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You know how fake news is threatening to expose the Fake News about the long-standing plot to rid the world of “useless eaters”? For those seduced by Conspiracy Theories, and those who presume to know better than their betters, help is at hand: De-bunking of Misinformation by Professional Pre-Bunkers.

Pre-bunking, of course, refers to the latest rather pathetic effort at “owning the narrative” by disproving the paranoid conspiracy nuts’ accusations against you... even before you tell the lie that will trigger their conspiracy theorising! Which brings us to the first such learnéd document released unto us the paranoid scum. It comes from no other than that august centre of Sciencery, the University of Queensland. The first salvo comes from the limp gun of a professor Matthew Hornsey.

Prof Hornsey is a respected expert. He shares his field of expertise with the experts who drove the Global Warming “narrative”, the Covidiot “narrative” and every other “official narrative” since the inception of the phrase “official narrative”. Just like the lead authors on other complex scientific issues such as natural sciences and public health, prof Hornsey is a psychologist. Not a physicist, engineer or biologist, but a headshrinker, telling us to “follow the science™”. And the good professor is concerned about us falling victim to conspiracy theories. The poor man has spent his life trying to make us see sense. To wit, the good prof says:

“A problem that I have examined throughout my career is: “Why do people resist apparently reasonable messages?” I focus on the psychology of how feelings of mistrust and threat can lead people to reject messages. These insights are then translated into concrete and do-able strategies for overcoming defensiveness. Specific examples include ARC-funded research on (1) why people embrace or resist scientific messages about climate change, vaccination, evolution, and so forth, (2) how people respond to gestures of reconciliation from transgressor groups (particularly apologies), and (3) what drives defensiveness in the face of group criticism and recommendations for change.”

Now, each of those numbered phrases can be a debunking essay in itself, but for today let us just ask: Why does he mention “evolution” as a conspiracy theory? Have you ever heard of an ‘evolution conspiracy’? There are faked moon landings, and blood drinking royalty, and evil Rothschilds, and ancient aliens, and even a whole community denying the existence of evolution altogether, but never an ‘evolution conspiracy’. But remember, this is pre-bunking, so we have to assume that soon, there will be reason to ask questions about some aspect of evolution theory.

The theory that we humans are genetically modified slave workers for an extra-terrestrial race looking for gold, has quite a bit of evidence behind it. This counters the “in seven days God created” thing, but not much, seeing as the old scriptures are open to a multitude of interpretations and alternate translations. Evolution can still stand as a viable theory, just exclude humankind as GMO freaks on Earth ( humans are popularly described as parasites and viruses on Gaia). Scrapping evolution, on the other hand, instantly relegates us to a condition of slavery, so ‘evolve’ it is... 

The evil little trolls appointed to positions of slave foremen, such as Baal Gates, Antonchrist Frauci, Klaus the Schwab and Yuvillain Horrori have openly and repeatedly stated their intent to “steer human evolution into a desirable direction”. Now, one has to wonder who or what died and made them gods of evolution. Specifically, how do these human-haters propose to “guide our evolution”? But even scarier is the thought of machines with citizens’ rights. What about a GMO security guard, grown and fated to hunt down undesirable humans? What about a perfectly normal man with an implant in his brain, putting him under remote control of some other entity, like a Computer of Justice? Will this also be “human evolution in a desirable direction”? Baal gates calls his “vaccines” an “operating system download”. Elon Musk has called his brain chip an “evolutionary step”. The non-vaxxed are called dangerous atavists (genetic ‘throwbacks’).

Now we have something new to worry about, but may not discuss. There seems to be some devious plan afoot regarding the evolution of Man, and we know it, because a truly wonderful genius was paid to tell us there isn’t. But if you talk about it, we’ll call you a conspiracy nut.