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Joe Biden is widely advertised as the least popular president in American history. The same people who say that, also take great glee in pointing out that the man is mentally too far gone to find his own ice cream. Now, they are trying to tell me the FBI has “turned into Biden’s Gestapo”. I am to believe that Joe Biden is the mastermind behind the current Bolshevik revolution trying to enslave the entire world by dispossessing everyone except the banksters themselves. We blame a senile old man for planning and executing the largest power grab in the known history of the world, larger even than Rothschild buying up the entire London stock exchange while everyone else was lamenting Nelson’s loss against Napoleon.

Somehow, in between the stresses of personally managing the fuel price, preparing for nuclear war in Ukraine and bicycling after little girls to sniff their hair, Mighty Joe the Brandon has found the time to use FBI muscle to give his enemies the ole “why you hitting yourself, why you hitting yourself” treatment.

Well, here is a short history of the FBI: After decades of smearing, poisoning and assassinating American presidents, the Enemy managed to corrupt enough government officials to secretly, over the December Christmas holidays, with only 13 (!) senators present, sign into existence the Federal Reserve System, a commercial enterprise registered in Puerto Rico, where financial service companies pay no taxes.

In cahoots with London, World War One destroyed all opposition, and also destroyed most everything else, forcing Europeans to submit to loans in debt-based currencies issued by private banksters, or risk being bombed “back into the stone age”. In essence, the American Army became the armed goons of the Federal Reserve and the president became the mouthpiece of whoever owns the Fed.

After the Great War to end all wars, the Federal Reserve’s owners decided to broaden their tax base, while at the same time abuse their illicit but unchallenged powers of legislation, to create monopoly markets in common consumer goods and services.

In order to police adherence to the strict new licensing and regulations, the Fed creates a department called the Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. They go around breaking up “illegal” distilleries and pubs selling alcohol made by unlicensed “moonshiners”.

When it became obvious that a bunch of inspectors and auditors will never subjugate a nation to the will of a corporation, a separate, armed and empowered department within the ATF formed, called the Federal Bureau of Investigations. By the time the ATF-audited, FBI-enforced Great Prohibition was over, the entire liquor industry belonged to the shareholders of the Fed.

Now, 2022, the FBI, as highest Law Enforcement in The Land, is running around classifying housewives as domestic terrorists, they are arming retards with cornflour bombs and arresting them on the way to their imminent attack, and arresting people for reading the news. A bunch of armed and unaccountable thugs, enforcing the will and whim of their employer, a privately owned corporation, that usurped control of government, running amok, trampling on every human concept of justice.

..and they get away with it, because people think they are dealing with a legal, governmental institution. Instead of setting the police upon the corporate henchmen masquerading as government officials, they blame an old, senile man pretending to be the Mightiest Man on Earth. Citizens in dire straits and under relentless attack are doing exactly what the Bolsheviks have been training them to do; lose trust in their own government, openly calling for revolution and the total destruction of all our institutions.

It is not the government that raided Trump’s home, it is not the Democrats that use shock troops and TV crews to Gestapo journalists in the middle of the night, it is not Biden classifying mothers as domestic terrorists if they speak up at a school meeting. The FBI is not even remotely part of the elected state apparatus, neither is the CIA, the FDA or the CDC, all part of a corporation called Federal Reserve. It’s not even an American company, but you blame Joe Biden for their crimes? Do you hate your government that much, that you would destroy it in impotent revenge upon puppets and buffoons who are paid to be targets for your rage? Have you not read The Protocols?

I beseech every reader here; protect your government! Yes, we are being governed by corrupt kleptocrats with a penchant for underage prostitutes, but they were put there by people who WANT you to hate your government. Yes, the politicians lie and murder, but they do so under command and protection of people even more murderous and dishonest. Yes, the Economy is in a mess, but that is because of generations of enemy combatant academics carefully hiding the meaning of that word from the public.

A broken clock can be fixed, and it is, after all, right twice a day. A smashed and burned clock, on the other hand, is just a pile of debris, and you will have to find the money for a new one. New Governments are expensive, especially ones that do not run like clockwork.

And fer gottsakes, don’t burn down the government buildings! Those buildings contain the receipts, contracts, signed agreements and all the other evidence we will need to prove ownership of our countries. The Bolsheviks are imploring “the youth” to burn everything down, on the promise that they will “Build Back Better” but in reality, they just want us to destroy the evidence of their crimes. And loan us money to Build it Back, and it won’t be any Better than now. Not for us...