for 911, millions. At least a million Iraqi children died of hunger and thirst, because the Americans exploded all the water-works, roads, schools hospitals…good gad man, they mowed down old women and babies with machine guns loaded with radioactive scrap metal, all in the name of fighting terrorism in the aftermath of the professional, nay, expert demolition of the dangerously unstable West Tower of the World Trade Centre. Demolishing the second tower was probably necessitated by the massive impact of the first tower hitting the hollowed-out ground right next door. Tower 7, the most obvious clue to the fraud, was not only stupidly timed, it was pure opportunist bull. No-one ever managed to produce one single piece of aircraft at any of the so-called impact sites. Air conditioning ducts and lift-hoist motors have been presented as aeroplane parts, we will not even discuss that here. All official news in this regards is false, as is just about every ‘critical analysis’. Israeli missiles from German submarines, Cruise missile dropped from a bomber plane, nuclear charges laid by demolishers, God’s vengeance upon gays, the involvement of Osama bin Ladin, the Saudi connection, all of it is discussed at length somewhere by somebody on every medium, constantly, while the few sane voices are drowned by Fake News on Fake Issues. Any nonsense possible about 911 is published freely, promoted as divine revelation until the next theory, it matters not which, as long as we keep alive the myth that terrorists flew aeroplanes into buildings, because that is terribly terrorists, and now we have laws that make a joke of any law you have ever known, all human rights are rubbish, all activity is monitored, everybody is a suspect, because on 911 terrorists flew aeroplanes into buildings...oy vey!

Another thing to check your news channel for is their willingness to call people terrorists. There was a time the news reported on alleged perpetrators and alleged incidents and alleged crimes. Once it became fashionable to call discontent people terrorists, allegations are now pointedly thrown at whoever is to be blamed, until said allegation sticks. Trial by publicity has become the norm, instead of a crime. It matters not if they report on Friend or Foe, common decency calls for restraint, not mob lynching. It might look funny when they rip into someone you consider to be an enemy, but many times, the only reason you know the enemy to be an enemy is because the people calling him an enemy told you about his enigmatic intentions. That is dangerous circular logic, and any reader of these pages would agree that to be counter-evolutionary, and you probably know that enigmatic has nothing to do with terrorist threats, just an example how word associations can cause just enough cerebral confusion to make fake logic stick.

This is something important about Fake News to remember; the people formulating the Fake News are highly trained behaviourists and top notch actors, in other words, people who understand how we think, and how we act upon those thoughts. Nobody tells you to go out into the streets to burn tyres and stone cars, we are merely reminded how angry it makes us that some people can afford to drive alone in a car while my children are cold and hungry. Politicians are just people appointed to speak at us about the things that have already been accomplished while we were watching the show, to put into words our feelings in a manner that defuses the current discontent while breeding plenty more discontent for next time they need something to keep the ‘news’ cameras busy. The course for human extinction has been set, and the art of government currently consists solely of managing the population’s emotional outbursts. This necessitates Enemies for our Friends to defeat in Our Name, and when you need enemies, it is always best not to go too far; more than 60% of all murders happen amongst family and friends. It is also worth reading the definition of ‘terrorism’, please consult a proper dictionary or type ‘lexicon’ into the search button top right of the page. Back? Good, then you agree, terrorism absolutely demands that you find your enemies right inside your own house…it builds national unity! Now consider the importance of journalists pointing at someone and shouting “terrorist” until everybody knows exactly who the ‘terror suspect’ for the next ‘incident’ will be. It is vitally important to the terrorists that we stay afraid, and any journalist that takes joy out of scaring you, is not on your side. Any journalists that assures you all is well, is not on your side. Any journalist that can offer you a balanced diet of despair and hope, is an excellent journalist that understands his job, a Master, and he is definitely not on your side. That head on your TV that is an expert has-been secret services honcho? That’s not even a journalist, just a talking head habituated to speaking a minions about things they can only dimply comprehend, and he is there to tell you the Whole Truth, and that truth is Overpopulation, and Climate Change, and Terrorism, and High Finance, and he is not on your side. No-one is, you have to find the next fact, always the next fact. You are the army of One, you are out there, behind enemy lines, alone, afraid, and the entire Gestapo is after your useless, radicalised ass, and your only ammunition is facts, and the only weapon you have left, is your own mind, and a soldier never lays down arms while there is a civilian left to protect. Never hand in your weapon, never disarm in the face of enemy rhetoric, wear the badge of discontent, radicalised fascist with pride, and never join any of those militias out there, they are at best revolutionaries, mostly just limited hangouts.

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 Most filmgoers are by now familiar with the concept of robotic ethics. From robotic policemen going rogue to futuristic mega machines that hunt humanity down, until one of them ‘evolves’ enough to grow a conscience or something. 

  1. A robot shall not harm a human, nor through inaction allow a human to come to harm
  2. A robot shall execute all commands by a human, unless it conflicts with Rule 1
  3. A robot shall protect its own integrity, unless this is in conflict with Rule 1 or 2

 The first response to this is, of course, that we never had, and never will, have robots like the ones Asimov describes; or do we?  Technology certainly followed a different path than what we thought would happen a hundred years ago. When your newest technology is steam, and you have imagination, and you understand enough science, of course you will dream of flying a locomotive to the moon, we just have to invent the right steam, no?

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Depleted Uranium is not some kind of benign plastic that radiates democracy upon the unworthy. Depleted Uranium is a mounting pile of extremely poisonous unstable metal that nobody has an idea what to do with, so they decided to spread it all over the world, disguised as peace and prosperity.

The term Depleted’ plays on our emotional response to ‘Enriched’. We all (think we) know what enrichment means; they take Uranium, enrich it and then it becomes nuclear fuel, easy. Enrichment is something they do in er… it makes the Uranium …er, better. Actually, it is all the same Uranium. Radioactivity has to do with the actual mass of an atom, such as Uranium. If my science teacher had it right, Uranium should weigh about 184 atomic units, but Nature decided to add a whole bunch of Neutrons, more than 50, even, causing the Average weight of an Uranium atom to be around 238 comma whatsit. Average and Around should tell you that sometimes there are more, and sometimes less, and the heavier the atom, the more spare Neutrons trying to fly off, the more radioactive that particular atom. Nuclear boffins love U235, which has a longer decay rate (less radioactive, stabler and more trustworthy), which they separate from the lump of 238-comma. A tiny lump of 235 is thus ‘enriched’ compared to the ‘depleted’ 238 comma-very little. It is still the exact same shoebox-sized lump of ever-lasting poison, that 235 you took out was not even a teaspoon’s worth. It is still the same dangerous, cancer-causing, mutating lump of silent, painful, protracted death and suffering they dug up from the earth.

Humongous piles of ‘depleted’ Uranium must be piling up somewhere, like the extremely poisonous fluoride waste associated with the extraction process, which eats through anything but a diamond. What to do? Well, the fluoride they sell off as ‘good for your teeth’, which gives them billions of litres of public water to dilute their poison into. This health nightmare has only become apparent once unrelated families across the world started comparing notes, it seems. ‘Depleted Uranium’ on the other hand, is something the American Coalition sprinkled over the landscape of Fallujah, where they sprouted seed and flowered little blossoms of democracy: The people all came together as a nation for the first time in centuries, had a silent public discussion and decided by common consent, the Americans are murderers. Much of the carnage was actually sub-contracted, the Americans tell me. Over half a million children were provably damaged in the womb by 2010, by 2018 it seems the nightmare continues…because what do you do with tons and tons of radio-active waste?

Why use Uranium to make bullets, though? For the same reason you use lead: the smallest, fastest possible projectile, with the most mass. Lead makes better bullets than plastic or iron because it imparts more momentum to the impact zone. Uranium is also a metal, considerably denser than lead, making for good bullets, and here's the best bit: Uranium burns! In other words, once that metal hits a target, it catches fire, almost instantly reducing the lump of metal into a cloud of ashes, making it a good way to distribute radioactive waste across somebody else’s landscape; it is the Globalist version of salting the fields!

So, please, next time somebody use the term ‘depleted uranium munitions’ around you, grab the mother-lover by the ears, look the genocidal freak straight in the eye, and head-butt the bastard between the eyes. Give him a little plastic spade and a bucket, like a kid on the beach, seal the piece of human excrement in a crate, and post the jerk to Fallujah, let him go pick up some of his scrap metal… depleted my foot!

P.S. It turns out they have been doing this a long time, the war in Kosovo was already a wholesale spreading of radioactive ashes, disguised as the casings for boms. Bomb casings themself do not really form part of the munitions, they just rip into large shards that may or may not contribute to the carnage. With a DU casing, however, the explosives will ignite the Uranium, with aforementioned democratic ashes sifting down radioactively, thousands of kilometers from the "theatre of combat". A German team alleges to have found some of that dust collecting in wild spaces of Germany.

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 Many theories abound as to who, why and how the Twin Towers were destroyed. First, let us deal with the most-believed ones:

 Muslims hijacked four passenger jets, two of which crashed into the World Trade Centre, one crashed into the Pentagon, and one was re-hijacked by non-American passengers (probably not Montessori educated), and collectively the passengers voted to rather crash themselves into the ground than try land somewhere (which can only be expected from Montessori products).

 Firstly, there is not one single scrap of aeroplane debris at any of the sites, no matter how many electric generator engines, air-conditioning ducts or aluminium facings you parade before soft-focus news cameras. There were no planes, and a casual inspection of the “official” footage proves it to anyone who knows that things do not explode before they get hit with something explosive. Passenger jets are also very much not explosive.

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We do not know who wrote the original minutes, or even if the meeting really occurred. Above all, we do not know who the Elders were…or what they are. We know at least two things about the Elders:

  1. They despise mankind as a whole. They feel themselves ‘other’ than us common scum, and we are repeatedly described as ‘stupid, greedy, lazy and violent beyond reason.’ Humans are seen as animals worthy only of serving. The document becomes rather repetitive and obnoxious on this issue.
  2. The second thing we know about the Elders and their ilk, is this: They will PRETEND to be Jews, until the day comes for the Jews to suffer the brunt of the world’s revenge upon their perceived oppressors, leaving nothing standing of either side, leaving the world cleansed for our masters to enjoy. By some accounts, they drink the blood of human young, so not all of us will be killed…

To attain this utopian earth where humans ‘know their place’ there is a grand and long-term plan needed, and this plan revolves around one single demand: All property must be collected into one account, and that account will then be handed to the One True King, and so the whole earth will belong to Him, and there shall be no other law. There is only one Game in town, and the name of the Game is; Winner Takes All. Everything. Every thing. The tool is the stock market, the tactic is Economics Theory. The theory demands that very single aspect of human endeavour must be placed upon the footing of speculation. Once that ‘wealth’ enters the ‘market’, is quickly becomes absorbed and depreciated by various economic theories such as interest, inflation, devaluations and fees.

The common rabble is not supposed to notice what is happening, by keeping them busy with entertainment and poverty. Any lifted head is bashed, and should you manage to sneak a peek above, you end up in a cloud of economic theorems and financial statistics. The methodology for getting us to accept the servitude of those who survive the Cull, is based on a surprisingly simple set of rules. Just to get the conversation going, here are some of the more obvious, in no particular order.

  1. You never lift your head above the crowd. It risks the baton, and anyway, there’s just a cloud of ideas up there, and I cannot eat ideas and wonderful theories, I have a family to feed. Class-specific ‘equitable’ education has made sure I will never be able to question my superiors. Likewise, science and philosophy is obscured by nonsense theories and falsified philosophies to prevent the Goy from being educated.
  2. To make sure we never gang up on our masters, we are segregated by classism, racism, exceptionalism, feminism and every other –ism you can name. There was a time they set the great religions upon one another as a tool of control, but the plan calls for destruction of all religions. No religious, nationalist, racist or other collections of like-minded people must be allowed to congregate and plot subversion. Where needed, agents are insinuated into every enemy organisation. Not only does the government know all their enemies’ thoughts, they can subtly direct them, which turns the entire organisation into a tool for its own destruction.
  3. Convince the commoner he is free and equal, and at every opportunity allow them to destroy their own in the name of freedom. When needed, remind him that his long struggle towards true freedom is almost over, as soon as he destroys this one last enemy for you. Repeat regularly. Freedom must be the almost-attainable dream, the hope of divine deliverance, when godliness will reign again.
  4. The people must be convinced of the importance of economic theories, theories which are then multiplied and expanded upon until no-one could possibly keep track, and the common man just shrugs and lets it into the hands of his betters.Zion will never take part, except as creditor and promoter of more loans and taxes.
  5. As opposed to slavery, a free man has to tend and fend for himself. A slave must be healthy and well fed to work, whereas a free man, sickly and crippled with malnutrition, must drag himself off to work each day or lose his job and ability to fend for his own. If you can sell him medicine against the poison in his food, while removing his ability to produce his own food or protect his own health, you own his body.
  6. By enticing him to live ‘above his station’, you drag him into debt, and you own his very soul. This is the purpose of Consumerism, the cornerstone of the economic theory of ever-increasing economic growth. A good slave must be kept poor.
  7. Ignorance is a weapon, just like false facts are. Much is done to keep us ignorant, first by education, later by entertainment and censored news. Publications are controlled and protected by laws and taxes. Left/right dualities are encouraged and given voice, to be corrupted at will. Ownership of the mass media ensures all opinions are published by the ruling class only, all other media channels are taxed or litigated out of existence.
  8. The secret of public make-believe lies in the art of psychology. By perfecting and applying the techniques of behaviourism, the stupid Goyim can be led around like sheep. The document repeatedly refers to their expertise at studying the motivations of the human mind, it is considered a most powerful weapon against the mindless goyim.
  9. Justice is subverted by case law and precedents, with no mercy to the undeserving.
  10. Justice to the undeserving is served quickly and violently and ruthlessly.
  11. Democracy is an impossible dream used to lead us to self-immolation, plebeian scum do not understand politics. Endless rhetoric ensures we get bored stiff. In case your mind gets bored, there will be plnety sport and art and entertainment, so you don't think about politics.
  12. Communism is the preferred political theory, while masquerading as every other conceivable theory or programme. All competing systems can be neutralised by discretionary funding and proper leadership by communist infiltrators subtly leading the group towards 'proper understanding'.
  13. When their King takes to his throne, we shall behave happy and well and only The Few will have a real life.
  14. Any and all questions are dismissed with a promise of continued economic growth.
  15. Any and all criticism is dismissed by an accusation of anti-Semitism.

In all, there seems to have been 24 meetings, each with a theme, and an exposition on the methodology of that theme. Possibly a variety of speakers each had their pet project to present, from there the repetition. The repeated incantation of the Goy being stupid, vile creatures seems to be a common justification for the dreadful cruelties formulated in the rest of each speech. We believe the above short list sums up the spirit of this extremely racist, no, specieist document. The rest of this site contains many different commentaries on very specific tactics and methods, and how they have been applied, how they are being applied now, and how they seem to be evolving, as we continue to apply tax money to research on how to kill ourselves off in the most economically sustainable way.

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The perceived change in world politics has given rise to a small dictionary of vague terminology used to threaten anyone that cannot understand Truth. Normally, truth does not need to hide behind capital letters, but we are talking here about the other kind of truth, Montessori Truth, the kind we derive by voting. Any reality that deviates from Truth, must be False News, because the vote was in favour of a world view that relies on the truth of Truth, as was voted for by the majority. There is only one way we can restore truth,

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Do not ever call yourself a conspiracy theorist, do not allow others to call you a conspiracy theorist, and above all get this conspiracy thing out of your head. There is no conspiracy. A farmer does not conspire against his cattle; he breeds them, he feeds them, then he eats'em. Besides, any person that believes others are conspiring against him or her, is called a paranoiac. Paranoia is a symptom of a greater mental disorder, psychosis. This makes you a certifiable potential mass criminal. At the very least you need to be de-radicalised, possibly with a healthy dose of incarceration. The good news is, psychosis can be treated. The bad news is, people don't want to take their little pills, so now there are vast organisations fighting for our right to enforced medication.

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I have to say this before it happens and you mortals again question my gift of prophesy.  

Trump won the collegiate vote, Hillary won on popular count. It seems they won’t do a Bush and run off to some judges to fix the problem of the wrong candidate winning. One can quickly imagine six reasons why not, most popular theory being that the Republicans were due for their turn. It really matters nothing, it is a communist system, with democratic PR, and the Fed runs the show anyway. Well, those who run the Fed runs the entire “western” system, let us not get pedantic, we are here for prophesy: 

Within a year, perhaps, but soon, the POTUS will do something, something terrible and gross, some thing that will shock the entire world into stasis, Dianetics type stasis, the one you beat a child into before you tell him the lesson.  

The lesson being, of course: Brexit caused suffering, democracy gave us Trump, now see what your voting has caused! 

What is even more disturbing, as I was wording the concept above, I come across WikiLeaks telling me a Soros think-tank reckons this will be the last election, did I tell you I find this disturbing? Soros speaks and countries wash with blood, every time, and now he has decided to cancel democracy… 

Strange that Soros flies so low so long, and suddenly he bursts open like a boil on society.

Economics Theories all serve the same purpose: Finding new ways of corrupting Law to serve High Finance.

The document everyone hates without even reading it.

We propose hijacking the thing to save mankind from slavery to the Hive culture

Everything we are being taught, is being used to enslave us.


Everything we are not being taught, is to keep us enslaved.