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Firstly, I wish the people of the Ukraine love, peace and resolution. I do not for one moment think the good citizens of that beautiful country have anything to do with this Bolshevik mess the Communist International is trying to pawn off as a Russian Invasion. My own attempt at helping them, then, will be to address the many complaints about the Neo-Nazis, and the Fascists, and the Nationalists, and all the other horrid people that CNN suddenly call freedom fighters. That’s the same Bolshevik news channel that loves ridiculing patriots and religious people, calling them primitives and Fascists. Nothing worse than a Fascist, you know, except maybe a Hitlerite, Ja? Maybe we should grade all them retards in order of horribleness? Let Us See...

Untermencsh: The term was used by some extremist pamphleteer, but even though you will often find it attributed to Hitler, you will not find it in any German dictionary. The Russian peoples suffered horrifying terrorism by their new Bolshevik overlords of the Communist Party. The Bolsheviks became notorious for their cruelty, inhumanity and blood lust. Hearing the disturbing reports of torture and depravation, Hitler was said to spit the word ‘Untermenchen’ in reaction. That was it. Once. It was never a term used to describe the Jewish, even though such were the inventors, promoters and benefactors of Bolshevism.

Fascist: Hitler was not the first statesman to fight off the Bolsheviks. Both The Spanish wars were between Spanish patriots, and the Bolsheviks who dethroned their king. The Bolshevik part is hardly ever mentioned, and all eyes point to the two Spanish factions, Royalists and anti-Aristocracy Democrats, who were not friends, but behind it all sat the Bolshevik instigators.

Once their hand was shown, civil militia organised against the Bolsheviks, as their government was already busy fighting for its life. Free patriots, each but a weak twig, came together, bound by a common Bolshevik enemy, into a strong fasces, and they called themselves ‘Fascisti’.

“Fascist”, therefor, is a badge of honour, an announcement that you oppose the inhumane excesses of the Bolshevik Untermenshen. It means you love your country, your culture, your people, and you want to protect them from George Soros. A Fascist is nothing but an anti-Bolshevik. Always has been, go read all those old reports again; the term is derogatory only in the mouth of the ignorant.

Neo-Nazi. The major part of the Ukrainian fighting force actually consists of foreign mercenaries, paid by the Bolsheviks, to terrorise the patriotic locals ever since the American-led coup of 2014. Calling them Nazis is ignorant lies by people who think you have little understanding of grown-up issues. American “Nazis” are regularly exposed as FBI entrapment schemes, notoriously preying on “mentally deficient loners” drafted in dark clubs and supplied with government-issue fake explosives and detailed plans to “strike the enemy.” ...then the FBI saves the world by arresting them at the scene, trying to detonate corn starch.

National Socialism is an economics model, that lifted the German nation from utter ruin and poverty to the “best place to live in all Europe” in just 14 years. The so-called Azov Battalion in Ukraine is a Bolshevik-controlled organisation, openly financed by Soros et al, hell bent on destroying law and order.

For years we’ve been told how obsessively orderly and controlling those darn Nazis were. In contrast, go look at all the videos of Neo-Nazis and Anti-Fascists, burning down the world, swinging suspiciously similar flags and symbols, like the balled fist, and pentagram truncated to look like the letter A. In red.

Nationalists, of course, are the evil bastards who are proud to teach their children about the achievements of their forefathers, uplifting each new generation onto the shoulders of previous giants, protecting that which has been built up over generations. The true Ukrainian Nationalists are not, contrary to CBS and Fox, building petrol bombs in defense of their little Bolshevik Soros-puppet president, who fled the country anyway. At worst, they are gathering in underground shelters holding mass prayers and singing, and generally just trying to find food.

So, dear reader, those Ukrainian Bolsheviks running the show since their coup in 2014 are called all sorts of honourable names, even by their enemies who should know better. True Nationalists would be welcoming the chance of liberation from Zelensky’s Communist bosses in London and Washington. The Fascists have been fighting the Bolsheviks since 2014, but Donetsk has sticks and stones against Kiev’s missiles. If there were Nazis about, they would undoubtedly have been busy trying to save the Lugansk economic system, not blowing up apartment blocks and gas lines.

We pray the Ukraine will soon be liberated from her Bolshevik overlords. Unfortunately, we can be sure that the Bolsheviks will burn every scrap of evidence, with America doing the actual fire bombing. After all, most of those records of corruption and grand scale theft of public resources, are in the name of famous Bolsheviks, like Biden, Pelosi, Soros, Nunes.... You know, the lot that “democratised” Ukraine in 2014?

Lastly, this writer must report disturbance at hearing Putin talking about the “de-Nazification of Ukraine”. That’s Bolshevik-speak, that. But maybe not as much as the WEF-indoctrinated Ukrainian MP screaming: “We are fighting for the new world order here!”