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Or: LGTBQ+ (Programmable Lifeforms, Unsupervised, Selfpropelled)
(Programmable Lifeforms and Untermenchlicher Sexfiends?)


Have you noticed how often the term “transhumanism” is bandied around?  It is as if transsexual rights are created to justify trans-human rights. If you are not allowed to discriminate against a person with fake sex organs and metal implants, will you be allowed to discriminate against a machine with real human genitals and an official-looking badge?

Baal Gates and his fellow sociopaths in control of “information technology” are pushing hard for us to accept all things “trans”. They make sure to blur the exact definition of the term by inventing all sorts of ridiculous “gender expressions” and “preferences”. A sexual fetish for little kiddies dressed in animal costumes has now become just one aspect in a broad spectrum of publicly promoted “trans” behaviour.

If Baal Gates releases unto the world a breed of GMO security guard and sells them off to police forces or shopping centres, do I treat them as human? Or imagine a battle suit steered by one of those microcephalic kids Baal Gates made in Brazil when he ‘vaccinated’ pregnant women with a ‘cocktail’ of seven different vaccines. Imagine a real person, driven and activated by radio signals to do whatever a remote operator dictates, relayed straight into the brain by implants.

Consider an organism bred for purpose; fighting against men. And women and dear old ladies out shopping and stumbling old doddering fools who lost their way home again. How long before it kills a child? The lawyers are sure to point out that a genetically modified, purpose-bred and narrowly trained employee is but an innocent cog in a machine, he acted as he was trained, blah blah. Said defective equipment has been redeployed, and the replacement unit has undergone severe sensitivity training, blah blah. The Corporation regrets your loss, blah blah, child should not have been there, blah blah.

Knowing it was bred to disdain and distrust you, and imbued with the indoctrination of superiority by upbringing, should you not kill it the moment it shows signs of aggression? It has no qualms about shooting you up. How far do you extend human rights to a humanoid BRED to hate humans? How far do you let a killing machine advance, before you are allowed to defend yourself and those around you?

That morality-free, no-use-for-a-conscience, remote-controlled, human-hunting corporate property will be triple-vaxxed and fully boosted, conferring upon it all the privileges of the twenty-first century citizen of the Brave New World. Not only will it be allowed on the bus, it will have authority to keep you off. Even if it takes deadly force.

Defending yourself against it would be prosecuted as assault, while lawsuits against a semi-machine would be laughed out of court, because “it has no free will”. Killing it will be called murder, but can you imagine the headlines after a troop of GMO cops mince up a score of teenagers at a concert?

“Tragedy Strikes After Russians Hack Security Guards”
“Hackers Kill More Than 23 Kids at Concert”
or how about
“Microsoft Security Update 28f3ad382f: Applicable to SecuraGuard 2.3 and higher. Fixes the software glitch that may cause unit to misidentify swaddled babies as Molotov cocktails.”

Suggesting we get rid of those fleshy robots after the first few thousand “programming errors”, will of course immediately mark you as Transphobic. Any smidgen of disrespect to these ´enhanced humans’ will call out busloads of concerned and colourful activists, who will tie themselves to rail tracks until you agree to special laws that will bestow special rights and privileges upon the poor, oppressed and persecuted Law Enforcement Units.

After all, putting your petty human desires above the programmed superiority of an armed exoskeleton with Microcephalic Inside and universal arrest warrant laser-engraved on its chest, would pose a real and immediate danger to Investor Confidence.

And don’t you dare undermine Investor Confidence. That would be the greatest disaster ever, after the holocost. Sorry, Hollowco$t. Darn! I can never remember how you spell that religion…