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America, and every other country obsessed with holocaust reparations, are arming the Ukranian neo-Nasties at an alarming rate, or at least that is what we’re being told. How do you know they are lying? ‘Cos their lips are moving! But, because it has become a widely discussed issue, the paranoid goy has to waste his rainy morning explaining a few things regarding all this military “aid” the Bolsheviks are raining upon their neo-Nazi brethren in the Black Lands, the millions of acres of fertile agricultural soil that Monsanto and Cargill want so much for their own. (Oh, you thought it was about Putin?)

Let us disregard the reports telling us a third of all armaments destined for Ukraine end up in the hands of African warlords with a tendency to disrupt patriotic governments who waste money on their citizens. Let us forget about the Russian troops buying Ukrainian front line weaponry with tins of food. We’ll ignore another third of those weapons just swallowed into the Deep State underbelly of socialite gangsters partying around Miami. We will not even get into that most important of issues: Every stinking cent of “Aid” the Yanks gift upon their friends, are actually interest-bearing LOANS that can, by design, NEVER be paid back, subjecting the “Client State” to perpetual servitude and civil war, as the international conglomerates settle onto tribal lands, protected by UN “Peace Keepers”. Let us talk only about them weapons:

Most of the weaponry sent to Ukraine are old, obsolete and, frequently, dangerously unserviceable junk left over from a bygone era. Ukranians report stuff “...worse than WW2 mortars...” The cannon they got, are such poor quality, they need replacement more regularly than they get redeployed. When Russia captured some French cannons, they sent them back to Russia for inspection. Someone laughingly suggested they send the French some Soviet-era stuff, so they can catch up. Their Ukranian air defence systems date back to stuff Russia is giving away almost for free. Their rockets are so old, many don’t even explode when hitting their target...allowing most of the civilians they target, to survive, thank heavens! The American missiles come from dusty storage at their 800 military bases on every hell-hole on earth. When “Biden” requested Lockheed manufacture more, the factories let them know they do not have the parts, tools or materials for such old stuff. Remember the Ukranians (and your pension fund) will be required to pay for these wonderful weapons at some point. With Interest.

Lately, a lot of noise is generated around America sending the Ukes some battle tanks. This “significant escalation” is as laughable as those old Soviet planes from Poland. On traditional battle fields, the life expectancy of an armoured tank is measured in seconds. The moment a tank appears, specialists will focus on destroying it. A good tank commander may inflict serious damage before the inevitable happens, but it is not like he can hide behind a tree. Infantrymen, ‘foot soldiers’, refer to tanks as ‘tin coffins’ as in “I’d rather die fighting on my feet breathing free air, than burn helplessly in a tin coffin”. With today’s drones and guided missiles, armed with radioactive scrap metal , tanks are obsolete. Want proof?

Once again, America is selling obsolete, scrapped, unwanted junk under the guise of ‘Aid’. One may  be tempted to admire the chutzpa.

The American HIMARS rocket systems have proven a bit more efficient at killing civilians, and the Ukranians have deployed them with some success on market places, theatres and busses. There has been talk of building Ukraine an “Iron Dome”, an air defense system the Israelis swear is impenetrable. America shot that one down. After all, the Issue At Stake is not the security of the Ukranian people, what is important, is Security of Investment. And boy! Did the food monopolists who own Cargill and ilk, not put their heart into the lovely returns on their modest investment! The so-called Orange Revolution could not have cost more than ten, twenty million dollars. And don’t forget ten percent for the big guy...Many Ukranians made much noise about this corporate usurpation of their agricultural heartland, but the neo-Nasties under Volodomyr Steal’n’sk’nive methodically  mass murdered them into silence. In return the Yanks get to grow hitherto banned GMOs and carry on biowarfare research at will. Disregarding the gas the Yanks were stealing and reselling from the Russian pipelines, of course...

In the coming months we will see America send small quantities of more advanced weaponry to Ukraine. This serves two purposes:

New weaponry need be tested under battlefield conditions. A surprising large number of ‘conflicts’ worldwide are nothing more than weapons tests. North Korea test their missiles by dropping them in the sea, America uses each such test to test operational capability of its own system, excusing the needed territorial trespass under the guise of friendly exercises. Israel excels in close, covert violent actions, which they practice on a plentiful Palestinian target set. Ukraine is the safest way to measure the American HIMARS with whatever Russia can throw against it. Which brings us to:

Technology has changed. It has been said we can look at the most fantastic tech on the shelf today, secure in the knowledge that the military is forty years ahead of it. Russia has openly declared that they have weaponry the likes of which Americans has never heard of. America, in turn, would not be ridding herself of tanks, cannon, planes, boats and even soldiers, if they did not already have something better. Proof?


Please note numbers 9 & 10. The drones, and who will drive them, we have previously discussed here.  Number ten is the interesting one: “New Physical Principles” certainly does not sound like an update to the Abrahams M1H1 Ugabooga gun turret... Russia as much as admitted they already got it, but what, exactly have they got?

So look for the Yanks to send ever-better weapons to Ukraine, in the hopes of eliciting some response from Russia to show their hand. Thus far, Russia has only used weapons already unveiled, or new, but not exactly revolutionary, like that missile carrying little guided missiles. The Yanks will push and push, risking even nuclear war, to find out what they are up against. At the same time they are selling all the old stuff, keeping just enough for the so-called civilian (corporate) police, to use against Americans standing in soup lines wondering where the American Dream went.