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Those concerned with the diminishment of America’s image as “leader of the free world” are disturbed by the reports that the warmongers in charge are sending too much weaponry to Ukraine. The say America itself is running out, disarmed in the face of invasion by foreign devils.

America might as well sell all their weaponry off to the Ukraine, as they are decimating their own troop numbers via abuse of varying degree, by hunting down and eradicating “internal threats” such as patriots and religious folk, and what’s left they infect with Baal’s holey waters. Many die, most of the rest become unfit for active duty, and Baal probably also does not have an idea how the survivors will turn out. Who’s left to use those weapons?

In light of the terrible pandemic of cividiocy, from which we were all, thank Baal, saved by the marvellous vaccines that our saviour Baal invested for us (all hail Baal Gates) we mere mortals may disremember back around turn of the century, when our lord Baal announced his intention to “revolutionise the war arena” by means of “significant investment in battlefield automation”. Shortly after, he officially divested of his robotics division. It seems the same time he started dabbling in vaccinations. At the time, we found it incomprehensible that a computer guy would swop robotics for vaccines.

Here on we have often remarked on Gates’ military ambitions. We also think Gates took his first step as newly-minted diety in 2015, when he created his very own army of microcephalic battle-droid drivers, by anointing thousands of pregnant virgins in Brazil with a cocktail of seven different holy vaccines.

In 2016 there were born unto lord Baal at least 7 000 viable children with tiny heads, perfect drivers for armed battle suits; they may not even realise their weapons are actually being managed from afar. Drones to take the blame when their semi-autonomous, AI-enabled, cloud-connected, perfectly safe battle-drone runs amok. Lord Baal, humble servant to mankind, gave all the credit to a minor fourth-grade headache-demon called Zika.

Courtesy of the covidiot scamdemic, we are now also up to date on Baal’s other ‘droid project, where he does not put a body inside a machine, to take the blame, but instead, he puts the machine inside your body, by which the “Intervention Subject” may be steered kinetically motivated instead. Now the robot enjoys the protection of Human Rights, while being as conscious of its actions as is a machine gear, and as expendable. The decision makers, of course, continue to enjoy plausible deniability

In the seven years since Zika-head, we have seen wonderful new and innovative devices to deliver tactical payload to designated targets, notably the remote-controlled, semi-autonomous, or even totally autonomous drone, like the one that hunted down a guy in Libya the other day, by tracking his cell phone. Blew him, some bystanders and their children to hell.

The drones are being built so fast, there is no factory capacity for those old missile things they promised their Mafiosi pals in Ukraine. Lucky thing they have bunkers full of the things scattered in almost 800 military camps in more than 80 different countries around the globe. Why spend a million for one missile to (maybe) kill one guy, when you can fly 50 little bombs with painstaking precision over fifty little heads for the same price?

The job of steering these flying bombs from afar does not need some gung-ho musclebound athlete. The job could be given part time to housewives, who will probably refuse to bomb school buses in Yemen. Horny young men looking for breeding mates may be loath to endanger young women. Religious, conservative and individualist people need not apply, nor anyone who refuses to accept Baal’s “operating system” upload. But where shall we find thousands of childless, desensitised, lonely and vengeful kids, brought up to believe the whole world hates them?

Lucky for us, the Gates family has for many decades provided America with free-for-all abortion clinics, where magnificently untrained staff hand out free puberty blocking and “gender reassignment” drugs to any child who comes in to ask. A sort of one-stop shop for killing your babies, or even better, destroy your genitals, future happiness, bloodline... and your empathy for anyone not like you.

And of course, thanks once more to our lord Baal and his fiend Frauci, and all the other misanthrope satanic scumbags who run the covidiot scamdemic, we have a whole new generation growing up without faces. A child’s personal identity development is tied to his recognition of other peoples’ faces, the emotions displayed on those faces, and the neural development related to recognising emotions, social indicators and just pure personality.

 In cahoots with idiot parents and communist teachers, little children are required to cover their faces. This gives us an entire new generation growing up with no social or emotional ties to mankind. An entire generation, jobless, hopeless, rudderless, raised on anti-anti- Everything, ready to burn the world into a bright new order, where no-one will be allowed to be nasty again. A generation whose entire experience of life comes via a small glass screen that tells them The Truth. Except for the times when the screen is filled with violent war games, or semi-naked prostitutes gyrating to nihilist babble against a back beat. Or TikTok idiots ridiculing themselves, looking for attention. A lost generation of drone pilots.

The Federal Banksters have no more use for lumps of flesh running around going “Booyah” while spraying little pellets of lead from their puny little thunder sticks at unimportant people who anyway mostly survive the brave soldiers’ earnest attempts at manual, first-person eradication. It would be so much better to automate all of that unpleasantness.

What America needs, is a Modern, Inclusive Army, and they shall have it soon, as soon as Baal Gates has all the software patches for the graphene zombies ready. He has total control of the vast majority of computers across the world. He has the meatbags to drive his exoskeletons. He has the operating system in your body. He has an army of hate-filled misfits demanding the disassembly of our institutions. And he works for the same guys as the CIA does.

And if those self-regulating, cloud-connected fleshy robots go berserk and start killing people we do not consider legitimate targets? C’mon, man! It was the Russians who hacked our software! Right Wing extremists will vastly overstate the number of casualties caused by the mall cop with the vacant, staring eyes, which only tramples children if the WiFi signal is bad. Besides, lord Baal sends regular updates and security patches to all devotees, I mean paid-up and fully vaxxed licensees.