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All rightey then! It is almost that time of year when we cover in sack and ash to commemorate the admirably neat and precise demolition of the defunct, asbestos-ridden and basement-bomb-damaged empty shells of the Twin Towers in New York. We remember those who were sent into the buildings on fools’ errands, we remember those (very few) who were not warned or allowed to get out in time. We remember the ethereal souls on those incredible evaporating Jumbo jets. We remember the miracle of the indestructible Arabian passport...We also remember who managed, against all convention, to insure those buildings, and later got awarded damages. Twice.

 The Twin Towers could have been demolished with zero loss of life, so why did those involved, involve the whole world? Sure, there is the bit where they used the myth of Jihadi hijackers to scare the bejeezus out of a population already soaked with xenophobic propaganda against every nation in the world (except them poor beleaguered folk at the mercy of the mighty Palestinian war machine). The America Patriot Act reverberated around the world as every government with a nodding acquaintance with Washington took up the battle cry against their own citizens. But that was opportunism; “...never let a good crisis go to waste...” the magnificent statesman said.

This is not a discussion on how they did it; for all I care, you can believe in Muslim terries in aeroplanes all you like. The question is:

“Why was the World Trade Centre demolished with so much bloodthirsty Theatre?”

Two words: INSURANCE and FRAUD.

Read the short-and-sweet explanation here: